Thursday, February 27, 2014


Thursday chores

It was raining at 6 o'clock this morning.
I was almost relieved!
I have lots to catch up on at home and I also need rest. So, no trip to Ford and Littlehampton today.
I had chores to do and I wrote down a few ideas for Bill too.
Firstly I ordered a bird table. I was amazed at how cheaply you can buy them.....have you seen what they charge in garden centres?
The one I have ordered has a pole from a flower box, which I hope will look lovely in the summer. The planter will add some weight to it and make it more difficult to be moved by any vandals tempted to interfere with it.
I have sorted through all the letters and information relating to Bill's condition and got things in some sort of chronological order in the plastic folders in my file.
I did spend quite a while reading things that other people have said about the driving issue......lots of advice on the forum.
You can read about it in the posting after this one in the Dementia Diary.
After lunch I went in the garden.
I suggested this as a chore for Bill. For a while he has felt quite safe saying that he will get on and sort the garden out one day. The weather has been too awful to do very much at all.
I asked if he could cut down last year's growth on the clematis today.
I could see it was not going to happen.
Do it yourself, woman!
I had quite a good tidy up. And Bill did come out as I worked. I handed him the secateurs and told him there were bits that I wasn't strong enough to cut. He seemed to enjoy doing it - though grumbled about the cold.
That's one of his phrases....he has about a dozen phrases which he brings out several times a day.
"There's a chilly wind" he says almost every time we step outside the door. He remembers how he used to like playing with words and still might refer to the "willy chinned".
After a cup of tea I got him cake making.
It was just one of those packet mixes where almost everything has been weighed out in advance.
So, we had a chocolate brownie cake.