Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The photography students.

I was up quite early ready to greet the man who will fix our fence and gate.
I have been offered help by a friend who is coming to stay - but I am all for a very simple life, without all the measuring up and hunting for supplies.
Jason will complete everything within the day and will take away the old fencing and gate.
He is going to use a concrete post secured to the existing gate post.
And it seems to me that if we did it ourselves, R and me, then we couldn't do it much more cheaply than paying Jason.
Jason has access to to fencing and gates on a regular basis and buys at trade prices. We would not.
There can be other tasks for our visiting friend.
The best thing he can give is his company and his time. That's what I constantly crave from others.

We went to la Rusta for a late lunch.
There were photographers at work in the cafe. They were a lecturer and 2 students from central Sussex College - photographing meals and cake. These can be used on a web site that Alex and Ana will start.
Bill had an egg benedict and I had soup - a deep, almost black, coloured mushroom soup. Bill showed some lucidity when he described it as looking like the mud dredged up from a river bed.
But I couldn't help chatting with the college lecturer and joining in the photo shoot.

Eggs benedict on the table.

White chocolate and raspberry - in the cabinet.

Customers and photographers.

That's Ana.
She has one of the lovely macaroons to nibble that was surplus to requirements on the afternoon tea shot.

Bill did well on macaroons - Alex gave him one.
Then so did Ana - not knowing that Alex had already been generous.

You can see why Bill enjoys being loved by Ana.

Alex is the one in the stripy shirt with his back to us.

Afternoon tea.
I can see a lesson within that picture for the photography students. The crease in the backing paper needs to be cloned out.

Who's for coffee?

I then called in at our GP's surgery.
I planned to talk to the receptionist, who then talked to a secretary.
I wanted Bill to be referred by a doctor to the Driving Assessment people, who I talked to yesterday and who suggested I get the GP to make the referral.
The admin staff didn't know what I was talking about.
I can ask for the referral myself and intend to do that - it will cost me a little more but would be worth it for peace of mind.
Then we took a late card and small gift to Jenny for her birthday.
I have mentioned this visit in my Dementia Diary post because it raised issues of a child dealing with  aspects of dementia. It clearly worried F.
Bill was very restless whilst we were there.