Sunday, April 06, 2014


Putting my feet up.

There has been much resting again.
You see - I can do as I am told when I see the sense in my orders.
But I knew I would feel a bit better if some of the things on my to do list could be completed.
And I thank Bill for helping me.
He set to work making the ironing pile disappear - after 3 or 4 weeks it was still only a very small pile.
Bless Bill for dealing with it.
As he worked, I worked on tidying up and clearing the dining room table, still strewn with all the things I had bought at car boot sales a week or more ago.
Things are now in my trolley and Bill put the trolley in the car. Tomorrow, Steve, at the shop, can help me get it out.
We both dozed after our work.
Then we decided we needed a treat - a relaxed lunch cooked for us by Alex.
And it was relaxed......Bill was relaxed and therefore so was I.
I am sure it did him good to do the ironing - better to feel he has contributed something worthwhile. Shame I have to bully him though.
On returning home, we both dozed again - me with my feet up again.
We needed very little to eat this evening.

This picture is not to tell of delicate sandwiches which I made.
It shows Rolf and Doris that we are using the plates they found for us at a German car boot sale.

I bought these tomatoes in Taj on Friday.
I love the colours and shapes......and the flavours too.
As I dozed, I woke enough to see The Boat Race on TV.
The days when it seemed to really matter have long gone. The commentary was on the radio in my childhood and people would make light or dark blue rosettes to wear, showing which university they supported.
That was just so daft - because most of the supporters would have had no contact at all with Oxford or Cambridge university.
I was torn when it came to choosing my crew to support. I knew my Dad had made a visit to Cambridge University - just a day, I think. But when it came to it I went with my mother, supporting the underdog.
Oxford are somewhat supreme now - but in the 50s they were regularly beaten.
Today Cambridge just made a mess of things.
By the computer I have a boat race picture on my Eric Ravilious calendar.

What I hadn't realised is that the picture was made for Wedgwood china.
Ravilious did a lot of work for Wedgwood.

There is concern this weekend about  great niece Nancy. She is in hospital being checked for a form of infant epilepsy.
There have been ancestors of hers who have suffered epilepsy in some form - including her father.
In those days I just learned that some had "funny turns" and I had no idea what that might mean.
Our Clare actually also suffered from the jerking and twitching which Nancy seems to have.
This continued into adulthood.
I had no idea that I should have been worried about it. And fortunately nothing bad developed.
How naive I was!
We hope that Nancy also will grow free of any further worries.

On the subject of health I can report that my leg is swollen but hurting less.
My rib cage still hurts lots.
There will be more doctors to see this week.