Sunday, May 04, 2008


4th May I am cracked - ribs not head.

Sunday - late afternoon.

I wrote no blog yesterday - my evening was spent at Bangor hospital. I was in such pain and I felt the need of confirmation that I had, indeed, got cracked ribs.
There was quite a delay but I have that confirmation now and some extra strong pain killers.
I will return to the hospital episode later.

I got up in the morning determined to make the best of things and to enjoy activities with Ecky.
We went to Benllech for the 2 car boot sales - in adjacent fields!
To be honest there was not a great deal to buy, well, not unless you were a 7 year old girl.
I bought almost nothing to sell on. But I am very pleased with with 3 king sized duvet covers, each with a matching pair of pillow cases for £5. They are all different, but basically in terra cotta type colours.
We returned home to clear up the house a bit and the we went to Colwyn Bay. I have been to this faded Victorian seaside town a couple of times now, but have not yet seen the Bay itself. The town is a little inland really with the main road and railway line separating it from the Colwyn Bay, the beach.
Our first job was to eat, gathering together our money off vouchers for Wetherspoon's meals. Wetherspoons is housed in an old cinema and the eating tables are on several levels. We had a table in the high gallery, looking down on everybody. We had curry meals, which were of course tasty, whilst not being too hot and spicy.
Then we looked round charity shops.
I was hurting a lot, but determined to continue for Ecky and Ashley's sake.
I bought some more clothes - a summer jacket etc.
Ecky continued to do well out of the day - children's books were 5 for a pound in one shop.
Books were in an upstairs room with chairs - thank goodness, I thought.
I began to chat with a girl/young woman reading books next to me. She told me she loved books and soon was telling me lots about her family and her life.
I told her that Ecky was writing a book - using the pink book I had bought her the day before.
"So I am" said Stevie, our companion, and whipped out a purple book just like Ecky's pink one.
She had started the writing and drawn portraits of her main characters at the back.
Ecky seemed very pleased to find that even quite grown up people live and think like she does - Stevie was 17 and had studs through her bottom lip! A bit of a hippy character I guess.
We have a web site for her blog about books.
We looked at animals in the pet shop - Jamie and Mam will be amazed to learn that geckos, quite ordinary looking ones, were being sold for £30. They run round the walls of their home for nothing,
Then we went to a real bargain shop and bought quite a few bits and pieces. I was exhausted and hurting.
The journey back hurt even more - every roundabout in the road twisted my body as the hire car went round.
I had had enough and announced I wanted to be seen by a doctor.
I thought it was important to know what was going on and to have the facts on record for the insurance companies.
The wait behind hordes of little children was said to be about 2 hours. In the event it was quite a lot longer because an ambulance brought in a badly injured motorcyclist who required all hands.
My cracked ribs were confirmed - 2 for sure, maybe 3, and then we waited for Tramadol. I have loads at home of course.
We got back to Ashley's, had a cup of tea and a small bite to eat and then went to bed. I didn't sleep at all. Bill was very restless and in the middle of the night we were sharing conversation.

This morning I felt wretched. Had I eaten too much potassium? I think I was OK there, but if the fault was not the tramadol then almost certainly it could have been the fact that I had failed to take Questran. This tends to be awkward because it should be taken a couple of hours form other medication and with the extra pain relief I needed I was not fitting it in.

Eventually I puked up.

I have slept or dozed a lot today.

Bill went with Liz to do some shopping chores in B& Q and Tescos. Ashley went to church. I stayed home with Eky where we talked about all sorts and together we wrote a poem - my experience with words and her superb imagination.
She described her own imagination as being like a firework rocket which explodes from a single point and then bursts into millions of ideas.

Here is our poem....

The girl made some beautiful bubbles today,
Small and shiny they floated away.
But then the girl had an enormous surprise -
The bubbles just grew to a gigantic size.
The fairies within sailed over the land,
The fairy beckoned with a wave of her hand.
The girl scrambled in for a magical flight
Over the forest, it was a wonderful sight.
Flying to fairy land, like beautiful dreams,
Fairy houses shimmering in golden sunbeams.
Till it was time to float back to her world,
Leaving the fairies resting, with their wings unfurled.

We are now waiting for delivery of a Chinese take away. I shall have king prawn rice and very little else.

I shall need an early night for sure.

Tomorrow we travel back home.