Sunday, May 11, 2008


11th May Looking back to Colwyn Bay and today in Monkland

Today I look back to lunch in Colwyn Bay.
Wetherspoon's has converted a cinema; there are tables on several levels.
It proved hard to photograph, because flash was needed; this lit up the foreground and left the background looking black.

The exterior.

A poster for what appears to be two cinemas within the building.

Katya admires the mural covering the back wall of the upper balcony where we were sitting.

Ashley and Bill.

Grandma and Katya - both pretty in pink!

Just a picture of Grandad - he looks gentle and kind; that's the man I married!
Today has given us lovely weather, although the wind got up a bit later this afternoon.
Despite my pains we went to the car boot sale at Pease Pottage. I held onto my ribs and Bill held onto the bags.
There were very many stalls and it took a long time to walk round; especially as we were greeted by so many people that we know.
I bought loads of books, which have been entered into my stock file; but goodness knows when I shall get round to describing them to sell.
The prize title for novelty value today is "Muck Shifting for King George." - sub-titled "The Bulldozer Goes to War".
I got back feeling exhausted and hurting.
I took 2 co-proxamol tablets and began to feel somewhat easier. Why oh why must these pain killers be withdrawn? They work for me and cause no ill effects.
Anyway I have been saving them up for dire emergency time and have decided that this is that time.
But I have to ration them and so this evening I have taken Tramodol again.
The pain is bad and I feel a bit shivery and my head aches - this has been happening since the accident.
Bill has been in the shop this afternoon. I asked him to take in a small Lloyd Loom linen basket that I bought this morning. Guess what? He has sold it already!
Ruth and Felix came round this afternoon after a session at the swimming pool. We had drinks out in the garden.
She gave me the news that Dede has returned to Madagascar until much closer to the time when the second baby is due.
Liz has been doing the Race for Life today to raise money for cancer research - a subject obviously very close to my heart.
I am sure it must have been a good experience and I shall get some sponsorship money to her this week.
Well, time for bed soon. Goodnight.