Thursday, May 22, 2008


22nd May. Shopping time.

I am even later this evening with my blog than last night.

We have, once again been timekeeping. It feels quite like the old days, when we were at athletics 2 or 3 times a week - but these 2 consecutive days of timekeeping are, I think, a one off.
This evening has been very pleasant - a Sussex Under 13's League match. The weather was warm - and there were enough timekeepers for this meeting. And the enthusiasm and team spirit of the youngsters creates a good atmosphere.
I worked with Jenny, from East Grinstead; it was so good to be working with somebody whose times matched so well with mine. Such an evening confirms some self belief and confidence that I am good at the task.

The day began with warm sunshine lighting up the bedroom. The fox was enjoying the warmth too. Bill took some more photos - but they will have to wait until tomorrow to be shared.
The foxy was very appreciative of a pile of grass cuttings over by his bushes - a soft and luxurious bed for him to recline on!

Later we did the week's shopping in Tescos. I will return to that in a moment.

This afternoon I have wrapped and invoiced once again - 6 more books ready for new homes. Today I had my first customer from Estonia.

This evening I had what I could call a sort of revelation or a wake up call concerning shopping.
This morning had been horrid in Tescos, crowded with customers and staff filling the enormous trolleys they have to make up the orders of customers buying from the internet site.
The athletics track at Horsham is right by another large Tescos store. I suggested we pop in after the meeting to buy one or two bits we had forgotten or couldn't find this morning.
The experience was such a contrast with the morning. The aisles were fairly empty and the atmosphere was relaxed.
I resolved that shopping trips should be undertaken regularly in the evening.

I suppose it is hard for older folk like Bill and me to move on from doing things the way we would have done them when we were first married.
In those days shops were open from morning til afternoon, but not in the evening - all night even, and definitely not on a Sunday.
But all through history things have changed and although it is all very well to look back with nostalgia for the olden days, it is best to be adaptable and move forward and take advantage of modern ways.
And it certainly is an advantage to feel calm and relaxed whilst shopping.
So, we will be come evening shoppers for a while and see how much better it continues to feel.

The other bit of shopping today has been the payment of a deposit on the silver Berlingo that will be ours.

Ribs have been more painful for me during the last couple of days - I think different ribs are reacting and healing at different rates and as one might ease another complains.

Well, it is almost 11 o'clock. We have had a good supper of cheap snacks bought this evening and watched a recording of Emmerdale, and now it is time to get to bed.