Monday, May 19, 2008


19th May Always look on the bright side.....

We woke up fairly late - about half past seven.
The noise from the front garden was loud and joyful as the starlings (parents and babies) greedily enjoyed their breakfast.
The woodpecker popped in and out of the scene too.
There were many of the smaller birds, sparrows, tits - and also a pair of goldfinches.

I wonder if the sounds gladdened the heart of another local resident.
As Bill made a cup of tea I saw the fox sitting in front of the bushes across the field, warming himself in the sunshine.
His head went every which way as birds flew overhead. He knew that some would make a good breakfast, but he didn't seem to know how to actually catch them.
He was well and truly tantalised.

Bill used all the powers of his camera to get these shots. Foxy must have been 40 or 50 yards away from our bedroom window.
Soon it was time to be downstairs and to prepare breakfast.
I often open a tin of fruit for breakfast time (can't have much fresh fruit anymore) and today I took myself to Thailand for a luscious fruity meal of rambutans.

Here are rambutans growing on a tree.

And here are fingers breaking open the case - a glorious red with soft spikes.
The rambutan has a stone inside.
My tinned ones had the stone removed and a piece of pineapple in its place.
After breakfast I worked at wrapping.
I have to tell you it was hard work because I wasn't feeling very good - and it was mostly my fault.
How many times must you hear me bemoaning the fact that I had succumbed to the lure of some bread? Yesterday I enjoyed a smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich.
I have paid the price!
We were in Rocking Horse after lunch for a while - not that I had any lunch.
There was such a happy atmosphere, despite the sadness and disbelief we all feel.
Joy and Peter were talking to reporters - who had a video camera and a still camera to record the end of an era.
Later those of us that were there - Bill and me, Jo, Karin, Kate, Ian joined Joy and Peter for some shots outside the building to match a photograph of the staff of the original general stores that had been there 100 years ago.

Here is Peter being interviewed and filmed.
I will pass on details of where to see the film clip on a website when I know.
Before leaving Ardingly we did something I should have done ages ago. We visited the fairly new delicatessen shop.
I bought some mango chutney and another chutney labelled as chilli and plum jam. Then I discovered the gluten free sausages - we bought 4 for dinner this evening; they were good and meaty. Bill bought a small piece of Ashdown Forest cheese.
Then we hurried home so that I could send invoices to people who had successfully bid for my books - 10 of the relisted items have sold today. That's good.
I am now going to allow a customer to add a few lines to this blog - his words just made me feel so good. Some people think I spend time needlessly on wrapping and communicating as much as I do. I just know that I want to be the very best seller that I can be - even if I don't make all that much profit.
Well, what can I say? Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write such an extensive, personal and informative message. It is by far the longest, most comprehensive, and certainly the best I have received in all the time I have been a member of eBay. You covered all aspects of the transaction very well, including the option/requirement to keep costs down via postal charges. All in all you are a very refreshing change, I applaud and appreciate your efforts very much indeed. Your kind and fast feedback is also very welcome, thank you, and creates the icing on the cake to a great eBay experience. I certainly hope that I will be able to equal this latter action, because you have certainly guaranteed a glowing response from me, immediately after taking delivery of the cards.
OK - I am showing off! But after all the "could do better" comments on school reports it feels good to know that I have got something right.
We know that Ruby car has been assessed and that the engineer has arranged to have it taken from its Queensferry to some other place. We don't have the facts but instinct told Bill that he was being half told that we won't be seeing Ruby again.
We need to know so that we can organise the purchase of Sammy the Silver!
Bill has been contacted by a medical person who will recommend that Bill get some physiotherapy at the expense of the Land Rover's insurance company. I must wait for ribs to heal before I have that pleasure.
I guess they are healing slowly. I still get a lot of pain when I move. But it does feel much easier these days if I sit still.
I shall enjoy a cup of tea very soon.
I shall sleep early and then get ready for the penultimate Tuesday in the shop.