Thursday, January 24, 2013


Making something of the day.

I felt we should do something.
B finds it all to easy not to be bothered with anything, so I planned a little trip - actually it was the second part of the trip I planned last Thursday; the one where Bill fell over in the mud.
Today we went to do the weekly shop at Aldi in East Grinstead.
With that done we went into the town.
Many places suggested a lunchtime snack - maybe next time at the Arts Centre and a visit to the new museum building.
There is so much to learn about East Grinstead.
But, for today, I thought Bill might prefer somewhere  kind of where was the East Grinstead Wetherspoon's?
We found somewhere really pleasant - with groups of happy, chattering "ladies who lunch".
We ordered our teas and coffee and a snack and enjoyed being relaxed in the Ounce and Ivy Bush - what a wonderful name!
It is a historical name. There have been pubs changing and changing names over the centuries and Wetherspoon's decided to bring the Ounce and Ivy Bush back to the town.
The ounce is a cat and the ivy is a symbol of a place being a better class of establishment.
The ounce/cat is part of the Sackville family coat of arms. The Sackvilles were the dominant family of the town. The name is very much part of the place. Sackville College is not a college, but alms houses - a place of sanctuary.
And here is the cat on the roof of Sackville College.
It makes me laugh!

So, now we know just what the "ounce" in the Wetherspoon's name refers too.
It is part of a large building that used to be the old cinema.
The atrium now houses the new cinema and  2 or 3 eating and drinkking places. It is very modern and yet retains a little of the art deco style.
Well, I thought the staircase was somewhat like the one in the very art Deco de La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill.
Whatever the syle I thought it quite exciting!

We found a lovely little shop selling vintage clothes, accessories and all sorts.
I bought a 1930's bathroom cabinet (painted green) - it's quite shabby chic. It is destined for Dorking on Monday.