Friday, January 25, 2013


Night on the town

It's late - it's sleep time.

We have been out celebrating a birthday.
Robert Burns would have been 254 today.
I would have liked to celebrate with some haggis - but the local Wetherspoon's had run out, by the time we ordered.
We met up with Julie and Roger for a Friday night in Wetherspoon's.
It's another education.
The young of the town poured in - hundreds of them!
We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed....and we watched!
The old men were appreciative of young "totty" - high heels and legs up to their mini shorts! All ready for the clubs after a few drinks.
By the time we left there was nobody over the age of 25.
We saw no trouble - everybody happy. There were bouncers on the door.
I reminded myself that old people are invisible to the young and yet I still felt my age as I donned my duffle coat and woolly hat  to go out in the cold night air.
We noted that the town was busy with young folks everywhere - even The George had bouncers. It wasn't like that in my day! The George was our most normal meeting place when young - after the coffee bars had closed. Almost refined it was.

Time for some sleep - off to Ford in the morning.