Friday, May 02, 2014


Friday routine

Friday group day. I feared that Bill would be too restless today. He has certainly been too noisy at home. And so muddled. A couple of nights ago he was thinking that Roger and Sue would be coming to collect the kids who had been staying with us. Last night he was wondering where everybody was. He thought he was in Thailand with the family there.
Anyway, once at the group, Mandy took him off to play dominoes. I was so glad of a chance to enjoy a cup of tea and sensible chat.
While Bill was busy with the exercises I was updating Hannah, who works for the Alzheimer Society. I suggested we meet at the group, which she had never visited before. After lunch Julie Carer came to meet Bill. She is going to be around on Monday afternoons, so I don't have to leave him alone all day. She plans to give him interesting activities - maybe out for a walk or even go to La Rusta.
Sounds good to me.
Bill and I joined in a game of bowls.
A busy time, but Bill certainly found opportunities to annoy the other people.
And to upset me, of course. Easy to get upset right now.
Stress - pain......I could do without both.