Thursday, May 08, 2008


8th May. Hire cars like buses.

Hire cars seem to be like buses..... you have one sorted out and then along comes another one.
At this moment we have 2 hire cars parked outside.
This morning Bill was phoned by a company who had been instructed by our insurance company to supply us with a car similar to a Berlingo.
It seems the insurance company have worked out that this is an emergency!
Last week, in fact, it was absolutely vital to have a car because we had a load of luggage and we were 300 miles from home.
Never mind, the Ford Focus will be returned to Avis in the morning. This will leave us to use the Kia 4x4. It is bigger than we need - though Bill was a bit tempted by it as our next car!
It would be a lot more expensive than a Berlingo. I know there are many manufacturers who make cars rather like the Berlingo, but it is still my favourite. But I if Bill decides that there is something else he would like then I shall go along with that.
We still have no news of Red Ruby Berlingo - the assessor has to make a report and then send it to us. Maybe we won't know until Monday.

I had, once again, thought of photos to put on the blog - Mold, Ekatarina, Colwyn Bay etc.
But honestly I am finding life very hard right now - especially by the evening.
I'll do some during tomorrow.
Though I shall probably spend a while going with Bill to take the first hire car to the Gatwick office. We can get back on the bus for free of course.

This afternoon we went to Asda - and wished we didn't have to be there. But supplies are now in for a while.
I prepared lots of vegetables - determined to make sure that I wouldn't contribute to the mountain of good food that gets thrown away every day and there were old carrots, cabbage and green beans in the fridge.
Bill decided that about 8 apples were shrivelled and old and I said there was plenty of life in them if I cooked them.

Most of my EBay things have been paid for. There was an extra sale today - somebody missed the bidding and asked to buy. Bill posted parcels after his dental appointment.

I made an appointment with the GP for next week, just in case I didn't begin to feel better and I needed further investigation. The chances are that I will cancel this appointment, but you never know.

Thank you to friends and family who have sent good wishes.