Saturday, May 10, 2008


10th May Ashley, Liz, Ekatarina and a carrot!

I am doing the blog earlier today - before I get too tired.

I share with you pictures of Katya (Ekatarina), Ashley and Liz taken last weekend.
Oh - and then there is a picture of a carrot!

We bought the rose hair band in Colwyn Bay,

Congratulations Grandma! I have 2 rather happy pictures of Ashley with his beautiful daughter. Ashley doesn't enjoy having his picture taken.

Katya admires the blubells in a neighbour's front garden.

Liz grows a great deal more than bluebells in front of the house and she encourages the birds to visit.
On Monday morning she went out for a tidy in the sunshine.
The picture also shows her interesting and exciting hair colours.

All the plants are grown in containers.

This carrot gave us some merriment and was not cut up to accompany the roast dinner.
Remember - you can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you want.
And now for today's news - very little actually.
I am lazing at home, feeling a bit sorry for myself. I have been reading about cracked ribs on the internet. It seems that pain can continue for 4 to 6 weeks and it is acknowledged to be the bad experience that I am feeling.
Some people also get nausea and tiredness, as I have done.
Bill is at the track working hard for the County Championships.
It is hot and quite muggy.
Frieda came round this morning. Her grandson has been ill for seemingly many months (more than a year) and this week there has been a diagnosis of Crohn's disease. He is only 28. But having family and friends with this condition, I could tell her that, although there will be problems for him, it can be managed and should not be life threatening. He may have to have surgery. From what she said he may well be on Buckland ward (my ward) and therefore is in the best possible place.
I have prepared vegetables for tonight's roast dinner - no amusing carrots this week!
I am not sure when Bill will be home - could be by about half past six.
I was going to spend time describing more books, but so far have failed to get started. I think I need a drink and a lie down.
Bye for now.