Monday, May 12, 2008


12th May. Woe is me.

I can't write much this evening.
The pain takes over sometimes.
It has affected me all day - making me feel quite unwell at times.
Bill has filled in the forms for the solicitor as best he can. We still don't have enough information really - no news of the fate of the car.
We can claim for a variety of expenses, but as we are dealing with a legal team I am wondering what I might be able to get for the pain and trauma of all this.
I certainly feel physically and mentally knocked back to Square One.
We shall see.
I have done a little describing of books today - I began with some enthusiasm, but soon I was floundering.
Bill has been out to find a time switch so that the washing machine can do its work during the night, when it is cheaper and indeed more convenient for us.
He now has it fixed to the wall and all is in working order.
My blood test hurt today - made me want to cry!
There are things in the car ready to take to the shop - I keep finding things that we might as well try to pass on very cheaply.
I want to do my duty at the shop. We shall see how I am.
Sorry to whinge and moan.
I shall go to bed soon - to snuggle under the duvet, covered with one of the kingsized ones we bought on Anglesey at the car boot sale. Three duvet covers and 6 pillow cases for £5 was indeed a good bargain.