Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My day of rest.

Oh I was so tired yesterday evening.
I got to the point where fatigue made me feel ill - weak and faint; just had to lie down.
And lie down I did for many hours - slept more than I have for a long time. There was no quarter past five eyes wide open for me this morning.
I have rested for most of the day.
The January accounts are done. This was the first month that Pilgrims profits have failed to pay the rent, though we weren't far short. And it has been a very bad month for all.
I have a pile of things photographed to describe for EBay - I'll do that tomorrow.
I have a few pictures ready to share which show how Bill's little section at the shop is looking.

Most of this is "new" stock, which we have had on display at home.
The oil bottles and old tins came from a car boot sale about 30 years ago!
I can remember where they were bought.
The fire insurance plaques have been with us for far less time - though it was beginning to look they were a fixture.

There is a shelf devoted to aircraft.

These are cheap model cars. If Bill gets anything better then it is locked in the cabinet.

On the cabinet.

The farm in the cabinet.

Cameras and a fire insurance plaque.
Bill doesn't normally have box cameras. These are very cheap.

They don't fit the criteria I set for myself - things to be sold should be either decorative or useful (hopefully both).

And that is Bill's little corner.
A bigger space would make display much easier really.

Finally I have a question for any old Crawley people to ponder on.
People on memories of Crawley have got into a muddle about the location of Woolworths.
Some of us remember well when it was in the High Street. Others have no idea it was ever there.
But when Woolworths moved to Queens Square - what was the old shop used for?
I have a picture of it in 1980, when it was The Halifax Building Society. Was it anything else in between?
Now, it is our old friend The Jubilee Oak.
There is also muddle about which garages and car showrooms were where.
Peter - where was Fields and Southern Counties when you began work?

That's the High Street Woolworths - with the balcony on the building and the flash red car outside.