Tuesday, May 13, 2008


13th May Coping with a rocking horse.

Grandma just doesn't feel good.
Of course the ribs hurt - but why do I feel so rotten in other ways?

Today was busy in the shop. If Kate hadn't come in for a brief visit I might have gone to pieces over the large amount of sales to one buyer.
It is just not like me not to be able to cope.
I was so grateful to Kate for her help.

Late Bill came back and his presence got me through the sorting of the money. We didn't get away till almost 6 o'clock.

All I want to do right now is go to bed.

Tomorrow I shall see the GP. I have some doubts about how much they can help beyond some sympathy for cracked ribs.
If this is an endocrinology problem that has flared up then the local doctor will not feel in a position to make decisions when I have a specialist dealing with those things.

I want my life back. Just how many times have I been thinking that during the last year or so?

Good night. I hope to offer you more joy and contentment tomorrow.