Wednesday, January 23, 2013


computer work.

I've been at the computer a lot has it been so very different from most days? I spend a lot of time at the computer, communicating and playing.
Today I have been working - well, with a bit of playing too.
I have been dealing with EBay sales and accounts. I have  a pile of parcels ready to post tomorrow, having posted a couple this afternoon.
My other activity has been to set up a blog for random pictures and memories about Crawley. I set it up - but as yet, have posted nothing.
This afternoon I went to the hospital with Bill who was having a blood test. I wanted to take a photograph. I was sure there was a painting of the old Crawley hospital on a corridor wall. I found one - but it shows only a small part of the building and a lovely garden. I have a photo of it, having not found any pictures of the place on line.
It will be used on my Crawley blog at some point.
My failure of the day was pastry.
I haven't made any for ages.....think I was should have used more and better fat for it.
Wish I hadn't bothered - I have frozen pastry in the freezer!
But our left over pie made from he left overs of a roast chicken was good......and guess what we still have the other half!
I think it's time to abandon my trusty machine and go and watch the news maybe. Though perhaps I prefer to read the headline son the computer.....mostly I don't need to go much further than that.
The weather is warming - I'll re-word is not quite as cold. The snow is slowly melting - maybe not overnight.
I think by the weekend it will be gone.