Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Silent Pool. Surrey.

What day is it? Help!
Yesterday was Monday - but we were not at the shop. Today is Tuesday and we spent some time there today.
I thought it would be good to go in and sort out the shelves and add some fresh stock - and Tuesday is a lovely day to go because I can spend time with Jo.
But I didn't want it to be just a shop day...."Let's explore somewhere too," I suggested to Bill.
We had half thought of taking a picnic - but Bill persuaded me that lunch in the pub would be really good. I didn't disagree.
We had lunch in The Spotted Dog in Dorking - as I contemplated being there, I could almost taste the jacket potato with Thai coconut prawns.
Mmmmm! Looking forward to the next time.

Our exploration took us to Silent Pool.
We have passed the signs on the A25 many a time, but never been.
The pool was first formed from the natural springs on the North Downs. The water is clear clean spring water creating all sorts of illusions as the bottom of the pool seems to merge into the reflections from above.
Maybe this hint of mystery is what created the myths and legends about the pool.
A ghost is said to live under the water - people hear her calling and sometimes appearing.
The young woman was caught bathing in the pool by a young man on horse back. She took herself to a deep part of the water to cover her modesty as best she could. The man followed. She drowned. The man was said to be Prince John - 13th century.
Other tales abound from that time of tragedies and broken romances.
In the 20th century Agatha Christie faked her own death at the pool, when she needed to get away from her husband.

We allowed ourselves a short walk and promised ourselves a return visit. We must also go back to Shere; the route we took showed us more of this village than we have seen before.

Leaves on the surface creating illusions
of light and reflections. (P)


Moorhen parents and their young ones

Tree roots (P). 

Tree roots (B)

Damsel fly by Bill.

Poppies and grape vines on the hillside (B)

The view looking south east - Surrey is a lovely county. (P)

Back to the pool. I called this undulating green bottom.
But it it is not my picture - it is taken from a website.

Reflections of the little wooden bridge (B).

More reflections of the reeds with dangly green flowers. (P)

The bottom of the pool supports much plant life.
Here stems grow up to the surface and leaves float on the water. (B)
A wonderful picture, I think.


Monday, May 30, 2011


Pottering around with my parcels.

I was up plenty early enough to go to a bank holiday boot sale.
But I awoke tired after a disturbed night - a wee problem occurred!
And then I peered through the curtains to see the trees being tossed and buffeted in the wind, clouds scudding across the sky and a misty murk in the distance.
Did I want to go out and get cold?
I fancied making a cup of tea and sinking back into my bed with my cuppa and crossword book.
Of course pangs of regret flitted across my mind - what was I missing?
But, on the whole, I did the wise thing.

I spent far too much time today, ambling through chores - EBay chores.
I have wrapped parcels, addressed parcels, accounted for payments and contacted the buyers.

This was my best seller this weekend..... a coronation mug for the coronation that never happened, designed by Dame Laura Knight.
I don't normally bother with much Royal stuff - it was the Laura Knight connection which attracted me.

The parcels are now in a bag ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

I washed my new trouser suit today. It fits just fine.
I looked up the name on the label and it seems I found a real bargain.
Gerry Weber is a German designer and his clothes sell for what I consider to be a high price. Trousers on their own sell for £80.
I paid £3 for the jacket and trousers.

This evening I watched the first semi final of Britain's got Talent - a right motley collection of performers who must think they have talent.
I missed the performance of the 12 year old boy - whose belief in himself might be justified; I had fallen asleep!

Bill has worked hard again today - the loft now has its extra insulation.
He kept appearing very red faced and sweating profusely and complaining of how hot it was.
Poor Bill!
There were times when I thought it was quite chilly.
Thank goodness, we are promised some heat for the end of the week.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Fresh stock ready for sale.

This morning seems a long time ago - but the first couple of hours were my main activity of the day.
The Pease Pottage  car boot sale is not one of the best - seemingly row after row of young families clearing out children's clothes of toys.
My best buys of the day were probably those from the green grocery stall - big bowls of fruit and veg at £1 a time.
But I do have some other things which I hope will make a profit.
Here are a selection of things bought this weekend.

William Morris designed china trinket boxes - modern.

The Bonanza game can try its luck on EBay.

The art glass pitcher is very much my style of thing.
I like the colouring of The Royal Doulton figurine and she is probably something that will sell well. I have seen prices quoted for it at anywhere bewteen £100 and $270 dollars.

Some things for the nursery shelves.
The little Topsy doll is quite rare.
The barrels are still made, of course. But these date from the 1950s and are complete - even with the little Billy in the smallest barrel.


 Kitchen things and old wooden roofing tools (or so I was told).


Cigarette card albums from the 1930s.
They are not very valuable - worth more if the cards have not been stuck in an album.
But I like them and when I can buy complete books for £2 I am happy.

1930s or 1950s dressing table set in early plastic.

Yesterday we called in at a garage sale after our walk along the railway track.
We bought a number of things very cheaply - including these 3 large plant containers.

I have sorted out quite a lot of what I have bought. A box is ready to take to the shop - but not tomorrow.
We did open the shop for a few hours on the previous bank holidays, but nobody else seemed very grateful to us.
So we will revert to the old routine and remain closed.

This afternoon I have dealt with EBay sales. My name as an international ruler dealer still stands - one will be off to the USA on Tuesday. But a few more rulers didn't sell this time.

Bill enjoyed the Monaco Grand Prix - apart from the end, which was a bit of a farce. It gave Bill a much needed time to sit and rest.
He has been laying insulation in the loft.
I popped down to Asda during the Grand Prix - to get the doubly reduced items from the sell by date bay.
I have enjoyed the golf - it is gentle and the commentary of Peter Alliss is superb.

Tomorrow there will be another boot sale for a couple of hours - the one that doesn't start until 9 o'clock. I always feel full of anticipation for the things I might find.
Before bedtime I ought to try on the trouser suit I bought yesterday for £3. I wanted the jacket really - but if the trousers look good it would be a bonus.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


The old railway line at West Grinstead.

I am missing the summer so much.
I hope it is not gone for long.
It was really cold down at Ford this morning - just as well I bough 2 pairs of brand new socks!

I also bought 2 dolls and some interesting other things. I will photograph them tomorrow.
We decided that it was too cold for a beach walk today and headed inland.
I have a friend who told me she meets up with her brother for lunch sometimes at Camelia Botnar. I wondered what it is. The web site tells me of a mansion devoted to giving disadvantaged people chances to learn crafts etc and where there is a bistro cafe. Camelia Botnar was a real and beautiful young girl, killed in a car accident. Her father established the place in her memory.
We didn't see the mansion - we saw a nursery and a fairly characterless cafe. The offer advertised on the website was not actually in operation and we decided not to stay there.
We drove back to The Orchards. We have had breakfast there before.....but oh dear me, the price has gone up.
Mrs Tightfisted Paula just couldn't face that today - twice what we would normally pay in Littlehampton and probably less food. So we didn't stay there either!
But we did walk from there.
The Orchards is on the main A272, but tucked away are the remnants of West Grinstead Station and a railway path from Guildford to Shoreham. We have been there before.

Bill took this photograph of me waiting on a platform seat.

Through the tunnel (Paula)
The old signal by Bill.

West Grinstead Station sign (Paula)

The old railway carriage in the daisies
Buffers in the daisies (Bill)

Carriage springs amongst the buttercups.

Burrs against the sky (Bill)

Silhouetted burrs (Paula)

Trefoil flowers (Bill)

Orchid (Bill)


We walked south until we were in open country, with views to the South Downs.

Pictures of the railway path looking south towards Partgridge Green and Henfield.

On the way home we picked up fish and chips from the mobile van that stops in Handcross on Saturdays - very excellent fish and chips.
There was qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix on the TV - but both of us dozed off at different times.

Since then we have not got on with anything much. My purchases are, of course, still on the dining room table.
We watched Dr Who - I dozed off during that too!

I am presuming that I will get up early and go to the boot sale up the road at Pease Pottage at about 7 o'clock.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Quiet day and art.

The day hasn't been as productive as I planned....there are still a few items on the Things to Do list.
But then I hadn't planned to go into town this morning or have Frieda here for a chat this afternoon.
The shopping list for town was small. I wanted leggings....again!
The ones I bought very recently were too big.
I still forget that I am slimmer and also always feel the need to have something big to disguise my wee problem!
They are OK - but a bit baggy in the leg.
I decided those bought before would do for winter, when I normally have layers of skirts over the top anyway.
I popped into M&S and found the size I really wanted.
Met my childhood next door neighbour there - Norma. We chatted a while.

This afternoon I thought I would be diligent and get some things photographed and described for EBay - but it didn't happen.
Frieda comes round and rambles.
Nothing wrong with rambling of course!

Somehow I didn't get going after that - I ended last night's blog with talk of the need for a rest day; so it is as well really that I had one.

The best thing about today is a new friend. I broke my flimsy rule about not befriending strangers on facebook.
It is a daft rule for me to have really because anybody can find my blog - and I always wanted to know about people who found it.
I now have  a friend called Paula - good name!
Paula is an artist, photographer and Sussex lover. She doesn't live very far away.
Here are 2 pictures that she has painted and sold this month.

This has been sold to a music school. Brilliant!

Peony in our front garden.

Beautiful peonies.

Woe is me! I am lacking the manual dexterity for art of this kind; but at least feel glad that I have a good eye for photography.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Cousin contact

Fell asleep during the evening.
I am not surprised for it has been a long day and I worked hard to make it happen.
I was in Asda at 8 o'clock this morning, buying what I needed for the day. It is a very good time to be in a supermarket; not a time that many other people choose.
The day began as a little notion that came into my head some months ago.
Bill and I have been happy to maintain contact with his cousins, which began for me when I began to study his family history.
I had had almost no knowledge of most of his cousins - Bill had hardly more than me.
When we were with his cousin Pat one time recently we were telling her of our visits to cousin Ann.
"Oh how I would love to see Ann again" mused Pat.
I could sense that she saw it as a vain hope. I decided there and then to make it happen.
Bill's family is a big one and there are many cousins - Bill is older than most of them.
But Ann is now 82, her sister Betty is 80 and Pat is 79.
I knew we didn't have "for ever" to arrange this meeting.
And today was the day.
Much chat and laughter and memories of course.
Two of Bill's sisters joined us, which was great. Julie remembers last meeting up with Pat when she was 9 or10.
Pat was very glamorous in her youth. Julie can remember going to stay with her Auntie Rose and her cousin Pat and Auntie Rose giving her one of Pat's evening dresses in yellow satin.
Bill's sister Pam cannot remember ever meeting Pat - she would have been too young for a memory to have taken root.
Pat was with the family for Michael's christening in 1955. She recalled that she had never been to a christening and knew nothing about what went on.
She arrived at the church, had a baby thrust into her arms and had the vicar abruptly ask her how she named the child.
Pat had no idea!
She suggested the first idea that came into her head...."John Henry"
The family in the congregation giggled and called out what the true name of the baby was.
Such has been the day - memories.
And eating!
I provided the main meal and others contributed desserts and cake.
We have drunk wine and endless cups of tea and coffee.
I am so glad that I created the chance for these old cousins to meet up once again - and the not so old.
Now for a few snap shots - no art shots today.

Pat, Betty and Ann study old photographs.

Dinner was salmon, lots of little boiled potatoes, vegetables and salad.

Betty - wonderful at 80.
Ann (82) has been through many trials and tribulations
of poor health and widowhood in the last 4 years.

Tomorrow must be a day of rest and creating a meal from the left overs.


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