Thursday, May 15, 2008


15th May A long and winding road.

All morning!

Yes, we were involved in dealings concerning the accident all morning.
It is a long and winding road we travel - sometimes forwards and then suddenly we are thrust into reverse.

The solicitor (on the phone) went though everything connected with any injuries and trauma. We must sort out the phone bill at the end of the month so that we can charge for all the phone calls we have made.
I shall have to see an independent doctor at some point - not for some weeks yet. That doctor has to wait whilst the people I have seen - A&E at Bangor and the local GP send off a report of my visits.
The solicitor will arrange for Bill to be assessed by a physiotherapist. I may also have this - but not until the ribs are healed.
Just a thought .....I wonder if I can claim for the embarrassment of not being able to wear a bra! It really gets to feeling too uncomfortable after about an hour, so I have given up for a while.
I have to say I have felt quite a bit better today - not so disorientated, more in control.
I think the world looks better without tramadol, although the solicitor said that I was describing symptoms very common after an accident.

Then Bill made inquiries about the engineer's report on our car. The insurance company still had heard nothing.
Bill told the Ins Co that he had been advised about the charges for recovery, storage and disposal of the car and he was asked to send off a copy.
Then, out of politeness Bill responded to that communication from the people who have the car in their pound. He told them not to worry, they would get their money from the Ins Co as soon as they have heard from the engineer who inspected the car last week.
Then came the bombshell - nobody has, in fact, been to inspect the car.
We were angry!
So, Bill phoned the Ins Co back and asked what is going on. He was polite of course and after a long pause when the person at the other end left him to go and make inquiries, he was given the name of somebody who would look at poor Ruby tomorrow.
The person had better have got that information right.
Somehow it all seemed a bit far fetched when he learned that the engineer was Mr Jack Turner Bone.

Just adding that I have searched for Turner Bone on the internet and am pleased to announce that Mr Jack Arthur Turner Bone is a graduate of the association of Independent Motor Assessors.
Not just a member like lots of those listed - but a graduate; only the best for our Ruby!

The news that we have been waiting eagerly, but in vain, for information set my anxiety off again - shallow breathing, knotted stomach etc.

There was nothing else we could do today.

This afternoon we went to Lidls for some shopping. It has tired me out. Maybe the outbreak of anxiety has caused me to feel very tired again.

I hurt this evening and a while spent dozing was a welcome relief. It looks like I shall have another early night.

Do have a look at Jamie's family blog - many episodes of family life and their recent trip to Chumphon are featured with many pictures.
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Well, time to organise bedtime. Goodnight.
And honestly, despite my moans, I do truly realise we that are so much better off than millions of others in the world - particularly we think of the major disasters in Burma and China. But each day there are so many stories of heartbreak and tragedy throughout the world and we are lucky not to be included amongst them.