Tuesday, May 06, 2008


6th May. Last glimpses of Ruby - probably.

So, fare thee well Ruby!
You are shortly to be taken away to create scrap metal.

Ekatarina christened the car Ruby the red; that was after Bertie the Blue that we had before.

The first 3 pictures were taken at the scene of the accident and the next 3 were taken in the car pound at Queensferry.

The back door cannot be opened and the side doors cannot be closed properly.
The roof has some damage

I am not sure how well this shows the front seats - pushed from vertical to an angle leaning back.
It does show Bill's licorice allsorts scattered over the car floor!
Today we moved on to the next stage of sorting things. We have hired the car for another 2 weeks, though possibly it can be returned before then.
Bill will wait for further information before putting in all the details - maybe tomorrow.
The assessor will view our Ruby tomorrow.
Bill has already contacted the garage where we bought Ruby and asked about Berlingo deals - yes, we still like them. I really don't like being in a low car now like the Ford Focus we have now, although it is a smooth drive.
In June a new Berlingo is being launched which may help us to get a good deal on the last of the older style ones.
They have a good price for an ex demo car with air con. It is Iron Grey pearlescent ready to go. It is not a colour I had considered but it seems it is a slightly shiny dark silver and may well be suitable.
Maybe it could be Sammy the Silver!
All the paperwork seems complicated, but Bill is able to work through things calmly.
I woke up in rotten pain this morning. But we were committed to a morning in the shop. I sat almost all the time and it took a long time to write up all our sales for last week. Hooray - maybe the amount we have to take out will be much reduced.
Mind you we will take more stuff tomorrow, which we are doing for Jo who is in Scotland.
She phoned today to see how I was and pointed out that she, also, felt a lot of nausea after beginning the tramodol after her accident last Thursday. I think I will persevere with them because they do ease the pain a bit.
Amazing that we two, with the same birthdays, should have accidents on the same day - mine in a car and hers out on a walk.
The weather has been glorious today - just beginning to get warm now with a clear blue sky. Long may it last.
I shall be off to bed early once again - after more pain killers.