Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Tuesday sunshine

Two postings this evening.

I really do have to tell of a good thing this morning.
Bill had an appointment with a GP this morning. Well, I suppose it was me who had the appointment because Bill uttered no words at all.
I had felt anxious about it.
Our surgery is changing, with three of the old timers retiring or going part time. It seemed suitable that we try to establish something worthwhile with the new doctor.
If he didn't have the attributes I wanted in a doctor, I was prepared to change surgeries. After all we have one just about 50 yards from our front door.
Dr D turned out to be everything I want in a doctor.
He listened; he understood my needs; he didn't put me down; he respected my judgements; he gave good advice.
And when he turned his big brown eyes to me and quietly asked how I was, I knew we were with a treasure.
He wants me to be aware that he wants to make sure I am coping and feeling good - as far as that is possible.
The advice was to leave seeking a second opinion until we see how things work out with the local neuro psychologist. The way he referred to the Professor I wanted Bill to see - and may still want - suggested that he either knows the man personally or certainly has had some contact with him.
Well, thank goodness to all that - no upheaval; no change of doctor's surgery.

I gave Bill an opportunity for a doze before going out. We had to get out - sunshine, blues skies and warmth!
I had looked up a route yesterday and today we had a walk near Forest Row. The pictures and report follow this posting.
It was very muddy in places. Bill doesn't like mud. It's "mucky stuff".
He had his wellington boots on, but he spent time trying to avoid the mud. He failed and I think his boots were muddier than mine.
I think this would count as another autism spectrum disorder - this fear of being in the "mucky stuff".
Cleanliness and order are what Bill craves.

I gave him both after our walk and our half pints.
We drove back to Crawley and had La Rusta food.
How we all enjoyed chatting - us and Alex and Ana.
I got Ana's nationality wrong - she is from Slovakia.
Alex took Bill to choose a cookie to take home.
They love him.