Saturday, July 31, 2010


In at the shallow end.

Have we defeated young Ecky?
She really didn't want to get up this morning. so she and Bill stayed at home whilst Ashley and I went to the Faygate boot sale.
Goodness - I can't remember what we bought!
It was drizzling by the time we left and we feared that the rest of the day would be an indoor day.
But it cleared up by noon - so off we went again to Edenbridge.
I didn't buy much at all - not for me!
Ecky now has some imitation Ugg boots.
Her Dad went all soft and bought dozens of cuddly toys made by TY.
Bill spent a small fortune on model soldiers - but he knows what he is doing. You have to speculate to accumulate!
Ecky has set up all her new Ty toys in the bedroom and I asked her to take some pictures for me to use on the are a selection.

I do like that duck.
The duck doesn't look cute like many of the others - it looks like....well a duck!

At half past three we met Jenny, Ruth, Felix and Otto at K2 - that's the local sport's centre.
It is many years since I have used a swimming pool - and I have not used that one at all.
I felt just a bit nervous, and I was glad that Jenny and Ruth were there to show me the ropes.
It turned out to be a real pleasure.
In my day, swimming pools were just rectangular.
We spent most of our time in the leisure and learner pools - warm and interesting. There is a fierce bubbling jacuzzi area.
The main pool can be divided into sections and the floor can be raised and lowered to provide different depths.
We did try the shallow pool and I could swim there.
It was such a pleasure to return to the leisure pool - not just for young children; I noticed that parents and grandparents were enjoying the relaxation of it. It is almost warm enough to feel like a bath!

This is the only picture I could find - its a bit small really.
We had a cod tagine for dinner from Cook - the up market frozen food shop and it was wonderful. Do look up their web site if you don't know about Cook.
I am too tired tonight to catch up with other episodes we have photographed in the last week; and anyway I have EBay payments to deal with.


Friday, July 30, 2010


The friends at play - and growing up.

This has been a good rest day for me and a good day for Ecky.
She has so looked forward to meeting Emily and Gemma again - the daughters of our niece.
They played together so happily and so well.
I enjoyed cups of tea and chat in the garden with Carla.

Play Dough - making revolting food!

Ecky had rotten blueberry flavoured spaghetti with red slime sauce!

Later they sat down on the blanket for some lunch and to watch a bit of TV.

During the afternoon we popped into Tescos to see if they had some shoes like Emily was wearing.
Of course - it is almost August so the range of summer shoes is now small!
We bought something a bit different.

The shoes are white, with lilac trimming and velcro straps.
We also bought the dress because it was in the half price sale. It looks a bit small already for our nine year old!
What the picture is not showing is the black layer under the grey skirt which is longer than the grey skirt.

I assume the black part was caught up in the leggings.
Then Ecky decided to try on the little black dress bought at the boot sale yesterday.

Doesn't she look grown up?
I think she realises that it might be better for her with something underneath - a white blouse with a small collar would look good - or maybe a red one.
Emily, our great niece is a ballerina. Her ballet lessons have gone very well and she has shone and improved so much and is now in an advanced class. Recently she had some studio photos done, which I saw on the computer screen and photographed many of the images.

So a perfect peaceful day in Crawley.
Ashley has just returned from a busy day in London which sounds to have been full of interest - never heard of the Petrie Museum! Quite bizarre, he says.
Now scroll down to see the other blog posting I have done today with three generations of family together in Crystal Palace.



3 generations

This is a family blog - 3 generations of the shared family.
The pictures were taken by me, Bill and Ecky on Wednesday when we visited Meg, Tom and Charlie and went for a walk in Crystal Palace Park.
There is more to Crystal Palace Park and there will more photos on another day.
But I wanted another set of grandparents to have the chance to enjoy the photos.
Charlie's grandparents are Rog, my brother, and his wife Sue....and they go off on holiday tomorrow.
They will have to wait a while to catch up with all our adventures and we look forward to sharing theirs.
The first photos were taken by me.

Second cousins.
Now we have some photos taken by Ecky.

Tom's Dalek.
No wonder Ecky felt relaxed with Megan and Tom - their home reminded her of her own, with books and DVDs and science fiction bits and pieces in plenty

Well done Ecky - a great study of your Dad.
Now just a couple from Bill's camera.

I wish good times for both Megan and Tom - and Charlie, and Roger and Sue as they embark on holidays.


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ford, Littlehampton and the Sistine Chapel.

Life is all out of order - and so are my blog postings.
I have to admit that today I hit the "marathon wall" - there comes a point when you feel you can't take much more.
But life is for living and after some relaxation I am feeling stronger, but glad that tomorrow will be a rest day.

Today's blog is about today - that means I have missed out days which I will catch up on - and even today's blog is not in the correct order!

We began the day at Ford. We breakfasted in Littlehampton, played on the beach and then visited the sistine chapel.
A complete reproduction of the famous ceiling painting has been done in the last 20 years by an artist in a very dull looking church(from the outside) in Goring by Sea.

We begin today's blog in Goring.
Photography was not allowed, so my images are from scanned post cards and the internet.

And now back to the beginning of the day.
It was thought that it might be boring for Ecky at Ford - the Thursday sale tends to be antiques dealers and traders, not selling the sort of things that would appeal to her.
She took the camera with her.
But in fact Ecky did the best of all of us - a vast number of unopened Dr Who magazines with their so called free gifts, Pokemon toys, books and a little black dress (which I personally didn't like that much - but she did).
And she took photos of all sorts of other things which she might have wanted if there was unlimited money and unlimited space.
It is like a photo essay about the car boot sale.

Now perhaps you can see why I find so little for me to buy when at a car boot sale with Ecky - my eyes are taken to all sorts of other things, which in no way would I want to buy for I know I could not sell them on at a profit.
After our breakfast, it was time to feed the swans.

Playing on the sand.

Collecting water for sand play.

I have spent much of the rest of day relaxing and snoozing.
I was asleep on the sofa this evening - whilst Ecky was able to be awake to see the end of a programmes about the history of girl guides.

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