Friday, May 09, 2008


9th May Will it be the silver Berlingo?

It is Friday evening - over a week since the car accident.
I am still hurting lots and yet again by this hour I am feeling exhausted and weak.
And there is still so much paperwork to be done - needing lots of patience because it is all dealt with very slowly.

Before I share with you the events of today I will show a few pictures of Mold (Welsh: Yr Wyddgrug).
It is a small market town which we enjoyed visiting at lunchtime before setting off for the North Wales coast - and a meeting with a Land Rover!

You will need to click on this picture to read the historical details about the church; and for those that have not seen much of the Welsh language you might be interested to see how awkward it appears to be for the English speaker.

The view from the churchyard looking down the High Street, where street markets are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the distance are the gentle hills of East Wales, close to the border with England.
This is the area of my Welsh ancestors.

One of the hostelries of Mold - not the one we ate in.
One day we may well return.
This morning we took the Ford Focus car hired last Friday in Llandudno to the Avis car hire centre at Gatwick Airport. It was good to have our bus passes and to be able to travel back home for nothing.
This afternoon we drove our large KIA 4x4 to Tates, the local Citroen dealer.
We have no news yet about when (and if) we are able to buy a replacement for Ruby, but Bill wanted to take a look at the one we were told about - the Iron Grey Berlingo.
After we had looked, we talked with the sales manager and as we talked I saw another couple looking at it.
"Bother" I said "it could be that we will lose it as we wait for the assessor's report"
The sales manager thought he could still sort us out a good deal.
The demo car he is driving is about 6 weeks old and has done 900 miles. It has everything we want. But he explained that in theory the reps are supposed to keep the demo cars for at least 3 months, but as the manager, he could probably arrange to let this one go, although it wouldn't officially be in our name until the right amount of time had elapsed. If asked we would be required to say it is on loan from Tates for a few weeks - oh, and not to share the arrangement with other people. So, you haven't been told!
It is a light silver colour.
We love it already!
So now we just have to wait.
Bill was busy this afternoon, cutting the lawns.
I have relisted over 20 items that failed to sell in earlier outings on EBay. One has a bid already this time.
I have had a letter from the endocrinologist at the hospital - a copy of one sent to the GP. I am glad now, that I already have an appointment for Wednesday because I want to discuss this letter.
The consultant has asked for the B12 injections to begin and advised both me and the doctor to cut back on the sodium bicarbonate because sodium levels are going a bit high.
I was also sent another blood test form. That will be done on Monday.
I am really regretting that the best option for me tomorrow is to miss the County Championships. It is the highlight of the year for most of the athletes and it always feels good to be a part of it.
But maybe the drugs and the pain would stop me being a good timekeeper and I wouldn't want to be a liability.
I will stay home and rest. Maybe I will get some describing done for EBay - it would be good to have some new things to list next week.
It is time now for a drink and then time for bed. I have already dozed off for a while - watching a music programme on BBC 4 with folk music from both sides of The Atlantic.
Have a good weekend. Goodnight.