Thursday, January 31, 2013


Bargain time.

Howling gale and pouring rain to start with.
But they said it would clear and they were right.
Many potential sellers at Ford obviously doubted and failed to appear.
But I bought some bits.
We opted not to be out too long - winds were certainly bracing.
Stopped in Pulborough to buy some more bits in The Cornstore - situated right by the River Arun.
But where was the river?
Lost in the wide expanse of flooded water meadows.

The old bridge had very little space underneath the arches for the gushing river.

Lovely light created silhouettes. This side of the fence is the car park for Cornstore customers.

Lazy afternoon.

Then time to be off out again.
Timekeeping for sprints at Broadbridge Heath.
Should we risk the main road and its road works in the rush hour?
Just in time we heard the travel news......A264 blocked in both directions by an accident, plus the road works.
Decision made - take the top road through Colgate.
Fine - until we reached the traffic jam.
Cars turning and returning back the way they came.
Messages came though - horses loose on the road.
We didn't turn and we saw no horses.
Journey had taken twice as long as normal.
But we were there for the start of the meeting.

Called in at the big Tescos at Broadbridge Heath before returning home.
By 10 o'clock all that is at its sell by date is thrown away.....just before, prices are reduced to almost nothing.
Supper was toasted tea cakes - 4 for 5p.
Have some potatoes done with a garlic butter for 10p.....they will go well with left over meatball and bacon casserole.

Long day. bed time.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Slowly pottered

Slowly pottered!
That was my day.
I have some things now listed on EBay - not quite as many as I planned; life got in the way.
I have some small boxed parlour games from the 1930s.
Why did I buy them?
And why did I pay so much for them?
Very pleasant man came into the shop with them - not sure what I was on when I agreed to pay so much.
I'll not make a profit, so would be glad to see them gone.
Haven't yet sorted out the food processor I bought from him.
Didn't need it today.
I cooked a huge casserole with frikadellen (German meat balls) and bacon and loads of veg. Looking forward to second helpings tomorrow.
I did mashed swede, carrot and sweet potato too.
That damn swede left me exhausted!
They are such hard work to cut up. I asked on facebook if others felt the same.....and said how frustrating it is when you get your knife into the swede and then can't move it. Can't continue cutting and can't remove the knife either.
I am not alone.
But the subsequent mash was really good, so mustn't grumble.
Tired now. looking forward to getting up early and going to Ford in the morning. We can't go on saturday because it is one of my Saturdays in the shop.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My day of rest.

Oh I was so tired yesterday evening.
I got to the point where fatigue made me feel ill - weak and faint; just had to lie down.
And lie down I did for many hours - slept more than I have for a long time. There was no quarter past five eyes wide open for me this morning.
I have rested for most of the day.
The January accounts are done. This was the first month that Pilgrims profits have failed to pay the rent, though we weren't far short. And it has been a very bad month for all.
I have a pile of things photographed to describe for EBay - I'll do that tomorrow.
I have a few pictures ready to share which show how Bill's little section at the shop is looking.

Most of this is "new" stock, which we have had on display at home.
The oil bottles and old tins came from a car boot sale about 30 years ago!
I can remember where they were bought.
The fire insurance plaques have been with us for far less time - though it was beginning to look they were a fixture.

There is a shelf devoted to aircraft.

These are cheap model cars. If Bill gets anything better then it is locked in the cabinet.

On the cabinet.

The farm in the cabinet.

Cameras and a fire insurance plaque.
Bill doesn't normally have box cameras. These are very cheap.

They don't fit the criteria I set for myself - things to be sold should be either decorative or useful (hopefully both).

And that is Bill's little corner.
A bigger space would make display much easier really.

Finally I have a question for any old Crawley people to ponder on.
People on memories of Crawley have got into a muddle about the location of Woolworths.
Some of us remember well when it was in the High Street. Others have no idea it was ever there.
But when Woolworths moved to Queens Square - what was the old shop used for?
I have a picture of it in 1980, when it was The Halifax Building Society. Was it anything else in between?
Now, it is our old friend The Jubilee Oak.
There is also muddle about which garages and car showrooms were where.
Peter - where was Fields and Southern Counties when you began work?

That's the High Street Woolworths - with the balcony on the building and the flash red car outside.

Monday, January 28, 2013



We have hardly been at home today - and it's nearly bedtime. So, some photos I have to share will wait until tomorrow.
We have been at the shop of course.
I had set myself the task of putting a bit of zing into Bill's little section.
Very quickly I had cheap model cars and planes all over the desk.
Bother - the first of the day's odd bods came in and I could have done with the space.
Mrs Oddbod works for God, bless her. Her calling is to wear a hat everywhere she goes, advertising God's love........except one can hardly call is a hat, apart from the fact that it is on her head.
It is a large poster, encapsulated in plastic and rolled to form a cylinder which perches precariously, with the words God is Love.
She is big and black and lively.
She comes to the shop very often - full of confidence when it comes to squeezing best prices.
She buys a lot of Portmeirion china. I wondered why.
She sells it the Faygate car boot sale. I am not sure how one can buy at an antiques centre in Dorking (even with very good best prices) and be a successful seller at a car boot sale.
Perhaps having a stall creates an opportunity for missionary work.
She was with us for ages....and then couldn't carry all she had chosen.
Gradually I got Bill's shelves livened up with some fresh stock.
Poor Bill! He likes things very ordered and neat and now thinks it looks rather higgledy piggledy!
After lunch Mr Oddbod was in - Chris. He's happy enough I think, but is a bit short of something in the communication department.
He has his conversation - the same every time.
"You remember me, don't you" "Do you like the antique shops in Brighton?" "I'm a good customer I am aren't I?" And so on.
I was not able to give him much time because we had a man in wanting to sell things.
I paid too much for some games.
Maybe I got a bargain with the food, not for sale in the shop.
I don't know how  it came up when he was in a couple of weeks ago - but I had said I might be interested in his food processor because the one I have had for years is very fragile these days.
Now I have a Krupps processor with attachments, including a potato peeler (which I don't need). Maybe tomorrow we will have to see if was a bargain or not.
Bill had to deal with the next Mrs Oddbod. I had popped out for shopping. She brought in 2 bags of books. She is abrupt and rude - another lacking in the communication department - she doesn't mean to be, I am sure; another somewhat handicapped person.
She has tried to palm these books off on everybody. She doesn't give up. If whoever is in hints that another just might be interested she demands that the person is phoned - immediately. Thus I was outside Crawley hospital last Wednesday, with a pneumatic drill pounding my ears hearing every last detail about her Punch Annuals. "No, I definitely do not want them"
They appeared again today - somebody had suggested that Sue might want them.
There were sales too.
One of the items of Portmeirion bought by the "God's love" woman was mine.
Bill sold a couple of small bits too.
We left the shop about 20 minutes early - when the really bad rain set in.
I got home and saw that I had picked up the little shop book with all our telephone numbers in.
But then again, not so bad - we could take it round to Jo; she lives close by and is in the shop tomorrow.
Had a lovely evening chatting and gossiping over a cup of tea.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sorting the bargains

Strange - how the rain can sound good sometimes.
It sounded very good thundering against the window pain at 5 o'clock this morning........I think it was the being snug in my bed which made it sound good.
But it hasn't rained for most of the day.
This morning I watched some of the tennis - it began as a good match; but Andy Murray crumpled. When you have unlimited funds for footwear I have to wonder how come he got blisters. I have long had a soft spot for Djokevic anyway!
Later in the morning I found and priced up items for Bill to take to the shop.
He could be making a lot more of his section but has sort of ground to a halt. He knows about model cars, but can't find any that are good enough at a price he wants to pay.
I suggested widening his approach a little - but he doesn't have the confidence to think round that.
Tomorrow we will take to the shop some old Castrol oil bottles which we have owned and which have been on a shelf for years along with oil tins and French chalk tins to be used when repairing punctures.
Bill has owned 2 fire insurance plaques for a long time - they were always destined to be sold. I just priced them up for him and these will go to the shop as well. I still don't know if they are original (they look it) or maybe they are reproduction.
I have one or 2 books to enhance the display and can find a few other things from my section in the shop.
I am looking forward to helping to re-arrange Bill's small section in the morning.
My own area will need a little move around to include yesterday's purchases.

The hat stand/umbrella stand is what is going to Dorking tomorrow.

The motor cycle helmet, used by a friend's father on his scooter many years ago is staying. I don't know if it show stayed perched on the Victorian knife polisher!

I am quite sure somebody will want this for bottles of wine.

This afternoon we popped out for some milk. I also wanted corn cakes - damn, where did I buy them before? I could have sworn it was at Asda. I'll try Waitrose at Dorking tomorrow.
I timed the visit to Asda in hope that we would be there just right for the 3rd reduction of items in the sell by date section.....success!
Half swedes for 10p....and they will last for ages. I have fruit, fromage frais (for Bill), little pork pies etc etc....all for next to nothing.
And I bought tonight's dinner.

Chicken wrapped in bacon.....actually there was cheese too, but I scraped that off and gave it to Bill.
There is risotto made with rice, sweet potato and mozzarella.
And a pack of speciality mushrooms with a lovely flavour.
Cost per serving was 85p.
Excellent for value, taste and nourishment.

Afterwards we went to see Bill's sister, Jane.
She has been in hospital again.
She has been taking warfarin to thin the blood.......and suddenly her blood went far, far too thin; dangerously so.
She is at home now, stopped all the warfarin and having blood tests almost everyday.
Doctors can't explain the situation.
The specialist in charge of this matter, I knew over 20 years ago. He was the one that came and told me I had got cancer. We talked a lot and I had great respect and affection for him.
He seemed to have high ideals and dreams then - so I am surprised he is still working in the same place.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


No snow - a good day.

This time last week, we were told that we facing a major had snowed.
It was fun!
And where is it now, seven days later? Melted away mostly in our parts.
Today the sunshine got to it and we enjoyed the sunshine too.
We went to Ford. I bought books - good selling ones I think.
I bought what I deem to be a wonderful 1950's coat stand/umbrella stand. I'll photograph it tomorrow.

So, shopping done, we were off to Littlehampton. We walked round to the Wetherspoon's pub as normal.....and it was closed!!!! Something to do with a water leak.
Oh what shall we do?
We went to The Harbour Lights - a cafe at the Look and Sea museum centre.
We ordered our eggs benedict - more costly than we are accustomed to, but which were truly delicious.
And the views was good too.

The sun was so bright that some of my photos today are black and white (almost). I did no adjusting to get the effect.

I like the strong shadow of the seat by the river.

At the beginning of the month I had taken a picture of the door on the old green hut by the river. Today it was the window that attracted me, particularly as it framed a river scene reflection.

A breakwater post.

Reflection in the Oyster Pond.

This afternoon I watched some athletics - an indoor international match from Glasgow.
I used to watch this annual match with some poignancy - my boy's feet had run on that track!
But they have a new indoor arena now.

This evening we watched a film.
The Cider House Rules was, for me, quite brilliant.....the acting, the photography, the atmosphere made for wonderful story telling and thought.
Michael Caine was one of the main stars - but I hadn't seen the cast list; so I spent a while wondering if it was Michael Caine.
He is a good actor....."not a lot of people know that!"

A lovely day!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Night on the town

It's late - it's sleep time.

We have been out celebrating a birthday.
Robert Burns would have been 254 today.
I would have liked to celebrate with some haggis - but the local Wetherspoon's had run out, by the time we ordered.
We met up with Julie and Roger for a Friday night in Wetherspoon's.
It's another education.
The young of the town poured in - hundreds of them!
We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed....and we watched!
The old men were appreciative of young "totty" - high heels and legs up to their mini shorts! All ready for the clubs after a few drinks.
By the time we left there was nobody over the age of 25.
We saw no trouble - everybody happy. There were bouncers on the door.
I reminded myself that old people are invisible to the young and yet I still felt my age as I donned my duffle coat and woolly hat  to go out in the cold night air.
We noted that the town was busy with young folks everywhere - even The George had bouncers. It wasn't like that in my day! The George was our most normal meeting place when young - after the coffee bars had closed. Almost refined it was.

Time for some sleep - off to Ford in the morning.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Making something of the day.

I felt we should do something.
B finds it all to easy not to be bothered with anything, so I planned a little trip - actually it was the second part of the trip I planned last Thursday; the one where Bill fell over in the mud.
Today we went to do the weekly shop at Aldi in East Grinstead.
With that done we went into the town.
Many places suggested a lunchtime snack - maybe next time at the Arts Centre and a visit to the new museum building.
There is so much to learn about East Grinstead.
But, for today, I thought Bill might prefer somewhere  kind of where was the East Grinstead Wetherspoon's?
We found somewhere really pleasant - with groups of happy, chattering "ladies who lunch".
We ordered our teas and coffee and a snack and enjoyed being relaxed in the Ounce and Ivy Bush - what a wonderful name!
It is a historical name. There have been pubs changing and changing names over the centuries and Wetherspoon's decided to bring the Ounce and Ivy Bush back to the town.
The ounce is a cat and the ivy is a symbol of a place being a better class of establishment.
The ounce/cat is part of the Sackville family coat of arms. The Sackvilles were the dominant family of the town. The name is very much part of the place. Sackville College is not a college, but alms houses - a place of sanctuary.
And here is the cat on the roof of Sackville College.
It makes me laugh!

So, now we know just what the "ounce" in the Wetherspoon's name refers too.
It is part of a large building that used to be the old cinema.
The atrium now houses the new cinema and  2 or 3 eating and drinkking places. It is very modern and yet retains a little of the art deco style.
Well, I thought the staircase was somewhat like the one in the very art Deco de La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill.
Whatever the syle I thought it quite exciting!

We found a lovely little shop selling vintage clothes, accessories and all sorts.
I bought a 1930's bathroom cabinet (painted green) - it's quite shabby chic. It is destined for Dorking on Monday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


computer work.

I've been at the computer a lot has it been so very different from most days? I spend a lot of time at the computer, communicating and playing.
Today I have been working - well, with a bit of playing too.
I have been dealing with EBay sales and accounts. I have  a pile of parcels ready to post tomorrow, having posted a couple this afternoon.
My other activity has been to set up a blog for random pictures and memories about Crawley. I set it up - but as yet, have posted nothing.
This afternoon I went to the hospital with Bill who was having a blood test. I wanted to take a photograph. I was sure there was a painting of the old Crawley hospital on a corridor wall. I found one - but it shows only a small part of the building and a lovely garden. I have a photo of it, having not found any pictures of the place on line.
It will be used on my Crawley blog at some point.
My failure of the day was pastry.
I haven't made any for ages.....think I was should have used more and better fat for it.
Wish I hadn't bothered - I have frozen pastry in the freezer!
But our left over pie made from he left overs of a roast chicken was good......and guess what we still have the other half!
I think it's time to abandon my trusty machine and go and watch the news maybe. Though perhaps I prefer to read the headline son the computer.....mostly I don't need to go much further than that.
The weather is warming - I'll re-word is not quite as cold. The snow is slowly melting - maybe not overnight.
I think by the weekend it will be gone.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The cold and the smell.

Still cold.
Though I hardly experienced any cold, for I haven't been anywhere. No further than the few paces into our garage to get envelopes that I needed for posting books to EBay customers.
Those who live locally will be aware that it was kind of odd outdoors - a smell, a strong mechanical smell hung in the air.
Now where would that have come from?
Well, well - it came from France!

This afternoon Bill took 3 parcels to be posted. I had 10 books on Ebay which had been listed before (a couple of times). Today 6 of them sold.
Tomorrow I have a bundle of books selling - hopefully a few more by tomorrow evening.
Whilst Bill was out with parcels the ironing board was out with me. I have ironed nothing for 3 weeks - and the pile was not very big. So, mustn't grumble!

I cooked a really tasty meal with left over roast chicken.
I roasted one yesterday that had been reduced from £4.55 to £2.
Today the left over meat went into a casserole with onions, smoked garlic (oh I love the smell of a smoked garlic) peppers, mushrooms, a leek and some left over vegetables. But what really enhanced it was the flavour of thin Polish salami sausages - which very much needed to be eaten up.
And hooray! I have enough left to make a pie tomorrow.

It crossed my mind that I promised to do a Crawley blog - maybe tomorrow. Ideas are coming through.
But first a picture that sums up my teenage years in Crawley.

I thank Brenda - the singer with the jazz band who you may recall seeing in  a picture I posted last week.
Oh those hazy lazy days of summer!

Monday, January 21, 2013


meaningless words.

Should we venture out in the car?
Would it be safe? Unwise?
Should we listen to the media?
Now don't get me wrong - I am aware that snow can cause hazards; sometimes for a short while, sometimes for longer.
I have every sympathy with people facing real problems - not just my kind of grumble about not being able to go to a car boot sale!
British folk mock themselves because the country comes to a halt with a small fall of snow.
But has it come to a halt?
Well, it hasn't come to a halt for us.
Local authorities have done well. All major roads are completely clear. Side roads and country lanes must be difficult, especially on hills.
We drove to Dorking today - no trouble at all.
It was exceedingly cold in the shop. You have heard this before of course; today I took a thermometer with me. My section managed to see the mercury stand at 5 degrees centigrade. It did climb a little and by the end of the day it crept into double figures.
I was wearing and outfit of many layers and didn't feel too bad, though.
As expected, there were few buying customers - well, 2 actually. One bought a model car from Bill.
But there were  quite a few through the door.
We busied ourselves with eating, drinking, sudoku puzzles and counting the pigeons on the building opposite.
We did close up an hour early. It really didn't seem worth staying there for an extra 60 minutes and it would be good to travel home in the light.
Still no trouble on the roads.
There are roadworks on the A264 close to Faygate and that can slow things a bit sometimes - hardly at all today.
Just after we had passed that point, the local radio travel news came on the car radio describing that stretch of road as "treacherous"!!!
Some nervous motorist may have phoned them with that opinion - not sure how they could have formed that opinion actually.
It just strengthened my belief that the media create our thoughts and behaviour.
Having heard about a treacherous road - the word alone is enough, no need to be specific about where - then so many people would say to themselves that it would be foolish, unsafe and unwise to venture out.
Lets have warnings that really mean something!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Walk to Crawley High Street in the snow.

It has snowed for many hours today.
Powdery snow - rather than large flakes. But the powder has increased the amount lying on the ground.
We set out at midday to walk into town, where we would meet Bill's sister and husband.
The streets and pavements were quiet.
The pavements were fine to walk on - though I was nervous walking down the hill. The main routes have been cleared and treated.
We don't live exactly on a main route.

There are very few transport problems in the town. Buses are running - later we travelled home by bus.
Gatwick Airport invested heavily in high quality snow clearance machinery and flights have not been cancelled - unlike Heathrow, which has been in chaos.
Trains have continued to run.

The old signal box still stands - it is a listed building.

But it it is no longer used to control the running of the trains.

The church in a Christmas card scene.

Telephone boxes and The Brewery Shades.
The telephones are almost redundant now. We talked of this over dinner - how 50 years ago things were so different. Bill even had to go out in the wee small hours to a telephone box to call the midwife to say our first baby was imminent.

The White Hart.

The Ancient Priors.

Sculpture in The Square.
The crows of Crawley.

Take a seat.

The Square has been renovated with paving, sculpture and seats....but still nothing has been put into place to create a great feeling of a community centre.

Having caught the bus home, we are back where we started.

It was a good day.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Thank you to family and friends.

Bother! Didn't do much.
I had an idea that we could walk into town and maybe have a drink.
My plan was to meet up with Bill's sister - but, bother - they had already gone out when I phoned.
Strangely they had similar plans.
We will try again tomorrow if its not snowing too hard in the morning.
Just checked - we are promised light snow all day and it will feel very cold.

It dominates conversations and messages.
But in 2013 we are hoping that these snowy days are just a novelty.
We watched a programme earlier on about the 1963 winter - the novelty rather wore off that year.
This programme was made in 1963 by the presenters of the Tonight programme. I remembered them.
But what I didn't remember was all the doom and gloom - well, obviously I knew that conditions for some were hard.
But I don't recall power cuts and water shortages, in south east England.  Maybe we were just lucky.
I had no access to TV that winter - my first away from home training to be a teacher; but I had a radio; must have heard the news.
The hardships could not have impacted on the brain of a flibertigibbet young girl of 18.
But its not just me - Bill doesn't remember, nor his sister.

Today I have enjoyed pictures of snowmen - glad some people got out to play.
Thank you niece and great nephew for your efforts.
Indeed thank you all for sharing your experiences and pictures.
The BBC has a marvelous clip of  tigers and snowmen.
Thank you to my brother for that one. It made me laugh - especially those tiger tongues!

Our friends in North Wales sent photos of the snow drifting and piling up in their garden and against the walls, doors and windows of their house.
They don't live in the high Snowdon mountains, but they are quite remote.

It must have been quite a task, a very warming task, to cut a path to the front door.
Thank you friends for the picture.

Now I must thank my sister in law for an illustrated "When icicles Hang by the Wall" poem (by Shakespeare).
Good idea - I might pinch that one - I'll find a different poem.

In moderation snow is a good thing.....try telling that to my daughter in law in Thailand. She fears it would be unbearably cold!
But we all find it interesting and we all enjoy sharing.

My last thank you is to somebody I don't know - Giles Coren, who writes for The Times.
He was writing about the burger story of last week - how  economy burgers can contain horse meat.
Most people I know don't seem to object to the horsemeat - but, like me, they object to the fraud.

The complete article about burgers can be found on the BBC page.

But I specially like this quote from Giles Coren.

"What on earth did you think they put in them? Prime cuts of delicious free-range, organic, rare breed, heritage beef, grass-fed, Eton-educated, humanely slaughtered, dry-aged [beef], hand-ground by fairies...?"

It made me laugh!

So thank you to all the people who have done things, shared things and added to the joys of my day.

I think I am still the same flibbertigibbet, just 50 years older than the 1963 one. I like to chat, gossip, share 

news and views.

Tomorrow it must be my turn to have things to share.

I'll finish with this one - apologies if the wording offends. It made me laugh.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Snow time.

I was making our cup of tea in bed this morning, when I realised I had almost run out of tea.
Should have spotted that yesterday.
I was not prepared to do without my tea, so before breakfast we went to Morrison's in Broadfield. We went there because we had noted a really good offer on coke, which Bill likes to drink.
The snow had begun by this time and it was horrid out there.
I love snow - but not when it is being driven hard against my face by a strong wind.
When we got home more and more snow began to fall.
So, it has been a lazy, at home, day.
I took a few pictures in the back garden.

I am so pleased with the last two - thrilled.
Look at the snow on the leaf! I have captured, for the first time ever, the structure of a snowflake.

Snow can be a nuisance. I am sure it has felt like a nuisance to many today.
But really, the media have hyped it up to excess.
Did we really need a special half hour report on BBC1 this evening about a few hours of snow?
In fact family and friends I have been in contact with today, on the whole, have been having fun and enjoying the snow.
Snowmen and sledging photos by the score!
It comes rarely and for such a short time (normally) we might as well turn it into a positive experience if we can.
Plans may have to be altered - no boot sales for us this weekend. And very probably the sports hall athletics we are due to timekeep at will be cancelled. People have to travel up to 40 miles to take part.
Never mind - the world will not end on account of a few alterations to plans.
Maybe in some other parts where there is more snow I might not feel so glib. So, sorry if others are having a really bad time.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Not according to plan.

Today was not as we planned it.
The first change of plan was at quarter past six this morning - still dark and almost minus 6 degrees.
The sky was clear and sunshine would be coming.....but I didn't have the heart to push Bill out of bed for a trip to Ford.
Maybe Saturday.....but then again, maybe not.
Other plans were made for today.
A bit of a walk, some shopping at East Grinstead Aldi and then a cup of tea and a little something in a tea shop.
Most of that had to be changed.
We did have a bit of a walk, though - good wanted to work with the new camera.
We stopped first where there is a hide by Weir Wood reservoir. Lots of smaller birds on the feeders - didn't see any water fowl.

The pheasant strutted around under the bird feeders, pecking up dropped bits of nut and seed.

Still frozen down on the ground.

Then we drove up the hill to look down on the valley.

It was from this point that plans had been made for a definite circular walk.
By this time that plan had been abandoned.

Another time.

We took the first part of the planned footpath and enjoyed the views.

Bill was lining up a view of his own.

Ice covered the puddles.

We were up by the rocks,

The rocky ridge is used by climbers - quite high.
When we clambered on the top I felt a little nervous.
Take care - no falling!

You can see  climbing paraphanalia on the top of the rock.

I was just lining this shot up, when I heard a dull thud.
Oh worst fears!
Yes, Bill had fallen - fortunately not over the edge.
He was sitting on the muddy ground. How come it was so muddy just there? Must have caught the sun.

He couldn't get up!
The more he tried to get a footing, his shoes slipped away deeper into the mud.
I had to help him up....wet and muddy; muddy through to his skin in places!

And his shoulder hurt.

Well, we couldn't go shopping and visit a tea shop with him covered in mud.
We wandered back to the car.
His camera was covered in mud. The car seat became covered in mud.

Time to go home.
I cobbled together a small meal - actually very good smoked cod fish cakes, which had been greatly reduced in Marks and Spencers.
Later we popped out to buy a few of the bits that we might have bought in East Grinstead.
Bill's shoulder still hurts.
And it is still cold.
We will have snow tomorrow.......but enough to warrant the apparent panic? I don't think so.
Trains have been cancelled for tomorrow.....just in case.
People are clearing shelves in supermarkets for the siege.
People seem to be fearful - well, some of them. Actually most of my contacts are just looking forward to it - let's have a bit of fun!
The Met Office site tells me that we will have snow - heavy snow for a few hours in the middle of the day tomorrow. And of course it will settle, for it is pretty cold. In some parts of the country I am sure the snow will cause more problems than here.
But many of the older people I know have been chatting about the winter of 1962/3. The snow began on Boxing day and was with us into March. Was there panic? As far as I remember life continued much as normal. People were there to help each other.....Bill was out with the Boxall and Collins breakdown truck to tow people on Handcross Hill and Pease Pottage Hill.
Good luck Britain - its us against the snow!

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