Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Bless all those who have blessed me

I titled it last night, "What comes next?"
Well, I have to tell you that many good things came next. I can tell you that feeling loved and supported is a lovely feeling and can only help me
I slept really well - glad that Bill has accepted that we should sleep in separate rooms
Our oldest friends have been in the area for a wedding. Today they found time for us
I have to admit that, at first, having company was very tiring
Friends took Bill for a walk by a local lake. Then the 3 of them went to La Rusta. I had a quiet time in bed.
They returned with a gift from Alex in La Rusta
He thought I should have some nourishing soup. I didn't have very much, but I did enjoy it.
Our friends have been given a first class display of Bill's claps and banging and cackling.
It actually makes me feel better when people experience it - my words alone can never really show how awful it is.
Bill slept when they got back - so more peace and I felt a bit stronger and enjoyed adult conversation. Peter went out and fixed the gate handle, which had never been right.
Later Jenny came round. She warmed up the rest of the soup and we shared it.
Then she changed the bedding on our bed - a badly needed job.
And lovely Lisa, my neighbour came round with beautiful pink roses, which are now in the bedroom with me.
I can add that Frieda's son cut our grass for us.
So I feel more cheerful, being so blessed. I am glad that nobody from carers organisations phoned -it 's not time for any decisions. Basically I would like to wait until after neuro psychologist has made an assessment. I hope there could be medication to help with the unstoppable noise.
Tomorrow I will have an ultrasound scan. Very lucky not to wait long. I know what the doctor needs to check on - we all know that. Sometimes I feel scared, other times the worry subsides. I worry too about losing control of my life and my ability to care for Bill. But what will be will be.