Wednesday, May 21, 2008


21st May. Ruby the Red.

I am quite late this evening getting to the computer for blog writing.

We have been out at the athletics track.
I had half thought about not attending - but just as well I did for the number of timekeepers was small; there were 5 of us to deal with a high quality meeting, and 1 was very new to the timekeepers' stand and another has only recently qualified.
At one point we were down to just 4 of us to time runners for another was doing another duty.
That was during the race the starters decided to send 20 runners off to do 1500 metres.
It was a mammoth feat of concentration to get times for all the athletes.
It was Bill who took on the role of chief, but I am glad I was there to help him through it.

The major news of today is that Ruby the Red - the car abandoned in North Wales has been deemed a write off.
The insurance company have made a fair offer based on the value of the car; but we might try to push them for a little more.
The replacement - which will be the silver Berlingo registered as recently as March - will obviously cost us more than we will actually receive.
We have the hire car now until 7 days after the cheque arrives - but that could be a couple of weeks yet.
I think it is a relief to Bill to know that his own assessment of Ruby was correct and that he can now move on to organising the next motoring chapter.

Well, time for bed. I enjoyed being out this evening, amongst friends - but I do get tired easily. I spent some time asleep this afternoon.

Congratulations to Manchester United for winning through to be the best football team in Europe. We have just watched the penalty shoot out which in the end it all hinged on.
I realised in the end that I wanted Man U to win and mainly because of the likes of Ryan Giggs - loyal, hard working, not a media celebrity like many other footballers - oh and Welsh of course!
Sorry - this is probably like a foreign language for most people who look at the blog - but Jamie retains an interest in the game and watches when he can.

By the way, Jamie has put lots of school pictures of the children on the jjjjblog. Do take a look.