Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The cold and the smell.

Still cold.
Though I hardly experienced any cold, for I haven't been anywhere. No further than the few paces into our garage to get envelopes that I needed for posting books to EBay customers.
Those who live locally will be aware that it was kind of odd outdoors - a smell, a strong mechanical smell hung in the air.
Now where would that have come from?
Well, well - it came from France!


This afternoon Bill took 3 parcels to be posted. I had 10 books on Ebay which had been listed before (a couple of times). Today 6 of them sold.
Tomorrow I have a bundle of books selling - hopefully a few more by tomorrow evening.
Whilst Bill was out with parcels the ironing board was out with me. I have ironed nothing for 3 weeks - and the pile was not very big. So, mustn't grumble!

I cooked a really tasty meal with left over roast chicken.
I roasted one yesterday that had been reduced from £4.55 to £2.
Today the left over meat went into a casserole with onions, smoked garlic (oh I love the smell of a smoked garlic) peppers, mushrooms, a leek and some left over vegetables. But what really enhanced it was the flavour of thin Polish salami sausages - which very much needed to be eaten up.
And hooray! I have enough left to make a pie tomorrow.

It crossed my mind that I promised to do a Crawley blog - maybe tomorrow. Ideas are coming through.
But first a picture that sums up my teenage years in Crawley.

I thank Brenda - the singer with the jazz band who you may recall seeing in  a picture I posted last week.
Oh those hazy lazy days of summer!