Monday, March 24, 2014


It#s been a good day.

Short posting tonight - we have a friend staying with us for a week.
I must not spend too much time with my computer!
Today has been a shop day and I worked hard - getting my shelves ready to receive the kitchen table tomorrow. I think it will fit in well.
My sales have been good - something every day.
I sold 4 novelty teapots at a good profit. Time to find some more.
Home then - beat Rolf by just a few minutes. Though he would have beaten me if he had not got lost in Crawley; nobody told him about the big medical centre opposite our house.
I followed a recipe for a meal in the slow cooker and it turned out to be the best I have done yet. Very tasty.
Rolf opened a bottle of Chianti and we have felt very easy together.
Bill, too has seemed to be more relaxed and I feel no stress this evening.
Rolf and his wife went to a car boot sale last Saturday and brought us presents - good 1950's stuff and other bits have some of their own family history too.
Rolf is eager to cook and work.
One job tomorrow is to move that kitchen table from our car and into the shop.
Hopefully the lawn can have its first cut.
And he wants to make bread. I don't know these days where I can get fresh yeast in Crawley.
Life feels good.
Bill is not actually very clear about all we did yesterday, which seems a shame; but he enjoyed it at the time.
Time to go and be sociable - and finish my wine.