Saturday, May 10, 2014


Not Easy being me right now

The day began badly - suddenly Monday's appointment seems very near. Monday could be the time to turn the pages to a chapter of life that I do not relish. I just wanted to stay safe in my nest.
But I had a commitment - it would feel so weak to sit at home. So, off I went to Dorking. Almost immediately I was dealing with a card payment and wrapping a lovely glass bowl. But, for the morning I sat quietly at the desk, nursing my pain and emotions
I looked through the recent sales and realised that I have been doing well.
One sale is worthy of note - a novelty teapot, bought by the blue team on the TV show Bargain Hunt.
Later I went out to get a little something for lunch. I was exhausted.
Such hard work that little walk.
Quick - get some painkillers  down. A tramadol and 2 paracetamol; an hour or so later I began to feel closer to my real self, somewhat cajoled by Nigel. He likes to explore all sorts of knowledge, and I oblige by checking things on my phone. I don't remember how we got to it, but I was happily claiming Viking King Rollo as a long long ago ancestor. How did we get to Brunel. I had no idea he was French.
Time to go home - but not before wrapping a tea set of mine.
Beautiful rainbow on the way home.
An evening of Eurovision songs.