Sunday, February 23, 2014



Not quite the sunny day I could so quickly get accustomed to. I decided to give Brighton and Newhaven a miss.
But what should I plan for us to do?
I mused this on facebook and my Thai daughter in law suggested that I stay home and relax. Oh how I wish that were an easy option.
There is nothing relaxing about living with Bill........but getting out can make a bit of a break in the routine.
People don't understand how the symptoms of dementia change life for the carers more than the patient really.....after all the patient doesn't know that life has changed. And why should people understand? If you haven't lived with it, then you wouldn't know. I didn't know before.

We went to the village hall antiques fair in Betchworth - haven't been for ages. It wasn't my cup of tea. Most of the stalls were full of glass, jewellery and pretty china and many things were, I thought, overpriced. I found one stall with a few bits I could buy - I like the old wooden backed barber's mirror.
We rejected the paltry refreshments on offer.
Opposite the village hall is the garden centre we like. Our mission was to stock up with nuts and seeds for the birds. I plan to replace the bird table soon, too.

This afternoon I wrote up some of the things bought this weekend, whilst watching the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics.
I have enjoyed it very much.
It seems like the Russians created a special games.
Beforehand there had been much political sniping and from some quarters a bitter hatred towards Russia for its attitudes to gay rights.
As far as I could tell the games have been friendly.
With reference to gay rights, I wish the younger people could understand history.
The UK has been relatively stable for the last 100 years - but in my own life time same sex relationships were punishable by imprisonment.
Russia has had a turbulent 100 years and may lag behind us in these matters.
So, they have not yet caught up with our "enlightenement" - but I hardly think we have the right to preach, in view of our very recent past attitudes.

The closing ceremony was brilliantly choreographed and staged and a good reminder that despite their turbulent history there is a mass of cultural achievements to wonder at and they featured in the show.

Because I was busy with my stock and the TV, Bill was very restless. Wandering about and banging......and eating.
We all like eating.
But another symptom of FTD is the constant eating - because  it is there.
And I don't really want to deprive him of all the goodies he likes.
He was in bed by half past eight.