Friday, March 28, 2014


Bring on the lamb.

Quickly does it - sleep beckons.
I was with the doctor this morning and later had the blood test done that he wanted. He will arrange an urgent appointment with the gynaecologist.
I think he thinks that my pains are mostly muscular - tight muscles reflecting a tense mind.
He has prescribed other strong pain killers.
My back really hurts and complains badly sometimes.
He suggests leaving the ankle problem just now until he can rule out anything potentially serious in other areas.
Rolf has worked hard again today. The paving stones have been blasted and look quite clean now.
He planted some pansies that he brought with him from Germany.
The grass has been cut.......the grass, moss and weeds that is.
I'll have to get Bill out there in a week's time maybe to follow up this first cut.
It was time then to get rubbish to the tip.
Two cars full of garden rubbish and some household rubbish.
Bill and I left Rolf to enjoy himself in the kitchen, creating an Italian lamb dish.
Rolf needs more yeast - and we were happy to collect some from Alex; pausing a while for a small snack.
The Italian lamb was and dumplings were yummy.
Bill didn't enjoy the lentil salad, but I did and may take some of it for my lunch at the track tomorrow.
Bill has been difficult again - driving me to distraction.

Must be up early to plan for the athletics meeting. - food, warm clothes, maybe blankets.
I have already handed over the role of chief timekeeper.
The pain would be too much. My concentration would shatter under pressure.
And bobbing up and down off my seat would be impossible.Pain killers and sleep time.