Monday, May 31, 2010


Struggling on and a walk on Hastings East Cliff.

Life has been good - but a bit of a struggle for me.
There is a bug lurking somewhere within me.
I feel very run down.
I was in bed last night before 10 o'clock and think it would be best to do the same today.
It just might be an allergy thing - eyes stinging, sore lips, sore throat, head ache. I will take an antihistamine.

We were up early and went to Epsom. We arrived at the boot sale at half past seven and it was already enormous.
It also felt really quite chilly.
What with feeling run down and cold and there being so much to look at, I think I felt a bit overwhelmed and found it difficult to buy.
One purchase that helped was a Marks and Spencers fleece jacket for 50p. It is excellent, though I am not sure that bright orange is my colour!
We seemed to buy a few items that were for our own use. I am very pleased with some Clarks sandals for £3.
After about 3 hours we had seen all that we could cope with. The trolley was full.
I think our last purchases were 2 bottles of Italian wine at £2 a bottle. I wonder what it tastes like!

We drove home via Dorking to do a few little jobs in the shop.
These few little jobs turned into a couple of hours of rearranging and leaving our areas tidy and full and interesting.
I took a few pictures to do a shop blog tomorrow - the main theme being hats and bags.

We had our lunch in Horley Wetherspoons. I love their new additions to the menu. Well, I only know about the sweet chilli noodles with breast of chicken, whereas Bill could give praise to the haddock and mozzarella fish cakes.

This afternoon we have sorted out some of the purchases.
Bill washed out an old tin which had contained Dettol - in fact it still contained this antiseptic liquid. It is not an ordinary tin, it is a gallon can!
Who would have bought Dettol by the gallon?
I still have books and 1950s Family Doctor magazines on the table to deal with. Also there are 3 1950s issues of Men Only!

Bill has got the projector out and is fiddling, trying to get a cine film he has bought working. It is Last of the Many about aeroplanes.
We can't tell you anything about it yet - he is struggling to get it loaded.
Ah - success - the film is about 10 minutes long and features many old aeroplanes, maybe filmed at an air show.

I started with the word "struggle" - and finished with it too.
I can't stop yawning - I am struggling to stay awake.

But I haven't finished....... I shall look back to our trip up (and down) the East Cliff railway at Hastings for a walk along the cliffs.

A view over the old town of Hastings.
The pier is in the distance - just note how far away it appears to be.

It was 2 days earlier when we had walked down there amongst the old houses, inns and shops.

There was a picture of this church on an earlier posting - All Saints Church at the end of All Saints Street.

Up on the cliffs.
It was lovely to see bluebells up there - a bit later than in the warmer valleys.

The name on the seat is Jean Kent - the name of a moderately successful film starlet.
I have been looking at web pages about her - but none have mentioned a connection with Hastings.
Looking towards Ecclesbourne Glen - a very popular destination for Edwardian families to walk to, when the East lift first opened.
One day we will walk down to the bay, but we didn't have time that day.
Beyond, Fairlight Glen is to be found.
We walked down this Glen many years ago, when the boys were quite young, with a little wonderment, for we knew that the beach was known as a nudist beach.
We met only clothed people!
Now think about why I suggested you note the distance of the pier from these cliffs.
I am very pleased with my photograph of a chaffinch and the pier, taken on the east cliffs.
And with the chaffinch singing merrily, I will say good night!


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Gentle Sunday and our gentle barn

Turned out nice again!
Having been up quite late with the Eurovision Song Contest, we opted for a bit of lie - in.
I thought the songs this year were on the whole very pleasing on the ear, with creativity and imagination and talent to the fore......and then there was the UK entry!
The attractive lad did the best he could with it - but it sounded very much like the sort of thing that had been culled from a 1980s rubbish bin, and thought of then as not worth bothering with.
I love my home and my country, but I also love feeling united with peoples all round the world and this contest unites millions from 39 different countries for a couple of hours or so.

The lie in didn't mean we didn't go to a boot sale - just that we chose the same one as last week, which starts at 9 o'clock.
We didn't buy a great deal, but we are pleased with a pile of T shirts and sweaters to fit Bill and Ashley.
Apparently the seller's daughter's husband had abandoned her and left his clothes behind. She decided to get rid of them!

Bill has relaxed in front of the Grand Prix, whilst I got up to date with the ironing.

As dinner cooks I must sort out some things for the shop.
The shop will not be open tomorrow - and we had planned to call in on Tuesday.
But as we will go to Epsom tomorrow morning for a big Bank Holiday boot sale we might as well do what we need to do in the shop on the way home.

And now for a wistful look back to our barn - our home for 2 nights.

This was our first view.
What a lovely bed and breakfast venue.

We could look out over the meadows.

Our little bit of barn is attached to a much bigger barn conversion.

We were enchanted to see a white squirrel on the post outside.

Bill went out to get some more photographs of him (or her).

Squirrels are pests of course - vermin! But somehow one can't help but love them because they look so cute and appealing.

We had our breakfast outdoors on our last morning.
We were supplied with cereal, milk, fruit juices, yoghurts, bread, butter, jam and marmalade, croissant, cake, fresh eggs and fruit.
There was enough to make our breakfast and then create a picnic with the rest.

Fruit on that morning was strawberries and grapes.

After breakfast it was time to go.
But we had all day to get back to Crawley - so another day of holiday.

A last look back to our barn.
The track is part of the 1066 Way and we saw an occasional walker passing by.
Next time we will be back in Hastings - to finally get up to the East Cliff.


Saturday, May 29, 2010


Miserable Saturday after splendid Horniman Museum.

How lucky we were with the weather yesterday for our day out.
Today it has looked quite miserable outdoors for most of the day.

We abandoned ideas of a trip to Ford - my web site which I use for weather forecasts was telling that the rain would arrive by 10 o'clock.
We went to the small one at Faygate, just a couple of miles along the road. It was even smaller than usual today - most sellers had believed the weather forecasts they had heard.

I bought an item to sell. It is a duffel jacket from Monsoon and therefore would have been expensive. It is one size too small for me. Monsoon stuff sells well on EBay.

We have pottered for the rest of the day - doing photographs, emails, blogs etc.
Bill is now transferring an Only Fools and Horses video to a DVD to take to Thailand. We have bought a few of the old TV comedies as requested. But video is no good to Jamie.

A roast dinner is cooking and we will settle down to watch Dr Who and then groan and laugh through the Eurovision Song Contest. It is an annual tradition.

But, back to yesterday.
The photos of Charlie appear in a separate posting after this one.
This posting is devoted to the Horniman Museum.
We didn't have much time for study - just a first visit to get a general impression.
It is a lovely museum, in a lovely setting.
And it is free of charge!
There are some special exhibitions that you have to pay a small charge for - perhaps in the summer Ecky would like to see the Myths and Monsters exhibition.

First we explored some of the natural history exhibits.
You could spend all day studying in there and still not see everything.

Then we went to look at the African gallery, which at the moment has a special feature on the Tuareg people.
There is also the Centenary Gallery, which was the basis for the first beginnings of the museum.
Frederick Horniman was a traveller and collector and had made his money in the tea trade.
We could only envy his means to be able to collect so much - we just haven't got the space!

This time we concentrated on masks and heads.
But there is so much more.
Then we went to the aquarium - not on the scale of Sea Life Aquariums at resorts, but well done.
There were a variety of tanks and settings from a British pond to mangrove swamps.

Frederick Horniman had been a butterfly collector and we enjoyed his displays.

All the pictures you have seen have been through glass - I don't think we have done badly!
Then it was time for a cup of tea.
There had been tables and chairs out by the conservatory, but it was near closing time and they had been packed away in the cafe.
We chose to sit on the benches round the edge of the courtyard.

I thought the conservatory was beautiful.
The museum is set in fine gardens, some formal, with views over the City of London and beyond.

St Paul's Cathedral on the left.

Now scroll down a little to see the pictures I put on of Charlie.
He is the 31st great niece or nephew that we have.
And news came through today that we will soon be great, great aunt and uncle to the child of Clayton and Savannah, who live in America.
I guess it is unlikely that we will ever meet this next generation of the Frost family.
But I am sure there can be a sharing of photographs.




Welcome to the world Charlie!

Charlie is our great nephew - son of Meg and Tom.

Yesterday he was 2 weeks and 6 days old.

He looks so very like his Father.

He seems to enjoy most of the things that a 3 week old baby would enjoy. But he doesn't seem to enjoy being laid down in his pram to be taken out for some fresh air.

Every day is a voyage of discovery for Charlie....and his parents.

It wasn't that Meg didn't trust me with her precious baby in the pram!
Charlie was objecting to be apart from his mother.
He did settle later and by the time we got home, he was asleep.
There are a few more photos than this - but some are what I will call soft focus!
Good luck Charlie in all that you do.


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