Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sorting the bargains

Strange - how the rain can sound good sometimes.
It sounded very good thundering against the window pain at 5 o'clock this morning........I think it was the being snug in my bed which made it sound good.
But it hasn't rained for most of the day.
This morning I watched some of the tennis - it began as a good match; but Andy Murray crumpled. When you have unlimited funds for footwear I have to wonder how come he got blisters. I have long had a soft spot for Djokevic anyway!
Later in the morning I found and priced up items for Bill to take to the shop.
He could be making a lot more of his section but has sort of ground to a halt. He knows about model cars, but can't find any that are good enough at a price he wants to pay.
I suggested widening his approach a little - but he doesn't have the confidence to think round that.
Tomorrow we will take to the shop some old Castrol oil bottles which we have owned and which have been on a shelf for years along with oil tins and French chalk tins to be used when repairing punctures.
Bill has owned 2 fire insurance plaques for a long time - they were always destined to be sold. I just priced them up for him and these will go to the shop as well. I still don't know if they are original (they look it) or maybe they are reproduction.
I have one or 2 books to enhance the display and can find a few other things from my section in the shop.
I am looking forward to helping to re-arrange Bill's small section in the morning.
My own area will need a little move around to include yesterday's purchases.

The hat stand/umbrella stand is what is going to Dorking tomorrow.

The motor cycle helmet, used by a friend's father on his scooter many years ago is staying. I don't know if it show stayed perched on the Victorian knife polisher!

I am quite sure somebody will want this for bottles of wine.

This afternoon we popped out for some milk. I also wanted corn cakes - damn, where did I buy them before? I could have sworn it was at Asda. I'll try Waitrose at Dorking tomorrow.
I timed the visit to Asda in hope that we would be there just right for the 3rd reduction of items in the sell by date section.....success!
Half swedes for 10p....and they will last for ages. I have fruit, fromage frais (for Bill), little pork pies etc etc....all for next to nothing.
And I bought tonight's dinner.

Chicken wrapped in bacon.....actually there was cheese too, but I scraped that off and gave it to Bill.
There is risotto made with rice, sweet potato and mozzarella.
And a pack of speciality mushrooms with a lovely flavour.
Cost per serving was 85p.
Excellent for value, taste and nourishment.

Afterwards we went to see Bill's sister, Jane.
She has been in hospital again.
She has been taking warfarin to thin the blood.......and suddenly her blood went far, far too thin; dangerously so.
She is at home now, stopped all the warfarin and having blood tests almost everyday.
Doctors can't explain the situation.
The specialist in charge of this matter, I knew over 20 years ago. He was the one that came and told me I had got cancer. We talked a lot and I had great respect and affection for him.
He seemed to have high ideals and dreams then - so I am surprised he is still working in the same place.