Thursday, January 31, 2013


Bargain time.

Howling gale and pouring rain to start with.
But they said it would clear and they were right.
Many potential sellers at Ford obviously doubted and failed to appear.
But I bought some bits.
We opted not to be out too long - winds were certainly bracing.
Stopped in Pulborough to buy some more bits in The Cornstore - situated right by the River Arun.
But where was the river?
Lost in the wide expanse of flooded water meadows.

The old bridge had very little space underneath the arches for the gushing river.

Lovely light created silhouettes. This side of the fence is the car park for Cornstore customers.

Lazy afternoon.

Then time to be off out again.
Timekeeping for sprints at Broadbridge Heath.
Should we risk the main road and its road works in the rush hour?
Just in time we heard the travel news......A264 blocked in both directions by an accident, plus the road works.
Decision made - take the top road through Colgate.
Fine - until we reached the traffic jam.
Cars turning and returning back the way they came.
Messages came though - horses loose on the road.
We didn't turn and we saw no horses.
Journey had taken twice as long as normal.
But we were there for the start of the meeting.

Called in at the big Tescos at Broadbridge Heath before returning home.
By 10 o'clock all that is at its sell by date is thrown away.....just before, prices are reduced to almost nothing.
Supper was toasted tea cakes - 4 for 5p.
Have some potatoes done with a garlic butter for 10p.....they will go well with left over meatball and bacon casserole.

Long day. bed time.