Saturday, May 17, 2008


17th May Saturday in monkland

Here is John, home from school yesterday, wearing the hat he had made.

I don't have a picture of Jessica because yesterday she had to be picked up from school early, suffering from a sickness bug.
It didn't last long and she has been much better today.

I have made an effort to be much better too.
It was silly to allow such a lot of negativity to creep into my life as a result of one bad experience, which actually in the vast panoply of experiences people face was not such a tragedy.
It was a frightening nuisance! A painful nuisance too! But nothing worse than that.

The weather is also a nuisance - but all in all not as bad as predicted.
And it is improving.

This morning we went to Ardingly so that Bill could sort out the farm collection in his cabinet for a potential customer.
Bill has left a message on the man's answerphone and maybe he will contact us at the shop on Tuesday morning.
The shop was full of people for a time whilst we were there.
Bill and I have sold every day - sold at knock down prices. On Tuesday I dragged a small table out of the garage, which we had used indoors for a while. It had sunk in our estimation to nothing more than a shelf for a box of potatoes, so it mattered not really how much we got for it. In fact we got £4 and also more space in the garage.

Today of course has been Cup Final Day. The football FA Cup Final is one of those sporting fixtures which get noticed by almost everybody, whether they are sports fans or not.
This year gave us a match between 2 football clubs who are not up there with the superstars.
I saw much of the match - whilst doing the vegetables and things. I had no particular loyalty and would have been content with either side winning. Porstmouth were the favourites and the place is quite close to home and a bit familiar to me. I spent my first ever holiday there, aged about 5 - it was the place where I first experienced staying up until gone midnight!
But, oh the stirrings of the heart as the Welsh national anthem rang out for Cardiff.
It was a close match - and Portsmouth won, by a lucky goal.

I had a few things finishing on EBay this afternoon - 6 books which had been listed before; two of them sold. I think the remainder will have to join books in boxes waiting to be taken to car boot sales.
One book that will definitely be sold is Orlando the Marmalade Cat (I mentioned it yesterday) - the bidding is now up to over £19 and there is over a week to go.

Bill and I have been discussing the car boot sale prospects for the morning. It has rained very little really - it wouldn't be too wet to go to Pease Pottage again. But maybe it would be good to see somewhere different - Dorking and Horley. The afternoon sales at Blindley Heath start tomorrow. I would normally choose to go - but the field there is sloping and uneven and I might not be feeling strong enough, though I would have my walking stick with me; useful for me is that stick - for walking and perhaps for pushing rival buyers out of the way!

Well, time for the evening cup of tea.
I hope people who have been to weddings today have enjoyed themselves - whether it be the Royal family at Windsor or the village folk of Market Lavington.