Friday, April 18, 2014


Forget me Not.

I should be in bed.
Life is tiring.
But I decided to stay down and write on the computer, rather than phone.
Generally today has been good.
A bit of determination got me up and out with Bill to the Forget me Not Group. I call it the Friday Group for Bill.
At first I was just happy to sit quietly with a cup of tea and do some colouring in of an Easter picture.
Bill enjoyed a hot cross bun with his coffee.
Gradually I began to chat. The woman I chatted with has a sociable, bouncy husband - but there are problems at home. Of course there are - this disease becomes difficult in oh so many ways. It felt good to feel we might be helping each other just a little bit.
Bill joined in the exercise class and looked happy. I have some photos but have not sorted pictures out yet.
Then the men (mostly) enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.
It is common for those with dementia to crave lots of sweet food.
Bill was triumphant!

Thanks to Bev for the photo.

Lunch felt a bit daunting at first - I have eaten so little in the last days.
But I ate most of the jacket potato and tuna.
Bill's cottage pie looked tasty too.
And I did enjoy the jelly I had for pudding - we must make some jelly together tomorrow.
And we were treated to some delicious Easter cup cakes.

A brilliant photo from Bev. It is one I will always treasure.

Bev has been very supportive to me and offered good advice.
They run a group for carers only to meet and talk with somebody from Social Services. I will go on Tuesday evening.

After lunch group members can do a number of things. Some played bowls, a couple of men played on a small billiards table, others chatted.
And what did Bill do? Pace around! Round the room, in and out of the door, but not interfering too much with other people.
Bev brought her gorgeous dog in this afternoon and Bill liked to have some attention from the dog.

I could see that Bill was getting restless - time to go home. We went home via Lidl - just a bit of shopping.
I had felt safe and secure within the group. Lidl seemed to be scary and I began to get the jitters again. It was rather crowded.
We both went for a lie down when we got in - Bill slept.
But when he woke up I regretted that I had suggested he lie down on "our" bed. It was time to poke me, interfere with my face and make noise again.
He did eventually leave the room when I asked him to.
This evening he has continued in his "normal" manner.
I have tried to talk with him, however pointless. But it does seem that he hates me interfering with his face. And a lesson learned is to keep away - not let my face be within arms length.
I want us both to have some happy times - surely it can be expected that there are still positive times to be had.
Another day done.