Saturday, January 26, 2013


No snow - a good day.

This time last week, we were told that we facing a major had snowed.
It was fun!
And where is it now, seven days later? Melted away mostly in our parts.
Today the sunshine got to it and we enjoyed the sunshine too.
We went to Ford. I bought books - good selling ones I think.
I bought what I deem to be a wonderful 1950's coat stand/umbrella stand. I'll photograph it tomorrow.

So, shopping done, we were off to Littlehampton. We walked round to the Wetherspoon's pub as normal.....and it was closed!!!! Something to do with a water leak.
Oh what shall we do?
We went to The Harbour Lights - a cafe at the Look and Sea museum centre.
We ordered our eggs benedict - more costly than we are accustomed to, but which were truly delicious.
And the views was good too.

The sun was so bright that some of my photos today are black and white (almost). I did no adjusting to get the effect.

I like the strong shadow of the seat by the river.

At the beginning of the month I had taken a picture of the door on the old green hut by the river. Today it was the window that attracted me, particularly as it framed a river scene reflection.

A breakwater post.

Reflection in the Oyster Pond.

This afternoon I watched some athletics - an indoor international match from Glasgow.
I used to watch this annual match with some poignancy - my boy's feet had run on that track!
But they have a new indoor arena now.

This evening we watched a film.
The Cider House Rules was, for me, quite brilliant.....the acting, the photography, the atmosphere made for wonderful story telling and thought.
Michael Caine was one of the main stars - but I hadn't seen the cast list; so I spent a while wondering if it was Michael Caine.
He is a good actor....."not a lot of people know that!"

A lovely day!