Friday, May 02, 2008


2nd May The beginnings of the aftermath

Tired out!
I didn't get enough sleep last night. Guess what I was driving through the countryside in a car every time I shut my eyes. There were no crashes, but the views through the windows were weird.
But after a night propped up in bed I felt less pain.
But now the pain has increased in intensity a great deal. I still feel that maybe there is at least one cracked rib - but nobody does anything for that these days. Jo told me that they don't even bother to XRay.
Happily Bill doesn't seem to have the pain that I have. He was thrown backwards as his seat gave way whilst I was thrown more forward.
The day began with lots of phone calls and the mechanics of sorting out the aftermath of a crash are beginning to fall into place.
Bill and Pete drove back along the A55, almost to Chester to find poor old Ruby the Red (as Ecky called the car) lying, terminally ill in a car compound. The 2 men worked hard to get everything out of the car that is ours.
The insurance company have been in touch to say that assessors would see it shortly. Pete agrees with Bill's diagnosis that the car is a write off.
On the way back they called in at Llandudno Junction to pick up the hire car that Bill arranged over the phone. We have a silver Ford Focus until Wednesday - and no doubt we will have to have it for longer than that.
We have been told that the driver of the car who hit us has admitted complete liability.
There is something strange about the woman that we have since discovered. I phoned the couple who stopped for some time helping us - they, and the driver of the offending car live close to the scene and so the woman is known.
Apparently this the second major accident she has caused in 9 months. Apparently she has been treated for brain disorders. Maybe she blacked out for a moment - there seems to have been no attempt to brake.
Even more strange is that the couple who helped us used to own the Land/Range Rover but hadn't recognised it because the colour has been changed. A local farmer pointed this out to them.
Anyway, things are falling into place.
I hope that a night still and peaceful in bed will leave my body in less pain.
This afternoon I walked up the hill to Ecky's school, some of the climb is quite steep.
We did a bit of shopping on the way back down.
Then guess who cooked a chicken roast dinner!
I want to go to bed very soon. I shall finish a cup of tea first.
Tomorrow the weather should be good and we have promised Ecky a nice day out.
I am sure this is muddly and disjointed. But I thought I would try to keep you as up to date as I can.