Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Slowly pottered

Slowly pottered!
That was my day.
I have some things now listed on EBay - not quite as many as I planned; life got in the way.
I have some small boxed parlour games from the 1930s.
Why did I buy them?
And why did I pay so much for them?
Very pleasant man came into the shop with them - not sure what I was on when I agreed to pay so much.
I'll not make a profit, so would be glad to see them gone.
Haven't yet sorted out the food processor I bought from him.
Didn't need it today.
I cooked a huge casserole with frikadellen (German meat balls) and bacon and loads of veg. Looking forward to second helpings tomorrow.
I did mashed swede, carrot and sweet potato too.
That damn swede left me exhausted!
They are such hard work to cut up. I asked on facebook if others felt the same.....and said how frustrating it is when you get your knife into the swede and then can't move it. Can't continue cutting and can't remove the knife either.
I am not alone.
But the subsequent mash was really good, so mustn't grumble.
Tired now. looking forward to getting up early and going to Ford in the morning. We can't go on saturday because it is one of my Saturdays in the shop.