Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Briefly Tuesday - cultural and culinary tour.

Another day when time ran away.
So no pictures yet of a very good experience in Phuket Town.
We met our guides and began an interesting walk.
We stopped to eat and drink - breakfast was roti and curry. Roti are pancakes made of a dough which can be stretched to make a thin sheet, rather like when making pasta.
I had curry - tasty.
Bill, looked doubtful - and was offered banana and condensed milk with his.
We learned a lot about the Chinese, Malay, Portugese influences.
Finally we went to a grand house - part home and part museum.
By the time we reached the lunch restaurant we were beginning to keel over - exhausted.
This had not been a trip for the children - Mam had taken them to the beach.
We spent the afternoon resting - and ironing.
Now we are all packed up.
Simon leaves us in the morning for Bangkok.
We will leave him at the airport and continue the jouney to Kao Sok for a 2 night stay in a wonderful national park.
We will be back here on Friday evening.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Special day

No time for photos.
Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

Today's facebook message says.......

Wonderful day - absolutely blooming great! No time for photos yet. Lunch at floating restaurant. Hired long tail boat for about 4 hours - chugged through mangrove and out to sea - a sea filled with giant stacks of rocks, towering above us. Old stilted village over the sea, then on to James Bond Island - after all other tourists had left. Chugging back under dark threatening sky - thunder and lightning!

Tomorrow morning, up reasonably early for cultural and culinary tour of old Phuket. Our guide will be from the university.
Jamie offered to blog the heritage tours and they are giving us a free tour!

Time for bed.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Simon's first day in Phuket,

Just a few photos - reflecting Simon's first day with us.
Hope Roger and Sue are glad to see them.
A busy day.
Simon is fitting in well and Jessica and John think he is wonderful - having an I Phone is a real plus point!

Food first - at the Kathu Waterfall road cafe.
Then took a brief walk in the tropical jungle by the tumbling stream.
Next to Big Buddha.
Bill and I have watched it grow. In the early days we would be the only people there.
Now - gradually more complete, it is in danger of turning into a tacky Buddhist Theme Park.

Lovely views though.

Telephoto view to Chalong Temple - almost a pilgrimage temple. Every Thai person feels it important to go - and many tourists also brought in by mini bus.

There - the 3 men.

Incense sticks,

Evening meal at Rang Hill - hooray we got the best table!

Simon and iced coffee.

Jamie and Mam plan a romantic dinner for 2.

Food. Can't remember what Simon had.
I had fish balls and green curry sauce.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Pictures of aquarium, dam and dog etc.

Pictures to go with the posting I just wrote.

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Thailand fish at the aquarium

I might get some pictures done after I have written a bit.
Pictures from days that I miss out will be caught up on when we get back home.

Today we all got up quite late - no work, no school.
Bill had his cornflakes, but I waited until we went to the noodle shop for my breakfast. A bowl of a soup filled with rice noodles, bean sprouts, greens and pork - so tasty.

Later we went to the aquarium.
On our very first full day in Thailand we went with 11 month old Jessica to the aquarium.
Eight years ago we knew very little of the geography of Phuket - now it all makes sense.

The aquarium is a good one, dedicated to marine research, but not too big. Mam didn't come - she did some house work, shopping and food preparation.
There were 5 of us and each one of us had a camera!
Major Monk competition going on!
We walked out to the turtle breeding centre and enjoyed the views.

Later we all went to the local reservoir. Mam wanted to join the keep fit brigade powering back and forth.
The children and grandparents talked to an attractive young woman taking her dog for a walk.
OK - this dog was a very young puppy, but I swear is was less then 6 inches tall - and wearing a skirt!
John asked "Is it real?"
Some sort of very miniature poodle maybe.

Mam thought of walking some more - but heavy rain clouds hung over the hills.
And soon it was pelting down on us.

Home for a Mam prepared meal.
I was hungry and it was so good, I had no thoughts of photographing the superb curry.
This was definitely food for eating!

Time for bed soon - I am enjoying lots of relaxation as well as lots of exploring.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Exploring on our own east side Phuket.

No pictures today - just haven't had time to sort them.
Went to up market Boat Lagoon (marina). Admired boats and view.
Didn't have a drink there - outrageous prices!
Instead called in at a 7-11 for a cheap drink.

Then went back to Chinese Shrine we visited yesterday = where my camera batteries died.
Took more pictures and explored some more.
Walked down village street, which reaches down to the sea on east side of island.
Admired one house and we were invited in for a drink.
Lovely interlude.
Watched people at work - polishing mother of pearl, sorting tiny little fish ready for market, saw the birds that one man had......includes a couple of sea eagles.
Bought bag of bananas fried in batter and sesame seeds.

Then to Tescos.
Snacks, rice crackers, drinks, etc.

Home for cup of tea, snacks and rest.

Then to cheap cafe - with Jessica's best friend, a Korean girl,
Children finished school today - for 5 weeks.
This afternoon and evening the three children have played so well together - playing, would you believe.....schools!
I think they did more work than on a normal school night.

Don't yet know what we will do tomorrow. Depends on weather a bit.
I will get some photos done hopefully.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Monday at Nai Harn.

Monday at Nai Harn.
Bill and I went out on our own to a wide sweeping bay near the south of the island.
The waves were quite big and exciting to watch.

The water was lovely. I have been in the sea at this point - but not this time.
Flags were yellow and red for warning - and later were changed to red.
It is not the waves which are dangerous, but the currents in the low season.

There were some surfers trying to catch the waves.
Perhaps they were early arrrivals for the surfing championship at tyhe weekend in nearby Kata.

I was pleased to catch this wave for myself.

View from our cafe on the beach.

Bill waits for lunch.

My food - rice noodles, chicken and things and also a delicious soup of chicken mushrooms with coconut milk.
Bill had noodles too with a large Thai omelette, filled with vegetables.

In the evening John and Jessica played. John has been collecting bottle tops. Jessica made up a game with them. I think the rules are adjusted in her favour from time to time!

John, waiting for his move.
Now scroll down to see Tuesday's activities.



Tuesday activities.

Lot's to do.
Jamie's first day of holiday.
Children have one more day of school.

Chinese Shrine north of Phuket Town.
The big festival that we will miss starts here - 2 days after we leave.

Shrine detail.

Dried fish for sale by the main road.

Another temple.
Part of the view from rather smart restaurant the 4 adults went to.
We have visited this temple in the past.

Jamie and Mam in the restaurant.

Some of the food.

Old Thai temple.

Monks are building an old boat to display. Some of the wood from the temple is reputed to be 1,000 years old.

Monk didn't speak English.

Details of carved wooden panel.

Jamie had seen that a new dam had been built on google earth site.
But he didn't know how to get there.
Today he found it.
Wonderful place.

Beautiful and peaceful.

Look like rain in the hills.

Pineapples growing.

Pineapple fields.

The rain arrived as we drove home.

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