Wednesday, October 31, 2012



So, it is Hallowe'en!
So what?
It was not marked with festivities in the 40s or 50s in my world.
I knew, as a child, that October 31st was referred to as Hallowe'en; I think my Enid Blyton Magazine might have talked of apple bobbing. She didn't talk about Trick or Treat.
I don't think she talked of guising either.....a new word for me, learned today.
My Scottish great nephews and nieces are ready to go guising. They are dressed up and their house has been decorated too.
I have been reading up about it; the first recorded reference to guising in Scotland was in 1895. That is 16 years before the first recorded reference to it in North America - and that was in Canada.
The USA was some time after that - the 1930s, when it had become trick or treat.
So, no longer can I grumble about this awful American tradition that has filtered to the UK.
In fact I have to wonder why I grumble.
Some people have gone to some trouble to make their Hallowe'en festivities special. with families and friends working together and having fun together.
I have enjoyed seeing pictures of pumpkins, costumes, decorations on facebook today.
But, of course, I do grumble!
I am sad that this old Pagan festival and family fun time has been bombarded by the power of the supermarkets until it must seem like parents who won't get involved are "mean" for not giving their children a fun time.
Mind you, I now wish I had got in a small supply of chocolate bars to give to children who had made a really good effort. B, on the other hand just wants to refuse to answer the door.

Generally for us, another quiet day.
We took Harry cat back to the vet. Mostly his mouth is healing well. On hearing that Harry feels unable to eat, some pain killing liquid was prescribed. He will be seen again on Saturday.
I made some soup today - mixed vegetables combined with a reduced price tub of spicy potato, chicken and sauce.

Back to Hallowe'en.
The staff at Tulley's Farm must have had fun creating their display of things for sale.

I hope all those who are guising this evening have fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Petworth Park to overcome my tooth anxiety.

We got up very late - though I had been awake for some time.
Neither I or the cat are eating very much. Well, Harry - nothing really.
I expect he is suffering from anxiety, like I am. Anxiety is very tiring.
This morning I got quite close to a full blown panic attack - probably worse as I put the denture back in.
I didn't want a day like that.
I asked Bill if we could go out.
And we went somewhere not visited before - but will be again.
It is only now we are members of The National Trust that we feel able to visit their properties. And today we went to Petworth House and  deer park.
It was a lovely morning, with some sunshine.
Petworth deer park is huge - 700 acres.
We opted to take a walk first.

Strong, tall redwood tree.....hope some its strength filtered through to me.

Petworth House from the park. Built in 1688. But the family have lived at Petworth for centuries longer than that. Petworth is actually a southern outpost of the Earl of Northumberland's  estate in Alnwick - the Percy family.  An early Earl left this part of his estate to his daughter.
By one of those quirks of fate, our grand daughter has visited the Alnwick home of the Percy family today.

A view in the deer park. It had been landscaped by Capability Brown.

Good - we saw some deer.
Here is a Turner painting of deer at Petworth House.

This is looking south towards The South Downs.

B. by the lake.

House and lake.

Bill at lunch....yes, soup again!
A delicious carrot and coriander.

There were deer antlers all over the walls of The Audit Room, where the restaurant was situated.
One large pair just happened to appear to be on B's head.

Petworth House is famed for the vast collection of paintings and marble sculptures.
Today I concentrated on this one.

Detail of head and shoulder - look at the definition of those muscles, worked in marble.

Now the hand - look at the strained sinews and blood vessels;
and look at the knuckles!

Through a window, looking out to the deer park, with the lake in the dip.

Through windows to Petworth town and the parish church.

Detail of a ceiling above the grand staircase.

The National Trust have done well at Petworth for children.  In many of the bigger rooms are toy boxes.
Children can play whilst adults study and admire.
And a small cuddly spaniel dog ( like a beanie baby ) is hidden in each room - it creates a hint for little ones about looking out for details.
Trouble is it became the first thing I would look for!

This evening we ate one of the standby comfort meals from my chemotherapy days. It was cook in the bag cod fillet with a creamy sauce and soft chips from the shop.
I managed the fish, mashed up easily. The chips were a bit harder for me - had to cut little bits off and dunk them in the sauce. But I did eat most of them. Harry has licked his food. He sees the vet tomorrow morning - I hope he can suggest how to get Harry to overcome his anxiety and eat.
And my anxiety levels are rising......I should go upstairs and get my teeth into place before we have a cup of tea and  little something (soya yoghurt maybe?).

Monday, October 29, 2012


Soup, lovely soup.

Trying not to moan.
Just to say that,  as before, neuralgia has set in and all the existing bottom teeth are aching!

The shop had its busy time today.....the same time that Bill took parcels to the post office.
I had a dashing young coloured gentleman looking at expensive watches from one cabinet, somebody else buying wine glasses from another cabinet and somebody else buying a number of things from around the shop.
I phoned Bill to get back as soon as he could....just at the moment that he was only about 50 metres away!
There were quiet times too.
I got my sales written up and some stock written up too. Even found the oomph to rearrange my cabinet.

By the end of the day I was tired. Tired of fighting with pain....I am so trying not to let pain win.
Remembering back a month to when I had had 3 teeth out, I might well have another week of the battle.

Had delicious pumpkin soup this evening from Waitrose.  Trouble is I had to liquidise it before I could eat it.
Delicious flavour - had a slight smoky edge to it which reminded me of bonfire night.

My mind has gone blank now. Time for more paracetamol.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Nothing much

What's the connection between a Carry On film and Nanny McPhee?
Well, they were both on TV today and I have watched the greater part of both of them.
Carry On Jack was a bit weak - didn't include many of the regular Carry On stars. I have seen Nanny McPhee more than once - and it still pleases.
So that was the sort of day it was.
I was glad to have the TV take my mind away from my mouth.
This morning I was feeling quite upset and tense and almost scared.
But there are improvements - on my right side. It is the left side which hurts. If the denture moves in  any small way then it knocks against the very tenderest points, which is where the injections went in.
I am having to take it out frequently, rinse my mouth in warm salt water and then glue it back in. Whilst it is not being moved by my bottom teeth or tongue and with the benefit of regular paracetamol it becomes bearable.
And I ate a bigger meal this evening, albeit just a spicy dish of rice.
Harry has drunk some milk today. I would be happier now to see him eat something - when he's ready I suppose.
Tomorrow is shop day. I must take salt with me and denture glue - so that I can keep the regime going. The shop might help me move away from this zone of not being able to think of much else than my mouth.
Here is a picture which surprised me.

No, I have not turned into a train spotter - though I do appreciate the magnificence of steam engines.

My brother just sent me this picture.
"When did I do that? " I wondered.
It looks like me.

It is not me - it is my mother on the footplate of a steam engine at Ventnor, Isle of Wight in 1965.

Everybody says I look like my mother.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Cold Sun

Cold! But, of course, not as cold as in the north.
There has been snow falling into the Newcastle garden of the northern family. It has probably stopped now.
Our cold was whipped up by the northern wind, but the sun was shining for a while.

I had been troubled in the night by the denture - finally taking it out for a while.
So we got up late. I felt too fragile for the car boot sale and I felt sure we would have felt very cold.
Later I thought I should get out for a while; so we went to Wakehurst Place.
That wind had a very sharp edge to it.
We had hardly started our walk when I was beginning to yearn for its end!
In some sheltered spots, though, it didn't feel too bad.
We walked, took a few photographs and then it was time for home. My mouth was hurting again.

Here are my few pictures.

Fallen leaves.

Golden needles.

Autumn colours.

Autumn leaf, waiting to die.

Autumn leaves on the stream

Bee sculpture.
Look at that sky!
It must be hard for our Thai family to understand that we can have a sky like that and yet it is also pretty damn cold.

Nature's sculpture.

Toadstool like a marble sculpture.

This afternoon I was busy with EBay. I have made something to put towards the holiday fund this time, for sure.
Things have sold well - my books have not.
The best seller was the box of handkerchiefs with George best on the lid......and that was just a bit beyond my comprehension.
The bidding stopped at £97.

Dinner for me was mashed root vegetables again with some scrambled egg.
Still on the soft stuff.
I couldn't even manage my dunked chocolate digestive this afternoon.
Certainly a boost to my plans to lose a little weight.
Harry cat still hasn't eaten anything. I have bought him some full cream milk - but he doesn't even trust that yet.
Having lots of teeth out is not easy, little puss......and I should know.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Sore mouths for two.

There are 2 of us with sore mouths tonight.
I quite understand that Harry cat had a second thought about eating anything. He was interested when I put the food under his nose - but changed his mind.
He had 6 teeth out today.
He is not particularly troubled now by the anaesthetic - but has slunk back to his favourite stair to be quiet. Though his purring tells us that he likes to be interrupted with a stroke and a cuddle.
I am OK - still quite painful.
I just can't manage to bite into food at all. The denture puts too much pressure on the wounds.
I cut a grape into 4 quarters - but couldn't manage to eat any.
I have had soup 3 times today with a little bread broken into it.
I really enjoyed a chocolate digestive well dunked into my cup of tea. It was soft enough then to almost melt on my tongue.
I have removed the denture for cleaning and to rinse my mouth with warm salt water. Putting the plate back in was painful - once again too much pressure on the wounds.
I know it will settle - so these are very temporary winges.
As predicted, Harry's teeth cost more than mine. I guess it wasn't outrageous at £237, though made Bill wonder if a cat was worth that much. Hard man.
His vet has had a bad day too. In fact he thought he might have broken some teeth - just to be in the fashion.
He was kicked by a horse today. He had a syringe between his teeth as he tried to steady the horse - a syringe he was about to use. The horse kicked, the syringe broke and Lawrence had his mouth full of shrapnel - which he first thought was broken teeth. I like this vet - he likes to chat.
We will see him again next Wednesday.

Thursday, October 25, 2012



There was both certainty and uncertainty about teeth as we began the day.
The fate of mine was certain.
But what should we do about Harry cat's teeth?
Last evening, shortly before our bed time he was losing a lot of blood from his mouth - it seemed to drip incessantly.
I was wiping him with tissue and after a time I collected a large blood clot.
It was scary.
But the bleeding did then stop. There has been no blood since.
But there has been no eating since either and no activity. Harry seems quite fragile. He has sat, hunched up on the stairs.
We thought we might leave decision making until tomorrow.
Then we thought better of it.
I am glad we decided that. If the mouth surgery is necessary, then sooner rather than later.
Tomorrow morning we take him back to Lawrence, the vet, who will be able to make a thorough investigation of his mouth under anaesthetic and do what is necessary. We have to be a little concerned at an old, small cat having an anesthetic; but it is the only way to give him some comfort.

And so, this afternoon, it was my turn.
I did feel more tensed up than when I had just 3 teeth out a few weeks ago.
And it was hard.
There were so many injections and some hurt quite a lot. There were big ones and little ones - dozens of little ones which I could feel.
I gripped my teddy's arms very, very tight.
In between activity I tried to relax my shoulders.
First he took out the remaining back teeth on either side. Good, I thought - get the big ones out of the way first.
But I was wrong - the 2 canine teeth, my fangs, were much more difficult. They had long, long roots. They needed a lot of strength and time to get them out. Well it felt like a long time as I was mentally shouting "Go Tooth".
And immediately, my full denture was being fitted.
And then it was done. I was a bit shaky, but proud that I had managed, with teddy's help, to get through with no fuss.
I realised how shaky I felt when I stood up. Dentist and nurse were so kind and reassuring - that's when I felt I wanted to cry!
There will be further visits to the dentist over the next few weeks.
But we decided to get the paying over and done with. I would like to thank all people who contribute to the National Health Service - a service well worth fighting for.
Even with being on the NHS, I imagine it would be the maximum charge of £209.
But no - having 8 teeth out, the new ones fitted to the denture etc has cost me £48.
Harry's treatment will cost a lot more than that.

I came home and spent 2 or 3 hours lying on the sofa watching TV and clenching my teeth as instructed.
I think that did me good.
Gradually I realised that I was beginning to feel some life back round my mouth.
I could have a cup of tea - not too hot.
I had a bit of soup later on.
And strong painkillers. I think it is hurting tonight in one particular spot where injections went in.

Sadly, we have to postpone our trip to Newcastle next week. The dentist wants to see me.
Probably, almost certainly, Harry will have to be seen and he will have tablets to take.

Now I will be brave again - and give you an opportunity for a laugh.
Before and after pictures.
The before is as I have looked for the last couple of days. The after is with the full denture in - in a rather bruised and bloody mouth still.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Lack of Bargain Hunt.

Well, I still don't know how they do it!
Make a TV programme that is.
Three of us arrived early in the shop, ready to greet any Bargain Hunt programme makers and to find out what was needed of us.
One did come in - liked a butter dish of mine, for herself.......but I don't think she returned to buy it.
She said that 2 of the teams of contestants would be with us later.
Excitement and anticipation (well, a little) mounted.
Meanwhile Steve was busy in the back yard - cooking breakfast.
He had his camping stove and proved to be an admirable chef.
Of course, I was tempted.....but not too tempted.

Silly smile - but you may well know why.
There is a glimpse of one of my remaining fangs....remaining for just 18 more hours.
I declined bacon and sausage and also declined butter on my bread. It was good bread.
It was a delicious an unexpected start to the day.

It was a very pleasant day - plenty of people to talk to. At one point there were 6 of us dealers in the shop - and Monika too.
There were sales with friendly people.
And we heard tales of what was happening with television crews a little along the street.
Programme presenter, Tim Wonnacott did his "Let's go bargain hunting" with arms outstretched at least 5 times.
We heard that one team had bought all their 3 items in Talbots - a big smart antiques centre on 3 floors.
We laughed - how could they make a profit at auction on things bought in Talbots?
They have lovely things.....but do not seem to me to be offering bargains.

The morning turned to afternoon.
At lunchtime we surmised they were all in the pub and would be with us afterwards.
We waited.
Gradually it dawned on us that we might have been ignored.
It seems the 4 teams had bought all their items in only 2 of the shops.
I guess that whatever the programme is called, it is not about finding the best bargains; it is about making a programme as cheaply and quickly as possible.
Moving the film crews around would take time and cost more money, I suppose.

I enjoyed the day and I am glad I went. But I didn't get what I wanted out of it. Bah!
But our little antiques "family" enjoyed being sociable and enjoyed knowing that we have a special little shop.
The TV people have missed out on a treasure and the contestants have missed out on getting things that could make a little profit for them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Harry cat in competition.

Somebody in this household is in competition with me to see who has the worst teeth.
Bill's are just fine - if a little crooked.
It is the cat who vies for the worst teeth title.
Yesterday morning we noticed that he had some dried blood on his bottom lip; but he was fine. It would get better.
This morning he was dripping bright red blood round the kitchen floor.
Scary for us, that is.
Well, of course we had to take him to the vet.
He was given a thorough examination.
The final diagnosis is that he has rotten teeth and gums.
Just what is going on? When I had serious bladder problems, George cat got bladder problems.
And this week of major dental work for me, Harry cat gets dental problems.
We could have left him with the vet, for a clean up of his teeth and some or all extractions.
An anaesthetic would be a bit risky for an old cat.
I thank the vet for taking on board that I, too, will face a bill for dental treatment. He probably thinks it will be a huge bill with a private dentist. Fortunately Mr C is an NHS dentist; the bill will be bad enough (£209 I think) but less than a private dentist would be charging.
Anyway, our vet began to look for other ways of managing Harry's problem.
He has put him on a course of antibiotics. He has instructed that we cease giving him the dry food, which vets normally recommend. It may be the dry food that is ripping his gums. That's why the bleeding happens in the morning.....that's when the dry food is put down.
We'll see what happens. Harry isn't very happy tonight.

It was more or less straight from the vet to the dentist.
It is a bit uncomfortable having impressions taken - but not scary.
My existing denture was last seen embedded in a cast of fast setting green goo.
It will be returned to me on Thursday with a full set of top teeth.
Meanwhile eating is a bit of a problem. I am on the soup and sorbet diet! Well, a bit more than that; and actually I can manage more than I thought.
This evening for my dinner I had mixed mashed root vegetables.

I don't think people noticed my gappy mouth when we called into Asda - but I notice it. My lip is sort of playing with the gap and has already become sore.

After a morning of being out and about, we got quite lazy during the afternoon.
I have printed a few more pages of photographs. July is complete.
And Bill has been putting photos onto discs to take to the family in Newcastle.

The weather has been dull, drab, dismal and dreary. I now have a friend on facebook adding more D words to the list. She added dank and dreary. I have thought of dolorous - but that sounds just too verbose, and probably not very accurate.

......and somebody else just added damp to the list.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Bargains and teeth

Wednesday - and suddenly West Street in Dorking will become the focus of the BBC.
Bargain Hunt will be in town.
A couple of pairs of contestants with a so called expert in tow will battle it out to find things in the West Street antique centres to see if any can make a profit on their finds, when they sell at auction. Each team will have £300 to spend.
I think 2 such programmes may be made on the day.
So an extra £1200 will floating around the street on Wednesday.
Surely some will find its way into the Pilgrims Antiques coffers.
Better still - into my purse.

Today was time to make ready.
It involved a little change round of my stock. If contestants, experts or the programme producers are after some vintage/retro items they need look no further than my section.
It is looking good.
I don't actually know who decides what things should be bought. They might have been previously selected before the contestants are let loose.
I would like to know.
It was always my intention to be in the shop on Wednesday to see what goes on.
We have to open up at 8 o'clock in the morning.
As I contemplate my teeth "adventures" this week, I begin to wonder if I would want to be there.
But on Wednesday there will be no pain - only embarrassment.
I can put up with that, surely.
You see, tomorrow I shall go to the dentist for impressions to be made of my upper teeth and gaps. There are only 5 teeth there - spread all round the mouth. I will leave my present denture with the dentist to be sent with the impressions to the dental technician.
This will leave me with those 5 teeth - and a huge gap at the top in the middle, with "fangs" on either side.
I think I shall be on soup for at least 48 hours.
On Wednesday I shall certainly not be looking my best - try not to smile, Paula. Keep your mouth shut!
At least it wouldn't be false modesty that will prompt me to demand that I am not filmed for television.
I wouldn't seek out the limelight, but wouldn't shy away if I was needed.
But no way would I allow me and my fangs to be filmed.
Being in the shop would take my mind off Thursday - which can't be a bad thing.
That's when the 5 teeth will be pulled......and I get a full denture back.

Interesting week ahead!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Stay at home Sunday.

Another stay at home day.
Not just grey, but quite wet at times.
I have a box ready for the shop tomorrow - including the wonderful West German large tiles.

I have re-coloured my hair.
Nothing dramatic.
It's a bit darker than it was and the dark grey roots have gone.
Too much to ask that my husband might make a comment?
Of course it was too much to ask - and I haven't asked. Making comments is not his forte.

If you would like to see some photographs, then take a look at Jamie's Flickr page.

These are the latest to show one of the processions in the Vegetarian Festival. One or two are a bit gruesome - maybe.
The first couple you see -  praying couple, I feel I know just a little. They, and later younger generations of the family, run small businesses in old Phuket town, including a good little restaurant.

Here I am with the grandmother of the family during last year's visit.

Oh that was such a good time.
I see my face here and recall just how happy and relaxed I was.
I really want to be there for the festival again. Maybe not next year, maybe the year after.
We already have plans to go in April/May next year.....and I don't want to wait longer than that.
Oooh!  Just a thought .....if I made enough money selling things perhaps I could go on my own for a second visit next year.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Quirky Littlehampton

Dark and foggy - the early morning hour looked so gloomy.
But - no rain.
So, off we went to Ford.
I didn't buy very much for selling on - maybe just as well, because I spent so much last weekend.
Got some cheap winter warming jumpers, though.

Breakfast was in Littlehampton.
The eggs benedict were not quite as well cooked as in Woking last weekend, but tasty nevertheless.
And then off for a walk.
I took some photos - mainly because I was hoping to understand more about the little Lumix camera.
Sometimes I am told that I can take no more pictures because the internal memory is full.....but I have a large chip on which I expect the photos to go.
I am not sure that I have learned anything, but I have got some quirky pictures.

The ladder up to nowhere.

Low tide on the River Arun.

I thought it was real for a moment!
It looks so real.
Hope it's not.
With its front paws rammed under the old window frame, it can't be real!

And, at another window.

An exhibitionist shop dummy.

Dirty window?
Or just out of focus?

Just a piece of plywood, nailed to a fence. Why?
At first, it depicted to me a pair of eyes.
My finished photo seems to portray a different pair entirely - a pair of bosoms.

From bosoms to bums!

I am sure we never saw such sights in my younger days.
Now they are common place.

Although maybe I shouldn't have been studying the worker up on the roof.

I'll catch some fish later!
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the chips people seem eager to throw for me.

Planks on the pier.

I was inspired by 5 year old nephew to take this photograph.
He had taken a picture of floorboards, amongst other things, when let loose with a camera.

Not really quirky.
A very calm sea and an empty beach.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Life on a grey day.

What a very wet and grey day!
It didn't stop raining.
I was tempted to go out and take photos of  autumn leaves dripping rain drops.
But, no! It was so uninviting out there.
So I typed "raindrops in autumn" into Google and looked at available images.
There are some beauties.
But I didn't want beauties - I wanted something to portray the miserable side to rain in autumn.

Yes, that's what it looked like.
Though we do have more leaves on the trees still.

It has been hard to get going today.

I have spent a while researching West German pottery. I love it - finding it, owning it for a while and selling it too.
I have these 2 tiles by a Pottery named Ruscha (Rudolf Schardt).
I think I would like to have them in the shop to attract Bargain Hunt contestants.

Nothing grey about these items!

And finally, I did start printing photographs - haven't done any since the middle of July.
Hundreds have been taken, of course.
I shall select some of my favourites, images I am pleased with and add them to my album. It is very appealing to have an actual book of photographs.
Once I have used up the current stock of inks, I think I shall get another printer.
Not only does it drink ink at an alarming rate, I find that the paper feed is a bit haphazard and very frustrating.
Epson is very much out of favour with me.

The rain will stop overnight and I am very much looking forward to going to Ford tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I wish I was there.

Remembering is making me feel sad tonight.
I should be there!
Last year I felt a part of the Vegetarian Festival in Thailand.
It is that time of year once again - and Jamie is sharing photos with us.
I must explain that this religious festival is about cleansing - clearing the mind of negativity, bad thoughts etc.
A pure diet is considered essential for these 9 days.
There are ceremonies at the many Thai/Chinese shrines.
Almost everybody wears white.
The Kathu village temple (that's Jamie's village) on the opening day of the festival.
Much symbolism, of course.

In the same village, last night, was the parade of the gods - carried through the streets to an accompaniment of a vast number of very noisy fire drive away evil.

This is one of Jamie's pictures from his village yesterday evening.

As many of you will know, the early morning processions are the time for face piercing.
It is not something many of us in the west can understand.
All I can say is, that when I was there.....watching.....I came close to understanding.
But I'll spare you a picture!

But I wish I was there once again, this year. I enjoy the feeling of it being a community event.
I think on the last night in the village almost everybody was there.

And on a very non spiritual note. I finish with the news that before bedtime, yesterday, the bidding on the handkerchiefs with George Best on the box had reached £26.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


George is doing well for me.

Been busy photographing, describing and listing.
I added 14 more things to my items listed on EBay - and 2 of them attracted bids very quickly.

George Best was snapped up within minutes.
I am hoping, of course, that the bidding will turn into a battle and I make lots of profit.!

A gift box of handkerchiefs for boys seems so dated.

I have also sent off payment for something I bid on - an official Olympics 2012 scarf.
This is the first of the things I hope to pick up cheaply from EBay for my Olympic collection.

I made a big fish pie - using mixed fish that I found in the Use By Date cabinet at the supermarket.
Glad it was tasty - we'll have it again tomorrow.

Today is the birthday of a grand daughter. Happy birthday to her and happy anniversary to us - the 12th anniversary of our becoming grandparents.

If you should have a mind to, you can see more words and pictures about our walk round Nymans.
This address will take you to the postings my brother made (3 of them)  about Nymans.
You can find the Nymans entries at the bottom of his index.
Lovely pictures of a lovely place.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Routine for me - but not for Gary.

Today I sold some things on EBay - left it a long time before listing things again after the summer.
Sales will not be contributing much to the holiday fund, but at least I have got back into the swing of things.
And the routine tends to involve a walk to the post office to post parcels.
Two were paid for by 4 o'clock, so off we strolled.
Another had been paid for on our return - but that buyer will have to wait until tomorrow.
I had planned to describe and list some more things....that, too, will have to wait until tomorrow.
I fell asleep instead of working.

I was concerned this morning, but relieved later on. I had worried about the harshness of the US legal system and hoped that Gary McKinnon would never be sent there.
He did wrong, it is true - but I wonder if he was aware of the enormity of what he was doing.
And if could hack into the American security system - then so could anybody else with computer skills.
The Americans should be thankful that he did it first.

Monday, October 15, 2012


My buying and selling

Somebody who visits the shop during the next week might be in  for a very pleasant surprise.
Today I bought china - the sort I would n't normally have. It is pretty, with flowers on.
I told the young girl (well, she was 24) that I didn't normally have that sort of thing and didn't really know what to offer anyway.
She looked quite astounded at my first offer - £40.
She was expecting very much more, I think.
So, she took it all away.
I suggested she got advice from the local auction house.
But I got the feeling she wanted instant money. I am always a bit suspicious when people want money immediately.
It wasn't long before she came back - if I could offer fifty or fifty five then I could have it.
Did I want it?
I almost did as she wanted because I felt I couldn't at that stage back away.
It turns out she was right to expect more. I hope she is not regretting it.
I have a tea pot, 2 large bread and butter plates, an oval open vegetable dish and a large oval platter.
There could have been more - but she hadn't wrapped it and had broken quite a bit.
The design is Haddon Hall by Minton. It dates from the 1930s.

I have been looking things up this evening.
The teapot sells for between £70 to £100 on internet china find sites.The oval platter and oval vegetable dish sell for about £50 each.
No wonder she wanted more - she had done her homework on the internet.
But perhaps she should have checked out EBay. Items listed there had much lower starting prices and very few have bids.
We shall see what happens.
It wasn't long before she was back again. She now had Beatrix Potter and Bunnykins, children's china. It is very dirty.
Now where had that suddenly materialised from?
I won't lose on it - but I probably gave her too much.
So, there was a lot of buying going on in the shop today - and it was me who was doing the buying.
All good fun and challenging.
There were sales today of course to customers......even something of mine.

Mine was a bit more bashed than this - especially on the bottom. I liked that because I could think of the soldier carrying around his tin with cigarettes, chocolates and other such things. Money was raised by public subscription to send these tins to the troops.
Much of what I bought at the Woking Fair yesterday is now on display.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Buying at the fair.

It felt a little more like winter when we got up this morning. Frosty (a bit).
I was glad that I hadn't persuaded Bill to get up early and call in at the Dorking car boot sale on our way to Woking. Would have needed thick coats.
And Woking provided lots that was interesting.
This fair is advertised as a flea market/collectors' fair.
There are lots of stalls with things to interest everybody, even if you are not in buying mode.
I bought some things that I am very pleased with and look forward to taking them to the shop tomorrow.

We have bought from this couple before.
The woman is good at decoupage - pasting cut out pictures on to things.
This is a heavy tin box with handles on each side.
It's like a big cash box.
We told her that Bill had sold on a waste paper bin decorated with MG pictures - she said she had loved doing that one.

I love this. It shows well that "less is more". A 1950's vanity case.

So very 1950's.

The frame of the desk calendar is bakelite/plastic.

Lots of children's books.....who remembers the Janet and John series?
The natural history book is much older - dated 1861. The small engravings are beautiful. It cost me £1.

Bill bought lead animals for farms or zoos - and some cars.

So we enjoyed browsing and buying in the warm.
Of course when we came out the sun was shining and all was bright and lovely.
We went for breakfast.
Mmmmm! Eggs benedict in Wetherspoons.

Toasted savoury muffin, lots of good ham, beautifully cooked poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
A good price and surprisingly not too high in calories - 573 calories.

We were sitting at a table for 2 on one side of the room. Soon we were surrounded - 2 men with their pints on either side of us.
They talked over us!
Instead of feeling grumpy, Bill and I joined in and had a most entertaining time.
They were probably all single, like their beer and some betting and some football.
It really was quite fun.

This afternoon we have enjoyed pottering at home.
I must now get things ready for some food; and things for tomorrow.

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