Friday, May 16, 2008


16th May. A joyful visitor amongst the dullness

I will begin today with a visitor who brings us joy - and he (and this one is a male) seems quite delighted with the arrangement too.

Here is "our" elegant great spotted woodpecker. We don't know where the birds nest, but often hear the tap tap tapping of beaks amongst the trees at the back of the house.

We rarely see two of them together in the front garden but they are with us for spells throughout the day from early in the morning, when we hear the characteristic call as Woody hangs onto the trunk of Solly's tree and pecks eagerly at the fat blocks we put out for them.

The greedy starlings love the fat blocks too and take advantage of the woodpecker's absences.
The starlings have the babies feeding with them now.

Apart from the woodpecker the day has felt dull - in weather and activities.
I have been in some pain today and have not felt like pushing myself.
Bill has done rather better. This morning he walked into town and bought some flowers to put on his parents' grave and to tidy things up there. He walked home, calling in at his sister's house and having a cup of tea with our brother in law, Roger.
He came home with an aching knee - maybe part of his ongoing problems, but maybe also a result of the knock on the knee he got during the accident.

After lunch we had more forms to deal with from the solicitor - 4 large envelopes plopped through the letterbox this morning.
Of course, being dense, we needed to query a few things about what was required of us.
Basically I have to give permission for my medical records to be accessed.

There has been no news of course of the activities of Mr Turner Bone. We presume he has been to see Ruby today.

I described 6 more books this morning and they have been listed. I am working through a pile of books about the history of Liverpool that I bought for 10p each. They are attracting interest.
But the book which has the most watchers - and a bidder is Orlando (the marmalade cat) and his magic carpet. It is a first edition and already has 15 people watching and hopefully some of them will bid later on. It is potentially worth about £100, though I hardly expect that.

I have bids on 3 Crawley - Brighton Road postcards - I think I might have to spend a lot of money to get them. I know my limits - but then after I lose postcards I would dearly like to have, I regret my careful ways with money. I think I shall have to have the one with the airship over Brighton Road.

The dullness in the air, in the day and in my brain are making me feel very tired.
Tomorrow we have to go over to the shop and maybe this can put some spark back in me.
Somebody is interested in all Bill's remaining farm animals and other metal figures and so Bill must work out a good and fair price. Whilst we are in Ardingly we can get tickets for the South of England Show at half price - because of our attachment to the village through the shop.
We have not been to the show for very many years and will look forward to it at the beginning of June.
On Monday we will be back at the shop again because the local newspaper want to make a video, which will be shown on their website.
What a treat is in store for you as we appear with our friends in Rocking Horse.

Dinner is cooking in the oven.
After our meal I shall try to chill out a bit and relax before yet another early night - sleeping sitting up still. I tried to lie on my side last night, but my ribs couldn't stand it for long.

Have a good weekend.
Bye for now.