Friday, February 21, 2014


The best fishcake in the world.

The first hour or so of the day was most pleasant - the sun shone warmly through the bedroom window as we ate a crumpet with a cup of tea, whilst listening to Radio 2, with live performances from Imelda May. She had not, until today really registered with me - but I love her music, a sort of folksy/jazz/rockabilly style.

I then concentrated on getting a letter written
It worried me that our GPs would receive a letter from Dr Czerodi today (as I did) which doesn't give a true account of Bill's appointment with her, but does include what I can only describe as mis-interpretation of the facts.
I could hardly go and see a GP to discuss Bill's dementia. I would talk of FTD and the consultant had made no mention of it in her letter.
The GP would just assume that I had rejected the Alzheimer's diagnosis because that is such a frightening word. They would assume, maybe, that I was in denial.
So a letter has been sent with my record of the appointment and the subsequent appointments with the nurses.
Dr Czerodi has been sent a copy too and the prescribing nurse. The latter I sent it to by email and she has replied favourably.

I wanted a trip into town today.
It was my treat to go and buy "girlie" gifts for Clare's birthday.

We had lunch in La Rusta.
I had a salmon fishcake, topped with poached egg and bearnaise sauce and masses of salad.

Probably the best salmon fishcake in the world.

We popped into a charity shop almost opposite La Rusta.
I was not looking for anything in particular and certainly didn't think I needed a dressing gown.
But I bought one - and I love it.

And now I see my hair style, I am tending to agree with my friend who commented on it.
It is a bit severe looking and maybe layers would make my face look younger.
Think I'll go back next week.

The dressing gown isn't heavy, but it does have a towelling lining for warmth.