Wednesday, May 07, 2008


7th May Floating through the haze.

I had hoped to share some photos with you this evening.
But I am now too tired.

Last evening I got tremendously tired and in awful pain and escaped to bed by quarter to nine.

This morning we were back in the shop again and we were busy - a page of sales before lunchtime is good.
Bill and I had taken more things in and these needed to find a space. Before we left home we took the 3 Rowland Hilder pictures from our wall in the lounge and they are now on a shop wall - it is time for them to move on, if possible. I have found I have not walked into the room this afternoon and noticed their absence.

But then I am not noticing very much. The pain killers are undoubtedly affecting me - I am very sleepy and tending to hallucinate a bit, but frankly I prefer that to the pain.

In the shop we were chatting with some people and the man had suffered cracked ribs twice in his life - he suggested that it can take a couple of months to heal, which is longer than I hoped. He also commented about the intense pain, which at least made me feel I am not being a wimp!

When we got back from the shop I had to continue being busy - there were lots of EBay sales. I sent off the invoices and then collapsed onto the sofa, feeling like I might pass out and with my mind creating weird images.

One sale surpassed all others. It seems I am not the only person with children who loved the Kind Dog books.
The selling price was utter madness for a flimsy paperback with 48 pages - £33.78!!!!
And the under bidder has been in touch about her distraught 6 year old son who desperately wanted the book too. She had bid £32 herself.
She asked if we could copy the pages and send her the book in that form.
This we have done for her.

Actually Bill has done it. He has done so much for me. He wrapped all the parcels today.
What would I do without him?

We have no further news of the car situation. I don't think we will hear the fate of Ruby until about Monday. So we can do nothing until then.

Tomorrow should be a rest day - but there will be more payments to deal with and parcels to be posted and we had better get some food supplies in.
Bill has to go to the dentist.

Well, I might make it until 10 o'clock tonight before bed time. We hope for a better night. I had a leaking bag to deal with last night - the second in the space of 8 hours. I really could do without that.

The weather has been wonderful - blessings can be found.