Sunday, May 18, 2008


18th May. Sunday.

Strange sort of day.
We have battled on to make this like a normal Sunday, but it hasn't felt like one really and we both feel very tired and brains feel scrambled.

I was awake during the night with hiccoughs - odd word.... why isn't it hiccups?
Apparently it is medically known as synchronous diaphramatic flutter.
However it is called or spellt, it was a bother.
It made my upper chest hurt badly - the same pain I described to ambulance men on the road from Mold.

The skies were brighter today than yesterday - but the winds from the north east were cold.
We ended up at Horley because Pease Pottage organisers had feared further rain and cancelled the boot sale.
It was crowded at Horley and items of interest were few.
We spent less than £6 between us.

So we decided to try our luck again at the first of the Blindley Heath boot sales which start at 1 o'clock.
It was hard work on the uneven ground of a sloping field.
We spent a little more - but maybe have less things worth having.
But we did buy a few plants - I look forward to the pink flowering "tumbling Ted" trailing over the walls of the raised garden in the back.

We were both quite hungry by the time we got home - so I quickly peeled some potatoes and put together a meal; it was a mid afternoon dinner.
But it sort of upset the body clock I think - this is feeling like a very long evening!

I have just watched an interesting documentary about 2 families where the children have a genetic skin condition - so rare that they are almost the only people in the country with it; and it turned out that the families were related to each other somewhere back along the family tree.
The good humour of the sufferers and carers was immense - and the skin needed long hours of washing and creaming several times a day.
It was informative, and above all taught me a lesson - one I do already know of course and that is I am extremely lucky to be functioning almost normally and that I shouldn't grumble about the the very minor changes in routine that my medical history has caused.
Mind you - bet those skin suffering girls grumbled sometimes, when cameras weren't pointing at them!

And now it is almost time for bed once again.
I must make sure I sit up straight to drink water during the night - I must avoid those hiccoughs or SDF's as the medics would say.
I am more or less sitting up all night to sleep to avoid crushing ribs, but I do tend to slide down my pile of pillows.