Saturday, May 31, 2008


31st May. The end of something good.

Each and every one of us is feeling exhausted, emotional and incredulous.
Everyone, that is, connected with Rocking Horse Antiques Centre.
The shop is now closed.

The customers saved the best until more sales sheets have been filled than on any other day in the 14 year life of the shop.
We were all there at the end - empty boxes at the ready.

Bill has sold that cabinet to Ian. It is a good cabinet that Bill bought from the person who had the space before he did. It would have been good to keep it perhaps ........ but where to put it, that was the problem.

My sad area! No those shelves were not decimated completely by customers today. I had filled 2 boxes with things that might be suitable later on for EBay or maybe a toy collectors' fair.

Horace - or Ho as we so often called him when Flo was alive and they shared a space together - brought in some bottles of bubbly.

It seemed almost impossible to be rid of the last customers - still they kept coming through the door, finding things and then bringing them to the desk.

Joy and Peter had naturally done the duty on this, the last day, and were totally exhausted. Peter muttered "As soon as I have sorted the money I am going home".

"Oh no!" - we thought; perhaps they are thinking that we were all there just to start packing up; they might leave before we were ready.
But in the end we were able to make them a presentation of a garden bench with a plaque to be fitted to it - as if life will give them much time for lazing in the garden.
The bench, by the way, is not visible because it is still in the cardboard box awaiting Peter's diy skills to put it together.

Don't forget - Rocking Horse folks to click on the picture to make it bigger and better!
And so tomorrow is another day - a day of much more hard work for our already aching muscles.
It will be the first day for 12 years that I won't be able to have a little frisson of expectation, wondering if anything of mine is being sold at that very moment.
We have until Wednesday evening to empty everything.
Then many will gather together for a Chinese take away in the empty shop.
Other life goes on. Bill was with the physiotherapist this morning. It seems that the solicitors have told the physio that Bill may have 8 sessions, so I doubt that he will be signed off very soon. This is great - because Bill was badly in need of this treatment anyway.
We went to Blindley Heath after lunch for the car boot sale. I bought some books.
The best buy was a bundle of clothes for me - 6 items including a good quality black jacket for £1.70!
This evening we have watched the final of the competition to find a Nancy for the West End production of Oliver.
I was cross - the wrong person won!
We have got tickets today for the local amateur operatic society production of Oliver in October. You have to book up early.
Hopefully in the morning we will get to Pease Pottage.
And then it will be back to the shop for another session clearing shelves.

Friday, May 30, 2008


30th May. Crazy Rocking Horse and a gentle walk.

Today the weather has been better - not summer, but at least dry.
This morning we were at home and I described half a dozen more things for EBay.
I am giving myself masses to deal with once the crazy activity at the shop is all over - just one more day of trading.
Bill and I went to Ardingly this afternoon with the intention of writing up our sales so far this week - to save time later on.
It was a crazy madhouse and almost impossible to get to the book because Kate was busy writing up sales all the time.
There were a number of us in there and all able to help with wrapping and carrying and unlocking cabinets.
It was very sociable - just what we will all miss so much. There were cups of tea and Peter went to the post office stores and bought chocolate bars.
But, unbelievably, tomorrow it will all be over apart from the clearing up which is major task for everybody.
Tomorrow we will go over again in the afternoon. We are all enjoying the level of sales just now - even if little profit is being made. But somehow none of us could have coped with Rocking Horse life being like this all the time.

I am hoping that we can fit in a couple of car boot sales tomorrow too.
Faygate in the morning and Edenbridge in the afternoon.
Bill has doubts about Faygate because he has an appointment with a physiotherapist (arranged by the solicitor) at a quarter past nine. I think we can still get in a good hour at Faygate before that. I can't go on my own because Bill hasn't put me down as a driver of the hire car.

This evening I am putting some of Bill's photos from yesterday for you to share when he walked back from the town centre.
For those far away, who don't know, Crawley has been a thriving little town for centuries. But just after WW2 it was decided that Crawley, along with other places ringed around London, was ripe for expansion and a New Town was formed, which seems to be still developing 60 years on.
Bill's pictures show how the old and new link together in the centre.

St John's church is in the town centre. Many of Bill's brothers and sisters were married in this church - and Bill was a choir boy when very young.

Close by is Queen's Square. It was once a large open shopping square, but this space has been reduced by the building of new shops at one end and we feel they have spoiled things. The bandstand has been used for many interesting things.
In our teens we specially loved the Sunday afternoon jazz bands playing there and young people dancing all across the square. There are still musical performances for shoppers to stop and enjoy. And during one Crawley festival our Ashley played the part of God in a church production when he was about 10 years old.

The town council endeavour to inject some culture into our lives and some weird and wonderful sculptures have appeared around the town. They make interesting landmarks.

This is The Broadwalk. It was the first part of the New Town shopping centre to be built and links the old Crawley High Street with the new shops. As a 13 year old I found all the new development most exciting and was drawn into the coffee bar life style. Much time was spent in Siesta - at another table would have been another group of young people, including a certain Bill Monk; but we didn't get to know each other at that time.

The old town had a number of pubs and inns. The Brewery Shades stands to one side of the entrance to The Broadwalk.

The White Hart and The Brewery Shades in the distance were not part of my normal social life during my youth.

But the most famous of the Crawley landmarks - The George Hotel - was very much a part of my world.
It was once a coaching inn, with stables at the back for the horses.
The inside is full of character.
Groups of my friends would spend much time there. We hear a lot these days about the problems of under age drinking. In those days it still occurred - my favourites were gin and bitter lemon, vodka and lime and rum and blackcurrant and long before I was 18. But of course, in those days, there was not the money for over indulgence. And on the whole we were nice wholesome young things.
I met Bill at about the same time that I went away to train as a teacher and drifted away from The George.
But we did go there for the annual cycle club dinner and dance in the ballroom.

Almost opposite is the very old building known as The Ancient Priors. It is now a wine bar and there have been restaurants there before today. As a child my mother took me there to have my hair cut. And old postcards show it to have been and antiques shop.
Legend has it that there is a tunnel bewteen The Ancient Priors and The George Hotel - for smugglers to make a getaway.

The level crossing and The Railway Hotel.
The jazz club was at The Railway every Wednesday. There used to be a large ball room at the back. It burned down within days almost of me leaving town to go to college. I went with my best friend Diana and we met up with quite a large crowd. Another crowd included a certain Bill Monk - but we didn't meet up there.
The railway gates have changed of course.
It was more or less over the railway that the airship I showed you a couple of days ago was to be seen. That shot was from the other side of the gates and actually in Brighton Road.

Half a mile to the south of the railway gates, Brighton Road looks like a leafy hollow.
Our house is amongst the new development just a couple of hundred yards further south - why.... that could almost have been our own Bertie Berlingo heading homewards!
The footbridge on which Bill is standing appeared in the 2 days that I was in hospital giving birth to Jamie - so it is almost 40 years old now.
Writing all this has made me want to write more - another project for the so called leisure that is coming my way.
Bill can do many more then and now pictures - showing how things have changed from the original postcards.
Bill has just come through expressing weariness. I should make a drink and let him get to bed.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


29th May. Thursday.

Today began bright and cheerful and I still believed that there would be no rain today, but I was wrong.
The rain began about half past one and has drizzled and rained ever since.
This morning I intended to do lots more describing of books, but was interrupted by a visit from Frieda.
In the end I added just 4 more books to the ones ready for listing on Saturday.
Bill took the bus into town with a couple of bags of things for the charity shop.
He walked home and took some pictures in the old town centre and alo one from more or less the same spot that the photographer used for the airship postcard that I showed yesterday.
It is here again today alongside the present day view.
Tomorrow I shall maybe put some of Bill's other photos taken this morning on the blog.
This afternoon we went over to Ifield to see Jenny.
Yesterday I had thought about bidding on a Crawley postcard and wondered if I had it already. When I went to check I couldn't find my post card album - and then remembered that Jenny still had it.
Bill also had a blood test this afternoon.
I phoned the shop - and it has been even busier today than on Tuesday - but there were more people to deal with things.
This evening we have been and done the shopping in Tescos.
Now it is time for a little supper and then time for bed once again.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


28th May Wednesday - wet again.

As, no doubt, you know I am collecting postcards of Crawley and in particular of Brighton Road - our road.

Today I received one that I had bid for on EBay which I think is a bit special.
It shows HMA Delta being admired and marvelled at by people in Brighton Road (the north end by the level crossing) in 1915.

Click on it to make it bigger - I think it is so interesting.

Bill has been researching this airship during today.

And Brighton Road is where we have stayed today - yet another day of constant rain, but not as fierce as on Monday.

I have described more things for EBay. These are things I have not really dealt with on eBay before so I shall just have to see how they go. There are 6 old Ladybird books with dust wrappers - like they used to have in the 50s and 60s.
And I also have some football programmes. I know they are not as valuable as some that Rocking Horse Ian sells on EBay, but here's hoping mine actually sell.
There are a series of Brighton and Hove Albion away games programmes - many for the season when they got promoted to the top division in 1979.

I am still very tired. Meanly I am almost glad when I hear others telling me that they feel desperately tired, for this must mean that there is nothing specifically wrong with me.
The others are Jo and Bill - between the 3 of us we have all experienced accidents, the end of an era as Rocking Horse closes and also this awful weather.
Maybe it is these things that are dragging us down.
Bill and I feel that we are not yet functioning - the old world has gone (old car and Rocking Horse) and we have not yet got to a time when our new world can begin.
Bill will see a doctor or physiotherapist on Saturday morning about his jarring to the body in the accident.

No wonder car insurance is so expensive - there are just so many different people and offices involved on our behalf. Let me see - insurance office, solicitors, carhire people, people organising medical checks, doctors, physios etc. They all need their slice of the cake which the other insurance company will be slicing up. Not a day goes by without letters of or phone calls from one or other of them.

There were some patches of blue sky this evening before darkness began to fall - and hooray, the weather forecast suggests there will be no rain tomorrow; no more until Friday night and Saturday morning perhaps.

And with the pleasant thoughts of a dry day tomorrow, I bid you goodnight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


27th May. It stopped rocking for me today.

Brief words for a momentous day.
It has been my last day looking after an antiques shop.
As we left home this morning I felt almost tearful at the prospect of this chapter being over.
I have been in shops for 13 years now and for the most part Tuesdays has been my day.
This last Tuesday was incredibly busy - no time for me to finish all the basic recording of the sales for last week; indeed not time for me to finish my lunch or any of my cups of tea.
For most of the day I was on my own.
I felt so tired by closing time - well a little while after closing time was when the last customer left.
It had been fun to be busy and to talk with the customers - but exhaustion had set in and my body ached.
Perhaps it was my tiredness, but my usual efficiency when sorting out all the money deserted me.
Everybody had sold things and also many people would have to have the fact that amounts from their total has been paid on a card and therefore they would have to wait for that amount of money.
Finally I had to start the lot again - there was no way I was going to walk away on my very last day leaving behind me a complete cock up!
Bill helped me to take my time and eventually we found the errors and everything could be stowed away.
So, at quarter to seven we could walk away - and I felt no emotion except relief that I could go home!
The huge hole in our lives at the closing of Rocking Horse will seem more apparent on other Tuesdays.
And now - quite early - I shall take some tablets to ease my splitting head ache and go to bed.

Monday, May 26, 2008


26th May Bank Holiday Monday - Miserable Monday!

A Bank Holiday..... time for fun and frolic and relaxation in the summer sunshine.
But no - it has rained all day.
Committees have worked for months for village fetes, country fairs, carnivals and so on; and it all came to nought.
It has felt such a sad sort of day.

It led me to scrawl my thoughts into a vague sort of poem.

Such a sad, stormy summer's day -
Plans and projects for pleasure
Washed away by the sorrowful raindrops.
Not sparkling, silver rain,
But pounding, heavy, gloomy and grey,
Fiercely lashing across our field,
Driven by whipping, wild winds.
The lush green of our summer trees
Tossed and buffetted, branches bending.
Few people out, to be seen passing by -
But dogs, as ever, need to be walked;
Both master and beast bow heads, hiding
From cutting rain, stinging their faces.
Birds, too, stayed snug in their nests -
No joyful twitterings fill the air.
We also take refuge in comforts of home -
The Sound of Music blots out the darkness,
As we await the warmth of true summer.
Summer sunshine eludes all our dreams
On this stormy, hollow holiday treat time.
Bank Holidays anticipated, fade and die -
British weather rules the day's fate.
This one was rotten - right through to the core,
Reality and routine returns once more.

So that was today.
We stayed at home for all of it, feeling weary.
We have sorted out some activities - I have described and listed; and then sold a few things. Bill has printed some photographs and thanked some people by phone for birthday greetings.
I snuggled down on the sofa and watched, yet again The Sound of Music. What a great story it is, with wonderful sentimental songs. Bill dozed upstairs in the bedroom.
The rain has stopped now, this evening. It still looks very grey out there.
Early to bed.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


25th May. Sunday bothers and Saturday fun

It has been a strange sort of Sunday - but first a look back to yesterday.
Ruth came round with Felix and we sat in the garden, where it was sunny and very breezy, but not cold.
Felix enjoyed playing with a bowl full of water and had a drink as did the rest of us.

The weather forecast for today suggested that the winds would ease but there would be heavy rain in the South of England.
The weather warnings were sufficiently bad for Roger and Sue to change their camping plans. Instead of heading for Dorset and the south coast they turned north and were intending to camp in Shropshire.
The rains also headed north and Shropshire has probably received a lot of rain today, whereas in the extreme south it has been almost entirely dry.
But we had had it in our heads that going to a car boot sale today would be off the agenda because of the weather. Despite the change of fortunes I felt so tired that I decided it would be best to stay at home.
We got a number of things at home a bit more organised and Bill got these good shots (below) of the cheeky squirrel in the garden.
How can something so cute be considered as vermin?

This afternoon we both went to Rocking Horse for the very last Sunday afternoon.
It was busy and there was much to do.
I packed up some things that I would like to sell on EBay maybe and then added signs to my original BARGAIN SALE signs to say that all my stuff could sell for half price during this final week.
I hardly had a chance to make use of the garden chair that I had carried in from the car - and that chair may well have a lot to answer for.
I have found once before that carrying anything of weight against the stoma bag is not a good idea.
But I was absorbed with activities and people and felt good - too engrossed to notice what was happening.
Yes - I had been leaking for a long time and my clothes were very wet.
This was the first time that such a thing has happened to me away from home.
I carry a spare bag and tissues and also a towel and spare clothes everywhere I go just for this sort of bother.
The trouble is that I didn't actually cope well in the tiny loo cubby hole in the shop and I found that the new bag was failing almost immediately.
There was nothing for it, we would have to leave. Fortunately Margaret was in the shop and was prepared to stay until closing instead of Bill.
At home Bill helped me to get everything right.
This has led me to do much thinking and I realise I must make myself be more self aware - or at least more stoma bag aware.
I must think before carrying things and if need be ask somebody else to carry things. Bill had offered of course to carry the chair - but no, I had to be independent!
And I just can't imagine how I didn't realise for a couple of hours that I was getting increasingly wet.
My enthusiasms just mustn't get in the way of my bodily functions!
And I think I need to practise at home the art of changing the bag alone and in difficult conditions until I am more confident of getting it right.
It is evening now - and tomorrow is yet another holiday; a day with more car boot sales arranged and yet again the weather forecast is for much rain.
If it seems to be dry in the morning then we will get up early and go out.
Bill is watching a recording of the Monaco Grand Prix right now - I know who won already.
As soon as it has finished we will record Walk the Line, the film based on the life and music of Johnny Cash. I don't think I am up to staying up to midnight tonight; we will watch it at a time that suits us.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tired....why am I so tired?
Surely this can't still be the result of tension and emotion from the accident?
After all that accident and its aftermath, as seen on the world stage, was just a minor blot. Yes, it was a shock to us and a nuisance - but we have learned from it and should be ready to move on.
I still have some pain - but really it is not dominating any more. I wince sometimes, which almost shows that it has taken me by surprise.

We got up early with the intention of going to Ford and enjoying the day. We had been on the road just a couple of minutes when I knew I didn't have the oomph to make that effort.
I wondered if the car boot sale at Faygate ( about 4 miles from home) would be worth stopping at instead - and that is what we did.
Actually it was worth stopping. We both bought some interesting things to sell on.
We also bought a phone that has already been fixed onto the wall by the computer that Bill uses. The phone cost £1.50.
And for £1 we bought a personal stereo and headphones for me to use when away from home - away from the DAB radio beside my bed.
I also looked out for clothes. I bought the trouser suit that I am modelling in the picture below.
I paid £3 for this suit which had never been worn - still with its original price ticket. In a shop somewhere this item had been selling for £110.
It is not particularly special I don't think - and Bill commented that it looked like pyjamas!
It is actually too big for and I will have to do some careful stitching to the trouser waistband so that they don't fall down; but that will never be noticed because the jacket will always cover the alteration.

As you see from the picture it has been a sunny day.
And in sheltered spots it was quite warm - but oh dear, that wind was really strong.

This afternoon we sat out in the garden with Ruth and Felix. We filled the washing up bowl with water and Felix stripped off and played happily. There are some pictures on the camera - but these will wait until tomorrow.

This evening my intention was to enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest - but I fell asleep.
I will return to the TV shortly to see the voting. I suspect the people of Europe will continue to vote for countries viewed as friends rather than for best songs.
I can' tell you if there were any good songs actually - those I did hear seemed to have blurred into each other.
Maybe the UK will vote for Poland - after all there is now a large Polish section of the population and of course within the UK we can't vote for our own entry even if we wanted to.

The weather for tomorrow is predicted to be nasty! This might give me some time to get more things described for EBay. Today Orlando book sold for just over £34.

Goodnight. I hope life is treating you well.

Friday, May 23, 2008


23 May. Time for family.

I will begin with a picture taken yesterday - we didn't see Foxy this morning.
I suspect he took a look at the leaden skies and decided to snuggle down in his den, wherever it may be.
Yesterday he and we enjoyed the sunshine.
You can see the pile of new mown grass on which he reclined for some time.

I think we are really fortunate to have this outlook in front of our house - grass, trees, bushes and from time time all sorts of interesting wildlife.
Of course just beyond all this we have a busy road, but when the windows are closed (not so often at this time of year of course) we are not bothered much by the traffic noise.

The morning remained dull and I began to feel a bit chilly and had to add a layer of clothing and delve into the sock draw again to keep my feet warm.
We went out to post parcels and to buy fat blocks to keep the woodpeckers happy.

This afternoon, fortunately, it brightened up and we were sitting out in a garden.
This was after the funeral we had attended - for John, husband of Bill's cousin Rosemary.
I hardly knew John really, but he was part of the branch of the family that I have a lot of time for - the Heasemans. Bill's Aunty Sophie (nee Monk) and her husband Geoffry Heaseman had 7 children who are lovely people. They are country people - farming people at heart. Some are still farming and no doubt we will meet up with David at the South of England Show because he shows his cattle at the agricultural shows and wins prizes.
I wish we had gone to the church at Edenbridge for the main part of the funeral, but Bill thought we should just join the family at the crematorium for the short committal proceedings.
Afterwards we did join the convoy back to Edenbridge for what Rosemary had termed a "cup of tea". There was tea to drink - and more; and also a lavish spread of home made fare.
We sat in the garden and talked to lots of people in the sunshine.
As is often the case at funerals, people enjoy being together and sharing in news and life.
I enjoyed talking to John and Rosemary's son and daughter. I had promised Julie, the daughter, details of the Monk family tree - and that was 18 months ago at a Golden Wedding party.
Much has got in my way since then - and most of all my ability to put things off has got in the way.
Anyway I realised there is a lot they don't know about their Grandmother's background - that's Aunty Sophie to us. And I appreciated that they really want to know.
So, hopefully that will inspire me to get back to all my earlier work and rough notes and perhaps to add more.
And of course I will Email Julie as soon as possible with the basic family tree.

So, a sad day has been turned around for us and made good.
I think Rosemary was able to feel the same, though she must live day by day, accepting the up days with the down days and learn to live a new style of life.

Tomorrow looks to be the best day weatherwise of this long weekend, so we aim to get out. Our destination will first be Ford car boot sale and then who knows where!
I have some EBay things finishing during the afternoon - including the child's book Orlando and the Magic Carpet - bidding now up to £34.

I hope you have had a chance to see the Rocking Horse video.

And also the little snippet Jamie did of Jesica using his still camera.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


22nd May. Shopping time.

I am even later this evening with my blog than last night.

We have, once again been timekeeping. It feels quite like the old days, when we were at athletics 2 or 3 times a week - but these 2 consecutive days of timekeeping are, I think, a one off.
This evening has been very pleasant - a Sussex Under 13's League match. The weather was warm - and there were enough timekeepers for this meeting. And the enthusiasm and team spirit of the youngsters creates a good atmosphere.
I worked with Jenny, from East Grinstead; it was so good to be working with somebody whose times matched so well with mine. Such an evening confirms some self belief and confidence that I am good at the task.

The day began with warm sunshine lighting up the bedroom. The fox was enjoying the warmth too. Bill took some more photos - but they will have to wait until tomorrow to be shared.
The foxy was very appreciative of a pile of grass cuttings over by his bushes - a soft and luxurious bed for him to recline on!

Later we did the week's shopping in Tescos. I will return to that in a moment.

This afternoon I have wrapped and invoiced once again - 6 more books ready for new homes. Today I had my first customer from Estonia.

This evening I had what I could call a sort of revelation or a wake up call concerning shopping.
This morning had been horrid in Tescos, crowded with customers and staff filling the enormous trolleys they have to make up the orders of customers buying from the internet site.
The athletics track at Horsham is right by another large Tescos store. I suggested we pop in after the meeting to buy one or two bits we had forgotten or couldn't find this morning.
The experience was such a contrast with the morning. The aisles were fairly empty and the atmosphere was relaxed.
I resolved that shopping trips should be undertaken regularly in the evening.

I suppose it is hard for older folk like Bill and me to move on from doing things the way we would have done them when we were first married.
In those days shops were open from morning til afternoon, but not in the evening - all night even, and definitely not on a Sunday.
But all through history things have changed and although it is all very well to look back with nostalgia for the olden days, it is best to be adaptable and move forward and take advantage of modern ways.
And it certainly is an advantage to feel calm and relaxed whilst shopping.
So, we will be come evening shoppers for a while and see how much better it continues to feel.

The other bit of shopping today has been the payment of a deposit on the silver Berlingo that will be ours.

Ribs have been more painful for me during the last couple of days - I think different ribs are reacting and healing at different rates and as one might ease another complains.

Well, it is almost 11 o'clock. We have had a good supper of cheap snacks bought this evening and watched a recording of Emmerdale, and now it is time to get to bed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


21st May. Ruby the Red.

I am quite late this evening getting to the computer for blog writing.

We have been out at the athletics track.
I had half thought about not attending - but just as well I did for the number of timekeepers was small; there were 5 of us to deal with a high quality meeting, and 1 was very new to the timekeepers' stand and another has only recently qualified.
At one point we were down to just 4 of us to time runners for another was doing another duty.
That was during the race the starters decided to send 20 runners off to do 1500 metres.
It was a mammoth feat of concentration to get times for all the athletes.
It was Bill who took on the role of chief, but I am glad I was there to help him through it.

The major news of today is that Ruby the Red - the car abandoned in North Wales has been deemed a write off.
The insurance company have made a fair offer based on the value of the car; but we might try to push them for a little more.
The replacement - which will be the silver Berlingo registered as recently as March - will obviously cost us more than we will actually receive.
We have the hire car now until 7 days after the cheque arrives - but that could be a couple of weeks yet.
I think it is a relief to Bill to know that his own assessment of Ruby was correct and that he can now move on to organising the next motoring chapter.

Well, time for bed. I enjoyed being out this evening, amongst friends - but I do get tired easily. I spent some time asleep this afternoon.

Congratulations to Manchester United for winning through to be the best football team in Europe. We have just watched the penalty shoot out which in the end it all hinged on.
I realised in the end that I wanted Man U to win and mainly because of the likes of Ryan Giggs - loyal, hard working, not a media celebrity like many other footballers - oh and Welsh of course!
Sorry - this is probably like a foreign language for most people who look at the blog - but Jamie retains an interest in the game and watches when he can.

By the way, Jamie has put lots of school pictures of the children on the jjjjblog. Do take a look.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


20th May What is work - a day full of life?

Good evening from the Land of Nod.

We had talked of going out for a meal to celebrate Bill's birthday. I saw ourselves on Devil's Dyke, enjoying the view, maybe taking a few photos and then strolling into the pub sited up there.
But Bill confessed that he didn't really feel up to it.
But it has been me who has spent the evening asleep on the sofa.

Maybe it was the long hours in the shop that tired me out.
Now that we are closing you just can't keep people away and they arrive at closing time, wanting to browse.
So for almost 9 hours I have been at the desk, writing and wrapping.

Roger feels that I should view hours in the shop as "work" and not a chosen path in life, a hobby.
On that basis almost any activity is work .
I no longer spend much time being active in the community - but have never viewed being on a committee or timekeeping at an athletics meeting as work; even though these things take up a lot of time and sometimes create a certain amount of stress wondering if I could achieve all that I felt I should do.
I wonder if Roger views being curator of the village museum as work.
I see "work" as a means to an end - in my case it was always the way I knew best to keep the family funds solvent, even though I would always have much rather not be doing it.
Others may see it as a means to boost their position in life.
I suppose some are happy to have an employer give some structure to life and provide activities and a social life. Bill did reflect when he retired that he might be missing these things.
But fortunately the freedom of life without "work" has continued to give Bill most of these benefits.
Sorry - I have just used my general blog to muse on an answer to Roger's comment.
I wonder what others think.

Anyway - whether I view it as "work" or a hobby, there is no doubt that I have worked hard at Rocking Horse today - and almost entirely for the benefit of others. It certainly wasn't to boost the family funds today.
Each one of us sold today - but I had only 2 small sales today.
Having said that I should add that during the last week many of my things have been sold - hooray!
That will save us "work" at the end of the month.

This evening 5 bunches of flowers arrived from our friends at the athletics club.
The card was addressed to both of us.
I can only assume that somebody decided that we had had more than enough of our fair share of bad luck spells just recently.
I have just heard Terry Pratchett (very successful author and recently diagnosed with Alzheimers) on the radio - he described such a spell as we have had as a "Clapham Junction" period of life!
Bless him - Bill had the work of dealing with the flowers whilst I dozed. I am not sure if they can all stay indoors. Lilies are beautiful but the scent disturbs me.
I am not sure if I shall feel fit enough to be a timekeeper at the Open meeting tomorrow.
Perhaps I should stay away with excuses of my continued pain to feel like I justified receiving the flowers!
I have ached a lot as the day has progressed - and mostly I was sitting still. But that chair behind the desk is in dire need of replacing - except of course that it won't be now.

Right, I wasn't going to ramble write so aimlessly. Sitting here doing very little beats making the effort to climb the stairs and deal with night "wee" bags and so on.
But I must get on with it and continue to sleep.
Tomorrow or the next day maybe we will have a lunch time meal out to celebrate Bill's birthday and to enjoy being here in this world, despite what has been thrown at us recently.

Well, I must draw this "Clapham Junction" of a day to a close.

Monday, May 19, 2008


19th May Always look on the bright side.....

We woke up fairly late - about half past seven.
The noise from the front garden was loud and joyful as the starlings (parents and babies) greedily enjoyed their breakfast.
The woodpecker popped in and out of the scene too.
There were many of the smaller birds, sparrows, tits - and also a pair of goldfinches.

I wonder if the sounds gladdened the heart of another local resident.
As Bill made a cup of tea I saw the fox sitting in front of the bushes across the field, warming himself in the sunshine.
His head went every which way as birds flew overhead. He knew that some would make a good breakfast, but he didn't seem to know how to actually catch them.
He was well and truly tantalised.

Bill used all the powers of his camera to get these shots. Foxy must have been 40 or 50 yards away from our bedroom window.
Soon it was time to be downstairs and to prepare breakfast.
I often open a tin of fruit for breakfast time (can't have much fresh fruit anymore) and today I took myself to Thailand for a luscious fruity meal of rambutans.

Here are rambutans growing on a tree.

And here are fingers breaking open the case - a glorious red with soft spikes.
The rambutan has a stone inside.
My tinned ones had the stone removed and a piece of pineapple in its place.
After breakfast I worked at wrapping.
I have to tell you it was hard work because I wasn't feeling very good - and it was mostly my fault.
How many times must you hear me bemoaning the fact that I had succumbed to the lure of some bread? Yesterday I enjoyed a smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich.
I have paid the price!
We were in Rocking Horse after lunch for a while - not that I had any lunch.
There was such a happy atmosphere, despite the sadness and disbelief we all feel.
Joy and Peter were talking to reporters - who had a video camera and a still camera to record the end of an era.
Later those of us that were there - Bill and me, Jo, Karin, Kate, Ian joined Joy and Peter for some shots outside the building to match a photograph of the staff of the original general stores that had been there 100 years ago.

Here is Peter being interviewed and filmed.
I will pass on details of where to see the film clip on a website when I know.
Before leaving Ardingly we did something I should have done ages ago. We visited the fairly new delicatessen shop.
I bought some mango chutney and another chutney labelled as chilli and plum jam. Then I discovered the gluten free sausages - we bought 4 for dinner this evening; they were good and meaty. Bill bought a small piece of Ashdown Forest cheese.
Then we hurried home so that I could send invoices to people who had successfully bid for my books - 10 of the relisted items have sold today. That's good.
I am now going to allow a customer to add a few lines to this blog - his words just made me feel so good. Some people think I spend time needlessly on wrapping and communicating as much as I do. I just know that I want to be the very best seller that I can be - even if I don't make all that much profit.
Well, what can I say? Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write such an extensive, personal and informative message. It is by far the longest, most comprehensive, and certainly the best I have received in all the time I have been a member of eBay. You covered all aspects of the transaction very well, including the option/requirement to keep costs down via postal charges. All in all you are a very refreshing change, I applaud and appreciate your efforts very much indeed. Your kind and fast feedback is also very welcome, thank you, and creates the icing on the cake to a great eBay experience. I certainly hope that I will be able to equal this latter action, because you have certainly guaranteed a glowing response from me, immediately after taking delivery of the cards.
OK - I am showing off! But after all the "could do better" comments on school reports it feels good to know that I have got something right.
We know that Ruby car has been assessed and that the engineer has arranged to have it taken from its Queensferry to some other place. We don't have the facts but instinct told Bill that he was being half told that we won't be seeing Ruby again.
We need to know so that we can organise the purchase of Sammy the Silver!
Bill has been contacted by a medical person who will recommend that Bill get some physiotherapy at the expense of the Land Rover's insurance company. I must wait for ribs to heal before I have that pleasure.
I guess they are healing slowly. I still get a lot of pain when I move. But it does feel much easier these days if I sit still.
I shall enjoy a cup of tea very soon.
I shall sleep early and then get ready for the penultimate Tuesday in the shop.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


18th May. Sunday.

Strange sort of day.
We have battled on to make this like a normal Sunday, but it hasn't felt like one really and we both feel very tired and brains feel scrambled.

I was awake during the night with hiccoughs - odd word.... why isn't it hiccups?
Apparently it is medically known as synchronous diaphramatic flutter.
However it is called or spellt, it was a bother.
It made my upper chest hurt badly - the same pain I described to ambulance men on the road from Mold.

The skies were brighter today than yesterday - but the winds from the north east were cold.
We ended up at Horley because Pease Pottage organisers had feared further rain and cancelled the boot sale.
It was crowded at Horley and items of interest were few.
We spent less than £6 between us.

So we decided to try our luck again at the first of the Blindley Heath boot sales which start at 1 o'clock.
It was hard work on the uneven ground of a sloping field.
We spent a little more - but maybe have less things worth having.
But we did buy a few plants - I look forward to the pink flowering "tumbling Ted" trailing over the walls of the raised garden in the back.

We were both quite hungry by the time we got home - so I quickly peeled some potatoes and put together a meal; it was a mid afternoon dinner.
But it sort of upset the body clock I think - this is feeling like a very long evening!

I have just watched an interesting documentary about 2 families where the children have a genetic skin condition - so rare that they are almost the only people in the country with it; and it turned out that the families were related to each other somewhere back along the family tree.
The good humour of the sufferers and carers was immense - and the skin needed long hours of washing and creaming several times a day.
It was informative, and above all taught me a lesson - one I do already know of course and that is I am extremely lucky to be functioning almost normally and that I shouldn't grumble about the the very minor changes in routine that my medical history has caused.
Mind you - bet those skin suffering girls grumbled sometimes, when cameras weren't pointing at them!

And now it is almost time for bed once again.
I must make sure I sit up straight to drink water during the night - I must avoid those hiccoughs or SDF's as the medics would say.
I am more or less sitting up all night to sleep to avoid crushing ribs, but I do tend to slide down my pile of pillows.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


17th May Saturday in monkland

Here is John, home from school yesterday, wearing the hat he had made.

I don't have a picture of Jessica because yesterday she had to be picked up from school early, suffering from a sickness bug.
It didn't last long and she has been much better today.

I have made an effort to be much better too.
It was silly to allow such a lot of negativity to creep into my life as a result of one bad experience, which actually in the vast panoply of experiences people face was not such a tragedy.
It was a frightening nuisance! A painful nuisance too! But nothing worse than that.

The weather is also a nuisance - but all in all not as bad as predicted.
And it is improving.

This morning we went to Ardingly so that Bill could sort out the farm collection in his cabinet for a potential customer.
Bill has left a message on the man's answerphone and maybe he will contact us at the shop on Tuesday morning.
The shop was full of people for a time whilst we were there.
Bill and I have sold every day - sold at knock down prices. On Tuesday I dragged a small table out of the garage, which we had used indoors for a while. It had sunk in our estimation to nothing more than a shelf for a box of potatoes, so it mattered not really how much we got for it. In fact we got £4 and also more space in the garage.

Today of course has been Cup Final Day. The football FA Cup Final is one of those sporting fixtures which get noticed by almost everybody, whether they are sports fans or not.
This year gave us a match between 2 football clubs who are not up there with the superstars.
I saw much of the match - whilst doing the vegetables and things. I had no particular loyalty and would have been content with either side winning. Porstmouth were the favourites and the place is quite close to home and a bit familiar to me. I spent my first ever holiday there, aged about 5 - it was the place where I first experienced staying up until gone midnight!
But, oh the stirrings of the heart as the Welsh national anthem rang out for Cardiff.
It was a close match - and Portsmouth won, by a lucky goal.

I had a few things finishing on EBay this afternoon - 6 books which had been listed before; two of them sold. I think the remainder will have to join books in boxes waiting to be taken to car boot sales.
One book that will definitely be sold is Orlando the Marmalade Cat (I mentioned it yesterday) - the bidding is now up to over £19 and there is over a week to go.

Bill and I have been discussing the car boot sale prospects for the morning. It has rained very little really - it wouldn't be too wet to go to Pease Pottage again. But maybe it would be good to see somewhere different - Dorking and Horley. The afternoon sales at Blindley Heath start tomorrow. I would normally choose to go - but the field there is sloping and uneven and I might not be feeling strong enough, though I would have my walking stick with me; useful for me is that stick - for walking and perhaps for pushing rival buyers out of the way!

Well, time for the evening cup of tea.
I hope people who have been to weddings today have enjoyed themselves - whether it be the Royal family at Windsor or the village folk of Market Lavington.

Friday, May 16, 2008


16th May. A joyful visitor amongst the dullness

I will begin today with a visitor who brings us joy - and he (and this one is a male) seems quite delighted with the arrangement too.

Here is "our" elegant great spotted woodpecker. We don't know where the birds nest, but often hear the tap tap tapping of beaks amongst the trees at the back of the house.

We rarely see two of them together in the front garden but they are with us for spells throughout the day from early in the morning, when we hear the characteristic call as Woody hangs onto the trunk of Solly's tree and pecks eagerly at the fat blocks we put out for them.

The greedy starlings love the fat blocks too and take advantage of the woodpecker's absences.
The starlings have the babies feeding with them now.

Apart from the woodpecker the day has felt dull - in weather and activities.
I have been in some pain today and have not felt like pushing myself.
Bill has done rather better. This morning he walked into town and bought some flowers to put on his parents' grave and to tidy things up there. He walked home, calling in at his sister's house and having a cup of tea with our brother in law, Roger.
He came home with an aching knee - maybe part of his ongoing problems, but maybe also a result of the knock on the knee he got during the accident.

After lunch we had more forms to deal with from the solicitor - 4 large envelopes plopped through the letterbox this morning.
Of course, being dense, we needed to query a few things about what was required of us.
Basically I have to give permission for my medical records to be accessed.

There has been no news of course of the activities of Mr Turner Bone. We presume he has been to see Ruby today.

I described 6 more books this morning and they have been listed. I am working through a pile of books about the history of Liverpool that I bought for 10p each. They are attracting interest.
But the book which has the most watchers - and a bidder is Orlando (the marmalade cat) and his magic carpet. It is a first edition and already has 15 people watching and hopefully some of them will bid later on. It is potentially worth about £100, though I hardly expect that.

I have bids on 3 Crawley - Brighton Road postcards - I think I might have to spend a lot of money to get them. I know my limits - but then after I lose postcards I would dearly like to have, I regret my careful ways with money. I think I shall have to have the one with the airship over Brighton Road.

The dullness in the air, in the day and in my brain are making me feel very tired.
Tomorrow we have to go over to the shop and maybe this can put some spark back in me.
Somebody is interested in all Bill's remaining farm animals and other metal figures and so Bill must work out a good and fair price. Whilst we are in Ardingly we can get tickets for the South of England Show at half price - because of our attachment to the village through the shop.
We have not been to the show for very many years and will look forward to it at the beginning of June.
On Monday we will be back at the shop again because the local newspaper want to make a video, which will be shown on their website.
What a treat is in store for you as we appear with our friends in Rocking Horse.

Dinner is cooking in the oven.
After our meal I shall try to chill out a bit and relax before yet another early night - sleeping sitting up still. I tried to lie on my side last night, but my ribs couldn't stand it for long.

Have a good weekend.
Bye for now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


15th May A long and winding road.

All morning!

Yes, we were involved in dealings concerning the accident all morning.
It is a long and winding road we travel - sometimes forwards and then suddenly we are thrust into reverse.

The solicitor (on the phone) went though everything connected with any injuries and trauma. We must sort out the phone bill at the end of the month so that we can charge for all the phone calls we have made.
I shall have to see an independent doctor at some point - not for some weeks yet. That doctor has to wait whilst the people I have seen - A&E at Bangor and the local GP send off a report of my visits.
The solicitor will arrange for Bill to be assessed by a physiotherapist. I may also have this - but not until the ribs are healed.
Just a thought .....I wonder if I can claim for the embarrassment of not being able to wear a bra! It really gets to feeling too uncomfortable after about an hour, so I have given up for a while.
I have to say I have felt quite a bit better today - not so disorientated, more in control.
I think the world looks better without tramadol, although the solicitor said that I was describing symptoms very common after an accident.

Then Bill made inquiries about the engineer's report on our car. The insurance company still had heard nothing.
Bill told the Ins Co that he had been advised about the charges for recovery, storage and disposal of the car and he was asked to send off a copy.
Then, out of politeness Bill responded to that communication from the people who have the car in their pound. He told them not to worry, they would get their money from the Ins Co as soon as they have heard from the engineer who inspected the car last week.
Then came the bombshell - nobody has, in fact, been to inspect the car.
We were angry!
So, Bill phoned the Ins Co back and asked what is going on. He was polite of course and after a long pause when the person at the other end left him to go and make inquiries, he was given the name of somebody who would look at poor Ruby tomorrow.
The person had better have got that information right.
Somehow it all seemed a bit far fetched when he learned that the engineer was Mr Jack Turner Bone.

Just adding that I have searched for Turner Bone on the internet and am pleased to announce that Mr Jack Arthur Turner Bone is a graduate of the association of Independent Motor Assessors.
Not just a member like lots of those listed - but a graduate; only the best for our Ruby!

The news that we have been waiting eagerly, but in vain, for information set my anxiety off again - shallow breathing, knotted stomach etc.

There was nothing else we could do today.

This afternoon we went to Lidls for some shopping. It has tired me out. Maybe the outbreak of anxiety has caused me to feel very tired again.

I hurt this evening and a while spent dozing was a welcome relief. It looks like I shall have another early night.

Do have a look at Jamie's family blog - many episodes of family life and their recent trip to Chumphon are featured with many pictures.
Jamie's Blog

Well, time to organise bedtime. Goodnight.
And honestly, despite my moans, I do truly realise we that are so much better off than millions of others in the world - particularly we think of the major disasters in Burma and China. But each day there are so many stories of heartbreak and tragedy throughout the world and we are lucky not to be included amongst them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


14th May. It goes on and on and on........

It is Wednesday afternoon - another day of pain and troubles!

So, what could be nicer than sorting some pictures of our sons and grandchildren?

This photo is an old one - taken on Katya's birthday, last October. She is now more than seven and a half. Liz gave us a disc of photos she has taken during the last few months.

This week was the start of the new school year in Thailand. Jessica has moved into the Junior School. She is in the English speaking school.
She will be seven in July.

Little John is ready for his first full days at school. He is not yet three and a half. He attends the Thai speaking school, just as Jessica did at first.
He needs to become more fluent in Thai.

Ashley walks home from school with Katya, through the attractive and interesting buildings of the university. There are good views over the town from there to the hills on the other side.

Jamie has a laugh with his children.
Now - what do I have to laugh about? Not much really! Oh woe is me!
I have now seen a GP - a doctor at our surgery who I have not met before. He was kind and as helpful as he could be.
The result of the appointment is that I have to accept the pain of my ribs.
I would never have thought it could be so bad.
But I wish he could have accepted the significance of side effects of the drug tramadol. He was rather non committal about tramadol, but seemed happy for me to use my stored up Co-Proxamol.
Here is a list of known side effects of the drug - I have starred the ones I have noticed.
Disturbances of the gut such as diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain *
Dizziness *
Drowsiness *
Headache *
Awareness of your heartbeat (palpitations) *
Increased heart rate (tachycardia)
A drop in blood pressure that occurs when going from lying down to sitting or standing, which results in dizziness and lightheadedness (postural hypotension) *
Skin reactions such as rash and itch *
Blurred vision *
Dry mouth
False perceptions of things that are not really there (hallucinations) *
Confusion *
Changes in mood *
Slow, shallow breathing (respiratory depression) *
Muscle weakness *
Difficulty passing urine

I think the doctor should have acknowledged these things. He even suggested that I should ask a hospital doctor for a brain scan because of the increased headaches, which is a side effect on the list.

I have been talking to Jo about tramadol. She was put on it after her accident, on the same day as ours. She has had no other drug to intermingle with it like I have, but knew something was wrong and after 10 days determined to stop the drug and then noticed bad effects of withdrawal symptoms.

She commented that I have expressed things on the blog that she has felt herself.

I will not take it any more - trouble is really bad pain has you reaching for anything to ease it.

The one positive result of my appointment is that I have had my first B12 injection. These will be every 3 months.

The paperwork and phone calls continue - and there are so many agencies dealing with our case. Bill is never sure who has instigated what.

He has talked with the solicitor today and they are wondering why they have not received a form back from me about my injuries. Well, they didn't send one.

They will probably get an independent doctor to see me after about 8 weeks. Hopefully my pains will have eased a lot by then.

The insurance company have not yet received the engineer's report about poor Ruby (the car). The insurance people think the engineer is being rather slow. But he has to itemise every bit of damage and calculate the parts and labour costs for putting each thing right - and hopefully will then decided that repair costs would be too much.

Bill has been looking up how much a replacement car of the same age would cost us - because this is the amount that the insurance company ought to pay out. He will also contact our local Citroen garage to ask how much they could sell one to us for. We have to do this because the insurance company will perhaps try to get away with paying us less than they ought.

We got an advice note today from the car pound, explaining the costs of recovering the car from the hedge, the daily storage charge and then the costs of disposal. These have been copied and sent to the insurance company.

It seems to be never ending.

And so, I guess, does this blog. Sorry! My next task must be to write a heartfelt account of my injuries, effects, trauma etc and how it is made worse by all my recent history. This will go to the solicitor, who will then seek some compensation. I am not into all this compensation grabbing really - but then, when it come to the point, £3,000 would be very useful. Jo suggests that is about what I might get.

Right - Bill has made the mid afternoon cup of tea. I will stop and drink it. I shall be glad later on that I have written the blog this afternoon - my evenings have been disappearing in a haze of exhaustion and confusion.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


13th May Coping with a rocking horse.

Grandma just doesn't feel good.
Of course the ribs hurt - but why do I feel so rotten in other ways?

Today was busy in the shop. If Kate hadn't come in for a brief visit I might have gone to pieces over the large amount of sales to one buyer.
It is just not like me not to be able to cope.
I was so grateful to Kate for her help.

Late Bill came back and his presence got me through the sorting of the money. We didn't get away till almost 6 o'clock.

All I want to do right now is go to bed.

Tomorrow I shall see the GP. I have some doubts about how much they can help beyond some sympathy for cracked ribs.
If this is an endocrinology problem that has flared up then the local doctor will not feel in a position to make decisions when I have a specialist dealing with those things.

I want my life back. Just how many times have I been thinking that during the last year or so?

Good night. I hope to offer you more joy and contentment tomorrow.

Monday, May 12, 2008


12th May. Woe is me.

I can't write much this evening.
The pain takes over sometimes.
It has affected me all day - making me feel quite unwell at times.
Bill has filled in the forms for the solicitor as best he can. We still don't have enough information really - no news of the fate of the car.
We can claim for a variety of expenses, but as we are dealing with a legal team I am wondering what I might be able to get for the pain and trauma of all this.
I certainly feel physically and mentally knocked back to Square One.
We shall see.
I have done a little describing of books today - I began with some enthusiasm, but soon I was floundering.
Bill has been out to find a time switch so that the washing machine can do its work during the night, when it is cheaper and indeed more convenient for us.
He now has it fixed to the wall and all is in working order.
My blood test hurt today - made me want to cry!
There are things in the car ready to take to the shop - I keep finding things that we might as well try to pass on very cheaply.
I want to do my duty at the shop. We shall see how I am.
Sorry to whinge and moan.
I shall go to bed soon - to snuggle under the duvet, covered with one of the kingsized ones we bought on Anglesey at the car boot sale. Three duvet covers and 6 pillow cases for £5 was indeed a good bargain.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


11th May Looking back to Colwyn Bay and today in Monkland

Today I look back to lunch in Colwyn Bay.
Wetherspoon's has converted a cinema; there are tables on several levels.
It proved hard to photograph, because flash was needed; this lit up the foreground and left the background looking black.

The exterior.

A poster for what appears to be two cinemas within the building.

Katya admires the mural covering the back wall of the upper balcony where we were sitting.

Ashley and Bill.

Grandma and Katya - both pretty in pink!

Just a picture of Grandad - he looks gentle and kind; that's the man I married!
Today has given us lovely weather, although the wind got up a bit later this afternoon.
Despite my pains we went to the car boot sale at Pease Pottage. I held onto my ribs and Bill held onto the bags.
There were very many stalls and it took a long time to walk round; especially as we were greeted by so many people that we know.
I bought loads of books, which have been entered into my stock file; but goodness knows when I shall get round to describing them to sell.
The prize title for novelty value today is "Muck Shifting for King George." - sub-titled "The Bulldozer Goes to War".
I got back feeling exhausted and hurting.
I took 2 co-proxamol tablets and began to feel somewhat easier. Why oh why must these pain killers be withdrawn? They work for me and cause no ill effects.
Anyway I have been saving them up for dire emergency time and have decided that this is that time.
But I have to ration them and so this evening I have taken Tramodol again.
The pain is bad and I feel a bit shivery and my head aches - this has been happening since the accident.
Bill has been in the shop this afternoon. I asked him to take in a small Lloyd Loom linen basket that I bought this morning. Guess what? He has sold it already!
Ruth and Felix came round this afternoon after a session at the swimming pool. We had drinks out in the garden.
She gave me the news that Dede has returned to Madagascar until much closer to the time when the second baby is due.
Liz has been doing the Race for Life today to raise money for cancer research - a subject obviously very close to my heart.
I am sure it must have been a good experience and I shall get some sponsorship money to her this week.
Well, time for bed soon. Goodnight.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


10th May Ashley, Liz, Ekatarina and a carrot!

I am doing the blog earlier today - before I get too tired.

I share with you pictures of Katya (Ekatarina), Ashley and Liz taken last weekend.
Oh - and then there is a picture of a carrot!

We bought the rose hair band in Colwyn Bay,

Congratulations Grandma! I have 2 rather happy pictures of Ashley with his beautiful daughter. Ashley doesn't enjoy having his picture taken.

Katya admires the blubells in a neighbour's front garden.

Liz grows a great deal more than bluebells in front of the house and she encourages the birds to visit.
On Monday morning she went out for a tidy in the sunshine.
The picture also shows her interesting and exciting hair colours.

All the plants are grown in containers.

This carrot gave us some merriment and was not cut up to accompany the roast dinner.
Remember - you can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you want.
And now for today's news - very little actually.
I am lazing at home, feeling a bit sorry for myself. I have been reading about cracked ribs on the internet. It seems that pain can continue for 4 to 6 weeks and it is acknowledged to be the bad experience that I am feeling.
Some people also get nausea and tiredness, as I have done.
Bill is at the track working hard for the County Championships.
It is hot and quite muggy.
Frieda came round this morning. Her grandson has been ill for seemingly many months (more than a year) and this week there has been a diagnosis of Crohn's disease. He is only 28. But having family and friends with this condition, I could tell her that, although there will be problems for him, it can be managed and should not be life threatening. He may have to have surgery. From what she said he may well be on Buckland ward (my ward) and therefore is in the best possible place.
I have prepared vegetables for tonight's roast dinner - no amusing carrots this week!
I am not sure when Bill will be home - could be by about half past six.
I was going to spend time describing more books, but so far have failed to get started. I think I need a drink and a lie down.
Bye for now.

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