Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Shopping trip with grand daughter.

Fun day - and my pictures are very disappointing.
Guilty secret coming up......I haven't read the manual that came with my little camera. And I don't understand when it suddenly announces to me that the built in memory is full.
I took a lot of pictures this morning which were not on the card.
So my photo diary of the day is a bit lopsided.
Today was a day for E Minor and I to have some fun. It was hard work fun at first....neither of us really knew how to have a whole £10 which we had to spend.
We looked at all sorts of things.
We were in George Street in Hove - home of many charity shops and some quirky individual shops too.

We enjoyed the buttons.
But I have masses of buttons in my button tins at home.

We went into 2 book shops - E's most favourite sort of shop.
But as a family we rarely buy brand new books - why do that when you can buy so many for 50p or less at the car boot sale?
But I sensed that E thought a new book would be money well spent. She is addicted to reading!

So many to choose from.

But which one?
Finally a decision had to be made.
She bought Ultraviolet by B J Anderson.
It is weird.
It begins with a 16 year old in a mental hospital, having murdered a girl in school.
She doesn't recall the murder except that she knows that the girl just disintegrated.
Dr Faraday believes her - but he is weird and reveals much more about a strange world than the heroine can possibly imagine.

Whatever happened to The Famous Five?

And that's it for George Street pictures.

We went into a kitchen shop - full of gadgets and utensils. This was for my benefit.
Then we went into an accessory shop.
We were about to buy  something each; then the assistant said that everything on the sale shelves was £1 each.
So I gave up the £4 I still had to spend so that E could choose 5 things.

I bought a little frying pan to cook heart shaped eggs.
Bit of fun!
And I bought a pretty box.
My bargain was from a charity shop - a case of goodies given to Business Class passengers on Iberian airways.
The case will be very good for my stop watches.
E bought a dress to wear over a T shirt and leggings in the same charity shop.
The 5 items she bought were a scarf, a necklace, 2 keyrings and some black fuzzy things for a pony tail.

We had a lot of fun together.

The book and the necklace.  No, Enid Blyton didn't write like that!

We had a snack (quite a big snack!) at The Marina.
And then had a walk on the west breakwater.

Damp and murky. Sea was splashing up over the breakwater.
I failed to realise just how much was coming over and spraying the lens of the camera.

So - not a very clear picture.

The last Marina pictures you saw were when we walked on the east breakwater which is just across the harbour entrance.

See the sea spray on her glasses? Well my camera lens must have been a bit like that!
She was giggling at having just got soaked.

Chatting with Grandad.

Ashley cooked a tasty vegetable and tuna risotto.
Hooray! There are left overs.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Monday shop.

Strange day really - quite jolly and quite successful.
We were without Monika for most of the day.
She had been to a festival over the weekend near Lewes. She had assumed that everybody would return yesterday evening, but discovered that her friends were staying until Monday morning.
We were quite busy with customers.
One is a regular customer of Bill's and he loves to talk - quite a lonely man, I think.
But conversation today was a bit of a shocker - so much so that even I wasn't sure how to respond!
He told us he had been released on bail after a neighbour of his had accused him of rape. He seems to have done a lot for her over the years. It may be true that she had felt let down by him not offering more than financial help - so badly let down that she wanted revenge. But I was loathe to take sides.
Monika bought us a fabulous cake because she had let us down - good to eat, but felt a bit bloated after it.
We had some interesting lively customers for a while, who treated us like old friends.
I sold a teapot for £50 - I have a regular buyer for novelty teapots.
My cannon teapot was one he just had to have.
We were quite late leaving.
Since then we have eaten and watched athletics.
And now I must let E Minor Eckyoff - back on to the computer.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Family trip to Shoreham. Sussex.

We enjoyed a family day out in Shoreham.
The day began with a trawl of all the stalls at the car boot sale held on Saturdays at the Adur recreation ground.
We then went for some breakfast at Shoreham airport - a fine example of art deco architecture, which I featured on this blog a few weeks ago.

They do a good breakfast.
One day we will have to be there for a Sunday lunch to the strains of a jazz band.

Lots of little planes taking off and landing.

Planes and Lancing College.
I believe the college chapel is open to the public.....must check up on that.
Its more like a cathedral than a chapel.

This is the little church of The Good Shepherd - almost on the beach.
Beyond the tower is a modern extension and the altar has been moved from the near end to the far end of the extension.
The alterations have been done well and I thought the church had a good atmosphere.

Throwing stones into the sea.
In the distance can be see the white cliffs beyond Brighton.

My son had my camera and took some photos of me - Grandma P.

He also took photos of his daughter on the rocks.....well, not actually rocks; they are large chunks of stone forming a breakwater.

Down by the water's edge you could see just the top of the little church spire.

I love to see wild flowers growing on a beach.

The Adur estuary (pronounce A-der). The left channel is the river which flows through Shoreham from its source in the north of Sussex.
The right hand side is a channel which forms the harbour  and docks.

We had gone to the river estuary to see the ruins of the Victorian fort.
It was built on a small hill between the river and the sea.
I am so pleased that a thriving group of enthusiasts are caring for the ruins.
We passed the new coastguard station and responded to a notice which invited people to climb the steps and learn about the work of a coastguard.
We met to lovely and interesting men.
I hadn't realised that the coastguard service, like the lifeboats is run entirely on charitable donations - with grants from the National Lottery.

And yes, we could see ships!
Every craft, big and small is plotted in and out of the harbour.
People are counted in and out too.
Whilst we were there it was noted that a small motor boat went out to sea with a group of 5 young people - not one of whom was wearing a lifejacket.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Family day by the sea.

Mostly it has been a lovely day.
Photos of it can wait until tomorrow.
The car boot sale at Shoreham was twice as big as when we went last time.....so twice as much rubbish!
Our first reaction was how cold it was down on the coast - the equatorial temperatures have gone and there was a cold wind.
Guess who had dressed for The Equator?
Fortunately I found a pair of M & S denim jeans which fit very well for £3. And then a sort of sailor's jacket.
And that was all I found!
I have bought clothes for E Minor. (That's our facebook name for  the visiting grand daughter).
We only meant to have a small snack in the Shoreham airport cafe - but somehow we chose huge omelettes.
Then we went for a play on the beach just by the church of The Good Shepherd.
By this time the world was somewhat warmer.
Later we drove to the river estuary and walked out on the jetty.
We explored the old fort ruin - doesn't take long, but I am glad that somebody is caring for it.
And we responded to a sign which invited people to go into the coastguards centre to ask them about their work.
Two lovely coastguards explained what is involved....and that coastguards receive no government money. They all volunteers and money comes from donations.
We peered at boats out at sea through the powerful telescope and noted their concern when a small boat went out to see with half a dozen youngsters not wearing lifejackets.
Their work doesn't involve the potential dangers that volunteer lifeboatmen might face, but is just as vital. And very suitable for the older volunteer.
Of course I was disappointed with the result of the cycle race - which I had given up the chance of seeing.
We were home for the end of it.
Somehow the fates (and all the opposing teams) conspired against the British quartet.
Ah well, sport is sport and there must be winners and losers.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Family walk

The Olympic opening ceremony has been so good.
It has captured our history, our life style, our humour, our sponetaneity........a sponteneity which of course has required many hours of practice.
I am sure much of the rest of the world has enjoyed it and understood.

Our day was about a walk. It was a circular walk from Slaugham up to Warninglid and back to Slaugham church.
The weather stayed dry, although was muggy and overcast.
We had a drink and  a packet of crisps at The Half Moon in Warninglid.
Here are a few pictures - no time for much more; I want to go back to the TV for the final part of the ceremony.

This is the lake near Slaugham that we discovered last month.
Then the bank was covered with daisies and dog roses.
Today the banks were covered with pink and white vetch and teasels.
There were the rich scents of mint too.

We paused at a second lake along the path.

The path climbed up through woods.

Ashley played the piano for us in the church.
A precious moment!
He plays so well - with freedom and abandon, needing no music.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


The visitors from the north.

I have a grand daughter waiting for me to get something written so that she can get back to whatever it was she was doing.
This has been such a full day.
The car boot sale at Ford was huge....sunshine and school holidays brings people out.
We bought some things, including clothes for me and grand daughter (who hadn't arrived in the south at that time, of course). We also bought huge tasty cucumbers from Sarah Market Gardener - and runner beans and courgettes. There was time to chat with people too.
Then we breakfasted.
There were lots of people in Littlehampton - sunshine and school holidays.
The tide was far out and people playing on the sands and in the water had a Lowry-esque quality - little black silhouettes against the sunlight and sparkling waters.
We had a little snooze at home until it was time to go and meet our visitors at the station.
Straight in the house - and I knew my computer was lost to me!
This evening Bill and I have been timekeeping for the Sussex Under 13's league. Ashley and E Minor went for a walk in the forest where they  chatted with beautiful cygnets and stalked a pair of nervous deer.
Home again to eat a bit.
Bed soon - disturbed last night by a pesky barking fox.
The weather has decided to upset our plans.....why couldn't it last for ever, this sunshine?
Rain is forecast for tomorrow - so the planned walk in the country is off the menu.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Just another day.

Our visitors won't starve over the weekend.
Our trip to Lidl and Sainsbury's has filled the cupboards and fridge to overflowing.
There are treats a plenty!
Tomorrow son and grand daughter will arrive by train from Newcastle for their annual Sussex holiday.
We have lots planned to keep us busy, entertained and interested.
Just hoping that the good weather continues.
It should be good for this weekend.
Today I realised that I should forego my desired wish to witness the men's cycle road race on Saturday...it will whizz through Dorking before doing the Box Hill circuit 9 times.
Dorking have organised a weekend of fun activities....but getting there and parking there would be near impossible.I should have sorted it weeks ago.
Instead I hope we will enjoy Shoreham - a boot sale, the beach, the houseboats and I have been reading of a ruined fort at the mouth of the river Adur. It is Victorian. It looks to be worth a visit.

This afternoon Frieda came round. She went through her usual comments about today's society. She takes in what The Daily Mail  teels her - millions of immigrants sponging on society. There are undoubtably some (too many I guess).....but Frieda was shocked when I mentioned her doctor - the head of the medical centre opposite our houses.
He is Indian - very clever and very successful. No doubt he pays more tax than we have as income!
I pointed out that most immigrants want to work, better themselves and are happy to contribute with taxes to the well being of this country.
She knew I was right....but soon she will have forgotten.

Right, I want to watch a play on TV. It is about rowers and The Olympic Games.....a much earlier Games than that which starts on Friday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Today is Jessica's birthday.
I enjoyed chatting with her this morning.

Actually that is a photograph of her on their home computer and me waving to it from our home.

She is such a grown up young girl.
She is taller than her mother now....and not very much shorter than me.
She is 165cms tall.

She was very happy to have had a day off school today - there were power cuts. Jamie also had a day off for that reason.
They all went to the local temple to give thanks for her 11 years.
Friends went round in the evening and they had (probably) pizza.

I will also share another family photo today.

It just made me laugh!

A great nephew is on the left.

The weather has been all that I have been dreaming of for weeks and weeks.
We took a picnic out and enjoyed a walk round local National Trust gardens.
Scroll down for today's pictures.


Nymans Gardens. Mostly trees and flowers.

Fine weather - very warm, clear blue sky and sunshine.
We took a picnic to Nymans Gardens.

That is our picnic view - looking south to The Downs.

After our meal we walked around the garden. It is close to home and we enjoy regular visits.
Today we were delighted with summer flowers and, as always, the beautiful trees.

A lovely blue hydrangea.

Golden leaves and blue sky.

Even the weeds have their beauty.
Stinging nettles should be seen but not touched.

It is hard to pick a favourite tree at Nymans.
But this one always appeals to me.
I forget its name....and the label seemed to be missing today.

Spider's web spun over a crevice in the tree.

The herbaceous borders at Nymans are long and oh do impressive at this time of year.
But I loved seeing the flowers in our own little border featured there.

I always loved the sculptural look of dahlias.

The rose garden still shows signs of suffering through all the wet and cold we have had.
But these two, against the blue sky, were pretty stunning.

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