Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Every cloud and all that!

To begin at the beginning - the beginning of the day.
It was a good beginning.
I made contact with Beverly and Wendy - my dear experts. and they came up trumps.
It is arranged that Bill will go to Deerswood on Sunday and stay for a week.
It is costly but so very necessary.
Gradually the money in Bill's account will reduce and we then get a grant towards the cost of care - enough to pay for 5 days of day care. If I need more then it will cost more - but necessities must be paid for.
Tomorrow he will be there for day care. I am sure he will like it.
But he will never remember that he is going and certainly can't understand why he is going.

Then came a visit to my GP - Dr. O.
Now, really that wasn't so good. It was good that he knows me and cares for me.
It is not good that it takes time for different specialities in medicine to work together and sometimes they never create a united front
Dr O has not been involved in the hospital investigations and they know little of what he has been doing.
He has been trying to sort out what is happening in my abdomen area - the constant pain and everything.
Blood tests suggest that there may well be a blockage of some sort between liver and pancreas......could be a lymph node, could be anything. Almost certainly something unpleasant.
And his next step is to order an urgent MRI scan. Oh how I wish it could have been included with the one I had last Wednesday.
He says he will no stone unturned in his quest to search for the truth.

The cleaning ladies arrived soon after I got back home. They are a lovely pair, hard working and full of fun and there is laughter in the house.
I didn't have the energy to go out and leave them to it. I shifted from bed to sofa as they moved around the house.
Bill walked around being a jolly chicken!
The weather was jolly too if you like that sort of thing.....the ground turned white with hailstones.

Later Bill had an appointment to have his hair cut.
This sparked up much questioning "Where am I going? What time? Why?"  Over and over again. Sometimes he thought he was going to the dentist!
Bill was noisy waiting for Tony, the hair dresser, to be ready - but made no noise at all whilst his hair was cut.
Talk was of happenings round the corner - lots of police cars and also police running hither and thither.
When we came out an ambulance had arrived. It blocked our car in, so we had to wait a while.
It was the newsagent/post office where the problem was.
This evening I read that an employee had been stabbed during a robbery. Injuries are fortunately not life threatening.

Once we could get away we went into town so that I could activate Bill's bank card and get a little money out for him. I sorted out topping up his little mobile phone.
I thought we might go to La Rusta - but he got too noisy and I was too tired. I just began to weep. Alex has so much sympathy...."You are just exhausted" he said, "go home and rest".
He was right.

I felt strong enough for a good laugh at the Tuesday Group with the Forgetmenots. Loved the story of somebody finding a dog and taking it home and then to the police station. A couple of weeks later she saw a woman with the same dog and, maybe hoping for some thanks, approached the woman and asked if she had recently lost the dog. The woman replied "No, but somebody did steal her from my front garden!" Whoops!
I laughed too when Julie Carer was talking to me about her time with Bill. Apparently at one point he looked at his watch and announced "She's late". Then went on to explain that he did remember me telling him that a carer was coming and she obviously wasn't bothering. Nice though - Julie Carer is his friend.

Time for bed and painkillers and rest.