Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Back and forth

Been back and forth today.....and feel very tired.
I took the car to the garage for that long awaited MOT test.
Back home on the Number 10 bus back into Crawley, where I changed buses so that I had time to pop into Boots.
Something is not quite right with me so I thought some over the counter medication should be the first step.
It was Canestan I was after - so those in the know understand where my concerns were.
But I couldn't buy it! I am too old!
Old ladies with problems "down there" should be checked out by the doctor.
I have made the appointment - a week on Friday. I didn't think I could claim it was urgent.
During the morning I sorted out Bill's driving assessement. I decided to pay rather than hang about waiting for doctors to to decide it might be urgent.
It will be in 5 weeks time in Maidstone.
It is a weight off my shoulder to have fixed it up. I guess eventually the DVLA would have asked for the assessment to be done, for it is only that organisation which can actually refuse a driver's licence.
It might not be urgent - but other people involved don't seem to appreciate how much tension and anxiety there can be for the carer (and presumably the patient too in some cases). I can relax a bit now because it has been organised.
Then the phone call came about the car........wait for it!
Nothing wrong with the car - it passed its test with flying colours.
Thank you Tates for not fobbing off Mrs Innocent with tales of how this or that must be done.
I persuaded Bill to come with me to collect it.
Back onto the number 10 and a drive home via Asda and the pharmacy.
I had been late putting in a request for our medications and Bill was suffering as a result. He has a hiatus hernia and by today had serious gut ache along the diaphragm.
I hope the omeprazole will sort him out quickly.
But I had to make a second trip to the pharmacy.
I opened my bag of goodies, only to find just one goody that I had not expected.
Three, maybe four years ago, the doctor thought it might be best if I had my vitamin D in injection form because I don't absorb much of the good nutrition I have. Nobody could find any supplies of the stuff - not our own pharmacist, not the big chain - Boots the chemist. Doctor and I gave up and hoped that I would get something from vitamin D tablets.
It seems my pharmacist got some supplies during February and it was that I had collected. The plan would have been to then make an appointment with the doctor who would inject it.
I couldn't be bothered!
Not this time anyway.
I phoned up and the pharmacist who knows me well by this time realised that there had been two packets for me to collect this morning and that the assistant had only given me one of them.
So back down the road again.
At last, I could settle down at home.......and dozed a while.
I will end with a quote from my 4 year old great nephew. On being outdoors first thing he announced that "it is a good day for breathing".
That boy has soul!
Worryingly, he thought that tomorrow would not be good for breathing.