Thursday, April 24, 2014



Quick round up of the day.
Clinical psychologist came - asked Bill lots of questions. The same ones that I had answered from my perspective about all that is happening to him.
First he told her that he had a brain bug - I like that term for him to use.
But it does seem that he feels that the brain bug has hardly altered him. He claims to have a good memory.
He concedes that he has lost interest in things.
I managed to get him to put on a good display of his noise - which unfortunately he hardly stopped for the rest of the day. Ouch!
We had a half hour break and then somebody came from the memory assessment service. Nice lady - but too late. I think she was coming with advice about how to procede with a view to day care etc. She was going to encourage me to make contact with social services.
Thanks to Forget me Not, I have done that.
Bill had had enough. He stared out of the window and then said he needed the loo and went upstairs and didn't come back down.
A bit later I went up to tell him we could go out and oh dear, he was in bed in his pyjamas. He wanted no more of the day.
I think it would be best to get a bit tired and sleep at night and I persuaded him to come out with me.
I had to pick up the pair of cordless phones that I had ordered from Argos. The pair we have stopped working and I am getting fed up with missing calls because I heave myself out of the chair too slowly and don't get round to the main phone on time.
He was a pain in Argos - clapping and silly laughs. He tried to create an audience of a pair of children, but failed. I think they were very wary of him.
To make it a bit of a trip out, I took a snack and a drink and we pulled up on the grass verge at then of Gatwick runway and watched airplanes for a while.
Then home for more noise than I could cope with. Stay calm, Paula - don't shout! But he knew of my distress. Whatever happened to conversation, however trivial. I asked him what he liked about the garden - well, it's looking good, he said.  I pushed - what do you like best? Finally he mentioned the bluebells. End of conversation.
Oh bother - gone half past ten and he has just come down again for a drink and to bang the kitchen work tops.
Double bother - I was beginning to feel relaxed and ready for bed.
But I can go to bed proud because I have set up the new cordless phones. Tomorrow sometime I must put in the numbers of all those I might regularly call. Now I must remember to make sure I have one with me when I am sat down.