Sunday, January 20, 2013


Walk to Crawley High Street in the snow.

It has snowed for many hours today.
Powdery snow - rather than large flakes. But the powder has increased the amount lying on the ground.
We set out at midday to walk into town, where we would meet Bill's sister and husband.
The streets and pavements were quiet.
The pavements were fine to walk on - though I was nervous walking down the hill. The main routes have been cleared and treated.
We don't live exactly on a main route.

There are very few transport problems in the town. Buses are running - later we travelled home by bus.
Gatwick Airport invested heavily in high quality snow clearance machinery and flights have not been cancelled - unlike Heathrow, which has been in chaos.
Trains have continued to run.

The old signal box still stands - it is a listed building.

But it it is no longer used to control the running of the trains.

The church in a Christmas card scene.

Telephone boxes and The Brewery Shades.
The telephones are almost redundant now. We talked of this over dinner - how 50 years ago things were so different. Bill even had to go out in the wee small hours to a telephone box to call the midwife to say our first baby was imminent.

The White Hart.

The Ancient Priors.

Sculpture in The Square.
The crows of Crawley.

Take a seat.

The Square has been renovated with paving, sculpture and seats....but still nothing has been put into place to create a great feeling of a community centre.

Having caught the bus home, we are back where we started.

It was a good day.